The Big Idea in Advertising

It takes a big idea to attract the attention of
consumers and get them to buy your product.
Unless your advertising contains a big idea, it will
pass like a ship in the night. I doubt if more than
one campaign in a hundred contains a big idea.
David Ogilvy
The Big Idea in Advertising
Big Idea?
Big Idea?
What is it and
what does it do?
‘Big Ideas’ are advertising ideas that
connect vividly with target consumers to
create a sustainable competitive
advantage for a brand.
In This Course
 We are talking about big brand ideas
 Not just big executional ideas
 Except on those rare occasions when they are
the same thing
 Big brand ideas are big strategically
and creatively
 They appeal (execution)
 and they sell (strategy)!
Textbook Page 1
“A great ad is a wonderful thing; it’s why you love
advertising. But what you’re looking at is only half
of what’s there, and the part you can’t see has
more to do with that ad’s success than the part you
Structure of this course
 Phase I: Big Strategy Ideas—Building Killer
Strategic Briefs (KSBs) from the ground up
 Phase II: Big Idea case studies—Applying
creative leverage
 Phase III: Big Creative Ideas—Thinking creatively,
mastering the tool kit.
Reading and Preparation
We’re not in
206 anymore
The Syllabus
Next Class:
Investigate the Product and its
Big Idea of the Day
 Each of you will need to do this at least once.
 Not just a great ad, but a great big brand idea.
 Tell us what makes it great: strategically and
 5 mins
Schedule for Big Idea
 On Blackboard under “announcements”
Big Idea?
Who’s Idea is Bigger?

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