Welcome to the Skinny Dream Team!

Number 1 Team in Skinny Body Care,
on the Fast Track to success!!
How do we get paid? What is my website?
Where to login?
Understanding Each way to earn money.
Power line Bonus
Fast Start Bonuses
Matrix Commissions
Matching Bonuses on Matrix Commissions
Leadership Pool
Understanding the Power line vs. Matrix
Navigating the Skinny Body Care Back
 Login
to Skinny Body Care with your Member
username and Password.
Click on My Earnings this is a hyperlink!
Very important! If you don’t choose this, you won’t be
 Click
on My Website Address (this is your life)
You get paid for the first 3 people (that is it) This
bonus is paid monthly and only the first month
you come into Skinny Body.
Powerline is everyone in the entire company who
joins during a specific week.
We earn anywhere from $25.00 to $30.00 for Signing up a
Earnings Detail - Breakdown
3 x 8 Matrix Residual Income Explained!
We are paid a % of BV per level. 1 bottle of Skinny Fiber is worth 50 BV. Above is a guideline.
 Matching
 Example
Bonus on Matrix Commissions
of Matching Bonuses!
After the initial 50 BV order, 5% of every dollar that comes
into the company EVERY MONTH is shared with YOU
through our Leadership Pools!
The 5% is split amongst all ranked members as follows:
 As
you reach each Rank Advancement you are
paid a CASH bonus after 12 consistent weeks
of hitting that rank!
 Example
of Monthly Commissions Check
Go to http://www.skinnydreamteam.com
Click on Downloads
Click on ‘FREE FLYER’ (the pink box)
Punch in your Movie Link shown in Step 1 and
your contact information. (you can use a Google
voice Number) shown later.
Print out the number of flyers on your printer.
Pass them out, leave them places or hang them
 People
have an average of 100 FB Friends!
Tell your friends/family that you are in a
program that will allow you to be financially
free. They don’t need to join you, you just
wanted them to be aware of it so when you are
successful they don’t get mad at you for not
telling them sooner.
Post Facebook Status Updates.
 Decide
how you want to build your
organization! Stick to it, be consistent,
persistent and resilient! Practice CPR!
Do you want to recruit as many people as
possible to earn a lot of matching bonuses on
multiple people?
Do you want to be laser focused and work on the
“3 to be Free”? This means, getting your 3 and
working with those 3 to get 3 and so on and so
**This will fill in your Matrix MUCH faster.**
Print and Mail Post Cards
Print and Ship Post Cards (to you)
Business Cards
Print and Ship Flyers (to you)
Magazine Co-Op i.e.. Home Based Magazines
Post Card Mailing Co-Op
Coming soon! Newspaper Insert Ad Nationwide!
Email Marketing Leads ~ Get with your Upline
 Most
Important Step!!!
The people you bring into this company need to
do at least these simple 11 steps. (Not everyone
I bring into SBC can recruit 145 people but give
them simple steps to follow to at least get 3.)
And I don’t expect them too!
They need to know about the Facebook Group
and these Saturday Trainings!
(512) 827-0080 pin 7474# Sizzle Call Number
(512) 827-0044 ext 7284 Leave me a message!!
 Plug
into the S.Y.S.T.E.M
Create PreEnrollee’s
Direct them to the 10 p.m. Build it Big Calls
 (507) 726-4200 access code 202663#
They Upgrade to Distributor
 Plug them into our Facebook Group (Skinny Body
Care Dream Team) Support Group
 Plug them into these Saturday Trainings
 Teach
them to do the same!
Focus on sharing your story! If you don’t have a
story, use someone elses. This is not ‘Fake it til
you Make it’

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