rwanda success story in climate change

Director General
Rwanda Environment Management Authority
Doha, December 2012
Aerial Survey Route
19th May 2012
Busogo-Mukamira Flooding
14th Dec 2008
19th May 2012
Vulnerability to Climate Changeon CC
Busogo-Mukamira (19th May 2012
Severe soil erosion on
steep slopes
Lake Karago
Road Landslide damage
Road Landslide damage
Nyabarongo Flooding
Agricultural risks (Kanombe-Masaka sectors)
Environmental Assessments Mobile GIS
Climate Change Projects
• From key climate change adaptation areas identified by
• Rwanda was supported by the Global Environment Facility
(GEF) and the Government of Japan to implement 2
Climate Change Adaptation Projects entitled :
• “Reducing Vulnerability to Climate Change by Establishing
Early Warning and DisasterPreparedness Systems and
Support for Integrated Watershed Management in Flood
Prone Areas throgh LDCF funds
• Supporting Integrated and Comprehensive Approaches to
Climate Change Adaptation in Africa - Building a
comprehensive national approach in Rwanda through
Africa adaptation Program (AAP)
Some achievements
 Since 2009, under Rwanda Environment management
authority (REMA), the Government of Rwanda
established a Department in charge of Climate
Change and International Obligations (DCCIO);
 Together with 2 CCA projects implemented by REMA,
the DCCIO conducted trainings for mainstreaming CC
in Districts development planning;
 1094 Local Government officials trained;
 24 out 30 Districts included climate change activities
in annual action plans;
 540 women from National Women Council (12
Districts) trained in CCA and impact of CC on Gender
Atlas of our Changing Environment:Implications
of Climate Change Resilience
Some achievements
 Conducted a consultative meeting with 416 elders to
document traditional knowledge on climate change
and variability;
 Developed a documentary film on IVUBIRO as
traditional meteo station used before colonial era for
seasonal and agro-meteorological prediction
 Developed a documentary film on coping of hens
breeding and agriculture as solution of adaptation to
climate change and reducing inorganic fertilizers;
 Printed 5,000 copies of the module of climate change
in Kinyarwanda to be used for training of trainers in
Climate change practice;
Climate Change Adaptation Projects
Trainings of local communities in 10 Districts delivered by Rwanda
Environment Management Authority and Rwanda Agricultural Board
Adaptation activities
Climate Change Adaptation Projects
Location sites for installation of automatic Weather stations
Climate Change Adaptation Projects:
Automatic weather station for synoptic observations
(measurements of atmospheric, soil temperature and soil
Climate Change Adaptation Projects
Automatic weather station for hydro-meteorological observations
(measurements of atmospheric, water temperature and height in rivers
Lessons learnt
• Climate Change is real
• It affects everything in developing
countries(crops, infrastructure, livelihoods,…),
mostly the poor
• Sustainable development is ???
• Resources are needed to empower local
communities in order to adapt and if possible
to make them resilient
Lessons learnt
• Local communities are very receptive if they
are involved since the beginning
• Is the planet earth has the same resilience?

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