ADV * Advanced Preferences and Settings

2014 Redrock Software Conference
ADV – Advanced Preferences
and Settings
By Jonathan Smith
2014 Redrock Software Conference
Center Preferences
Advanced Reason Settings
Adjusting System Prefs
Advanced Preferences
Testing LDAP Authentication
Activating Email Preferences
Establishing Automated Events
Utilize the Custom Utilities
2014 Redrock Software Conference
Center Settings
Allow Inactive or Banned
Students to access a center
Restrict access to book
appointments to students on a
particular list
Restrict Access to create visits to
students on a particular list
Create blocks for the center
schedule as a whole to indicate
days the center will be closed
2014 Redrock Software Conference
Reason Prefs
Set Reason as Work Reason to
track Consultant payroll visits
Set reason as Staff Reason to
restrict access to reason to
Administrative accounts only
Automatically log students out
after a set amount of time for
Notify front desk or test
administrator for test reasons or
visits with a time limit
2014 Redrock Software Conference
System Prefs
Allow you to change basic
preferences and settings for the
entire application
Access to the System Prefs can
be turned on or off for any
administrative group
Key Preferences:
• Mail Settings
• Campus Color Data
• Current Term
• Fund Definitions (for payroll)
• HTML:NoAccessMsg
• Login Link data
• Message Types
• Semester Start/End Dates
• Custom Student Fields
• Format ID
• Student Access
• Document Post Types
• Resource Types
2014 Redrock Software Conference
Advanced Prefs Key Preferences:
Can only be accessed by System
• Import Script
The advanced preferences are
very technical preferences and
• LDAP Script
settings. Please use extreme
caution, and contact Redrock
Software before making any
changes to these preferences.
2014 Redrock Software Conference
Used to test LDAP authentication
processes with your LDAP server
A successful test will produce green
results text. Failed tests will produce
red text with the error.
Once a successful test is completed, a
screenshot of the test needs to be
sent to Redrock Software to have the
LDAP script created.
2014 Redrock Software Conference
Email Tool
Used to verify a successful
connection to your mail server.
The email tool will send a test email
through your mail server to the
designated address, verifying if
emails can be sent to users from the
Trac application.
Enter the server address, as well as
the mail from and mail to addresses.
If your mail server requires
authentication, you can enter a valid
username and password as well.
2014 Redrock Software Conference
Auto Events/Reports
Auto events are tasks that can be set
up to run on a specified interval
Auto reports are tasks designated for
reports that need to be sent out at
designated intervals
Intervals can be set up for daily,
weekly, monthly or yearly events
Key Automated Events:
• Auto Import
• Auto Termination
• Data Backup
• Missed Appointments
• Send Email Reminders
2014 Redrock Software Conference
Custom Utility
Used to perform administrative
actions on the Trac application
Key Utilities:
Import Student Data
View Import Status
Merge by ID/Sequence
Login as User
Copy Specialties
Reset MyPrefs
Upload Campus Logo

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