Day 1 Powerpoint

Why Study Chemistry?
S Chemistry in Japanese
S Literally means “change study.”
S Chemistry is the study of matter:
the composition of matter and the
changes matter undergoes.
S That’s Chemistry in Spanish
S From Google Translate…
S La química es el estudio de la materia:
la composición de la materia y la
materia sufre cambios.
S Chemistry is one of the first classes you
take in high school that really makes you
SMr. Duarte. (Majored in Chem
at South Carolina)
S Chemistry is one of the first classes you
take where even the smart kids have to
SMr. Hine
S Chemistry is an advanced class. And
Advanced Chemistry is even more
SMrs. Radolinski
The Easy Way to Pass
S Study Hard!
S Turn in your homework and lab reports on time.
S Pay attention in class. The more you learn in
class, the less you have to learn (by yourself) at
S Ask for help when needed, even if that means
coming after school or during Jayem AM.
S The SOL is no longer totally multiple choice!
S My goal is that YOU will pass this test. If that
is your goal TOO, we have LOTS of work to do.
S But the good news is: over 90% of all my
students always pass the SOL.
S You will too IF you work with me. I cannot do
it for you though.
500 on the SOL?
What’s in it for ME?
An “A” on your final!
S For Chemistry, 500 or above = 100 for final
S 499 = 90 or A-.
S For Adv Chem, 500 or above = 90 or higher
for final exam.
S 499 = 89 or B+
S You will get the grade you EARN in my
class, even if you don’t like it.
S Everyone who tries, and does their work
consistently ends up with at least a C.
S Maybe B or A (and passed the SOL).
The Best Thing to Do if
you want an A
S Come to get HELP after school when you don’t
understand something.
S Sometimes 2 minutes with me can save you 2 hours
of frustration at home later.
S Don’t give up. I don’t know is not an acceptable
answer in science.
S Think! Figure it out! Even a wrong answer is
better than no answer at all.
20-30 minutes every night!
After you do all your reading and
homework, etc. for the night.
If you do, you won’t end up looking
like this poor kitty the night when I
hand you the test.
It takes Time and EFFORT!
S Cramming doesn’t work well in this class.
S You can’t study once a week and catch up either. You will be completely
confused. You’ll want to give up. And you probably will.
S It took over 250 years of hard work by
thousands of brilliant scientists to “figure out”
S How are you going to learn it in 5 minutes?
It’s not relevant to my life.
Am I ever going to use THIS?
How should I know?
But since Chemistry is
all around you, I’m
going to guess YES.
Do you like to cook?
Chemistry (or Schwartz)
is too Hard!
S It’s not.
S I’m not.
S I am demanding and I have high
S I have a life too, and I still
prepare for this class, so I expect
you to do the SAME THING!
There’s Math in Chemistry!
S Yeah, there is. Algebra 1. Lots of
S And word problems!
S This will seem like your second
math class. But you get good at
what you practice. If you are good
at Algebra, you can do all the
math you need to pass almost
every course in high school AND
Helpful Hints
S Take it one step at a time. You can’t do Chapter 19 in your book until
you have completed most of the first 18 chapters.
S Break down complicated words and sentences into terms that you
understand better. Don’t just copy what the book says into your notes.
Rewrite it in your words, so you understand what you wrote.
S Know the VOCAB. I know it, and I’m going to use it. If you don’t
understand the words, you won’t know what I am talking about. We will
have vocab and spelling quizzes in Chemistry!
S Scientists love big words. They think it makes them sound really
smart. But learn these words, and you’ll sound just as smart as they
Chemistry Builds on Itself
S If you don’t understand what we are doing today, you aren’t going to get
it tomorrow, because what we learn tomorrow will depend on what we
learned today.
S Google if you don’t understand something!
S Ask questions!
S Work with each other!
S That’s what you do naturally when YOU WANT TO LEARN
something. You look it up. You ask someone. You figure it out! It
works for Chemistry too (and other stuff you really don’t care about).
Notes are not
Main part for Notes
. Use bullet points
.. Abbreviate
. Draw pictures to
. help you.
. You do not have
. to write in
. complete
. sentences.
Main Part for Notes
Backpacks on the FLOOR!
S There’s too many people in this class to put all of your personal
belongings on the desks. Ladies, that includes your purse.
S Put them on the floor, please! This is a rule. Do not make me say
this every day.
Cell Phones OFF AND AWAY!
S I know you can text now before and after class out in the hall.
S Please keep them off and away in here though.
Passes out of Class
S I do not give passes to locker for
any reason. Bring your stuff to
S No bathroom passes at all
S Unless written in YOUR agenda
S During first and last 10 minutes of
each class.
S You get 2 passes each week.
S I do mark tardies!
S When the bell rings, you should be
S In your seat
S Ready to work
S Quit talking
S If you are outside in the hall after
the bell rings, you are tardy.
What you actually learned is…
What you have left after you forgot all the
other stuff I told you.
Learning requires real effort on your
part. Teaching just requires you to sit
there and act like you are paying
I am here to help you learn! But I can’t
“learn you.”
Rest of the Week: Weds
S Lab Safety and Equipment
S A little demo or two
S A safety video
S You don’t need to bring anything but
your notebook and something to write
Rest of the Week: Thurs
S Pretest.
S Bring your calculator and a pencil.
S You have 60 minutes.
S It will not count as a test grade, but I will give
you a classwork grade for doing your best.
S After the pretest…we will talk about the lab
on Friday. Get a composition notebook for
lab reports and data and bring it on Friday.
Rest of the Week: Friday
S Lab Safety and Equipment Quiz
S Proper Use of Electronic Balances
S Diaper Lab
S You don’t need to bring anything but
your lab notebook, your lab handout
and something to write with.
Rest of the Week: Monday
S Chapter 1 & 2 powerpoint.
S Bring your book every day starting
on Monday, unless I say otherwise.
S Remember, I do not write passes to
go to lockers
S Get a composition notebook (I have a limited
supply for sale for $1 each) by Friday.
S Notes for Chapter 2
S 2 pages (front + back = 1 page) for chem.
S 3 pages for Adv Chem.
S Due Monday, September 9th.
S Notes for Chapter 3
S 2 pages (front + back = 1 page) for chem.
S 3 pages for Adv Chem.
S Due Weds, September 11th.
S Notes for Chapter 4
S 2 pages (front + back = 1 page) for chem.
S 3 pages for Adv Chem.
S Due Weds, September 18th.
S Due Tomorrow: must be handwritten
S 1 page (front of a sheet of paper) essay on the
following question:
S Why are you taking Chemistry (or Adv Chem)
and what are you willing to do to earn the grade
YOU want in Chem (or Adv Chem) this
[email protected]

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