New Distributor Training (NDT)
Three Required Trainings
• New Distributor Training (NDT)
• Who are we?
• Terminology
• Requirements
• Basic Five (B5)
• The fundamentals of building an
UnFranchise Business.
• Executive Coordinator Certification Training
• Demonstrated knowledge of the above content.
• Demonstrated knowledge of policy and procedures.
Customise a
business based
on your
interests and
University concept
Emerging Market Program (EMP)
• The EMP Program enables sponsoring of
UnFranchise Owners in countries that are not yet
fully “Open for business”
• Product can be shipped to Preferred Customers and
UnFranchise Owners in the EMP countries directly from
the warehouse in the host country for that region (USA
for the Americas and Asia Pacific, and UK for Europe).
• UnFranchise Owners get credit for all orders they or
their Preferred Customers place.
• UnFranchise Owners can build their sales organization
with other UnFranchise Owners from anywhere in their
• Identifies the latest market-driven products
• Eliminates the burden of manufacturing
• Does not rely solely on the sales of any one
product or service
• Exclusive products and services
• Access to multibillion-dollar markets
Exclusive Brands
E-mail Marketing
Service Customers
in 200+ Countries
Supports Multiple
detects language
and country
• Provides the power of social media and online shopping
• Combines high-tech with high-touch
• Offers the ability to reach millions of customers
• Matches people to products and products to people
The following information provides
fundamental knowledge required to ensure
Qualified Individuals can successfully attain
Financial Independence by implementing
The UnFranchise®
Business Development System
• No cost
• Earn a referral bonus on
customers purchasing
• Subscription Fee
• Buy product at Independent
UnFranchise Owner cost for your
use and earn a referral bonus on
customers purchasing products†
• Participate in the Management
Performance Compensation
Plan and earn commissions
purchases are made directly via Global.Shop.com
*BDC - Business Development Center
Business Development Center
• Your place of business in the
computer system at Market
• Identified by your nine digit
UnFranchise Owner I.D.
followed by a three digit
extension. Example:
• The banks for BV are located
purchases are made directly via Global.Shop.com *BDC - Business Development Center
• Business Volume (BV) is the
unit value (points) assigned to
exclusive Market America
branded products
• BV is used to calculate
Personal use
Transfer Buying
Internet Marketing
Social media
Marketing systems
– Printed material
• One-to-One Marketing
Personal Business Volume (PBV)
• All BV is PBV for the BDC it is placed in.
• PBV does not accrue in the banks of the BDC
in which it is placed
• Initially used to qualify a BDC
• Used for quarterly PBV requirements
• Used to exercise the Monthly Accrual Option
Group Business Volume (GBV)
• All PBV flows up and counts as GBV in the banks of all
Qualified BDCs it flows through.
• GBV is used to calculate Commissions and
UnFranchise Owner Cost –
• What you pay for products and services.
Suggested Retail Price –
• What your Preferred Customers pay for products.
Referral Bonus –
• Difference between UnFranchise Owner Cost and
Suggested Retail Price, minus the shipping
Accumulate 200 BV to
qualify your Business
Development Center
(BDC) which opens both
your left and right BV
Once your Business
Development Center has
been qualified it
will begin to accrue
Business Volume (BV).
Start Date
• The date when an application is entered at Market America and an
Independent UnFranchise Owner is created in the database.
• Used to determine the Start Month, which is when the
Annual Renewal due each year
Qualification Date (Q-Date)
• An UnFranchise Owner’s Q-date is the Friday of the week in which the
UnFranchise Owner’s initial BDC became Qualified.
• This is the date for which both monthly and quarterly
requirements are based
• This date will never change as long as an UnFranchise
Owner remains Active
For Qualified UnFranchise Owners
• Based on the UnFranchise Owner's Q-date; also called a
“three-Q-date period.”
For Unqualified UnFranchise Owners
• Based on the Start date; also called a “three-start-date
• Periods:
• Begins on the Saturday following an anniversary date
• Ends on the Friday following an anniversary date three
months later
• The next quarter begins the next day (Saturday)
Personally sponsor and place one qualified UnFranchise® Owner
in your left and right organizations.
It is prohibited conduct for a promoter or a participant in a direct sale company to persuade
anyone to make a payment by promising benefits in getting others to join the company.
MPCP Management / Supervisory
• UnFranchise Owners are paid commissions as a result of
products moving to end consumers, these products are
moved by themselves and by those in their organization.
• Management / Supervisory responsibilities under the
MPCP guidelines are listed in the Career Manual.
Failure to perform the management responsibilities is
grounds for corrective action by the company.
People lead to people
*Green indicates personally sponsored UnFranchise Owner
• The Independent UnFranchise Owner who introduced you to
the business as indicated on your application.
• An UnFranchise Owner should never sign an application or
any agreement for another UnFranchise Owner
• Creating false UnFranchise Owners or using deceptive
practices to get people to sign-up can be grounds for
corrective action.
• Where a BDC is located in the Market America genealogy.
• Specified on the application by the new UnFranchise
Owner’s Sponsor
• Also referred to as linkage
• A BDC may only be placed on the left or right side of
another BDC where no BDC currently exists (open
Sponsorship vs. Placement
Example: You personally sponsored Tom, Sue and Matt. Although Matt is
personally sponsored by You, notice his placement is on the left side of
Dr. Jones’s Business Development Centers
Referrals, expanding distribution, Preferred Customers ordering through
your Global.SHOP.COM website and personal use
• Money earned for accrued GBV totals in Activated
Management Performance Compensation Plan
• An UnFranchise Owner must be Qualified, Active,
and Activated to be eligible to earn commissions
• If a given GBV level is reached on the left and
right of a BDC which is not Activated, that
Commission is forfeited
UnFranchise Management System (UFMS)
A system of management services and tools
designed to help manage your sales organisations,
maximise your time, and grow your UnFranchise
* Monthly Subscription Charge for UFMS $20.
Features of UFMS
• UFMS – Management Reports
• Free audio downloads
Monthly BV Accrual Option
Gives UnFranchise Owners the ability to continue to
accrue GBV month to month (12-month rolling
• Must maintain a subscription to the UFMS
• Must assign a minimum amount of PBV to their
BDC-001 each month
• Distributor – 50 PBV
• Coordinator – 100 PBV
• Executive Coordinator and Higher – 150 PBV
Transfer Buying
A standing order that is shipped monthly
automatically, to help satisfy the criteria of the
Monthly Accrual Option.
• Saves you time and stress
• Paid for by credit card.
• Set-up two weeks prior to Q-date.
• Can be changed as needed (no later than Friday
before the Tuesday that it invoices)
Everything that you use monthly, arrives without
you even thinking about it, so never run out!
Transfer Buying
Insured Transfer Buying Rider (Bump Up Option)
will automatically double or triple your order when
your monthly criteria increases (you earn
commissions) and there is not enough BV on it.
This prevents a red flush.
You can put as much as you want on your Transfer
Buying Order.
• Anything over what is necessary based on your
Pin Level will be placed according to your Excess
BV/IBV Placement settings.
• Flushing resets your GBV banks to zero (0).
Good (Green) Flush – Your banks reset because you
accumulated 5000 GBV in the left and right banks of that
BDC and received the $600 Commission.
Bad (Red) Flush – All of your banks reset because you
choose to not exercise the Monthly Accrual Option.
Reasons for Red (bad) Flush
• You did not exercise the Monthly Accrual Option.
• Place 50/100/150 BV in your 001 BDC.
• Purchase your monthly UFMS subscription
Active Independent UnFranchise Owner
There are three requirements to remain “Active”:
Have a current Quarterly Sales Report (Form 1000) on file
At least two sales receipts totaling $200 in sales must accompany
the Form 1000
Must submit his/her own sales and Form 1000 every quarter by
11:59 p.m. (Taiwan) on Friday (the end of their Quarter). If done
with paper instead of online, must be RECEIVED by 1:59 p.m.
(Taiwan) on Friday.
Online sales may only be made at your Global.SHOP.COM
Have placed minimum quarterly PBV amounts
150 PBV in any of your BDCs
Have a current subscription (Annual Renewal Form)
Renewal of your subscription is required each year by the end of
your Start Month
The month in which your Start Date falls is your Start Month
Auto-Renewal can be setup to automatically renew your
subscription each year at the beginning of your Start Month
• Your BV totals on the left and right reset to zero in
all BDC’s.
• The UnFranchise Owner becomes Inactive
• Must re-qualify BDCs with 200 PBV before they will
begin to accrue GBV again.
• All PBV disappears from upline banks.
NOTE: This affects everyone upline who has not flushed on your volumes as this
purge volume is removed from their GBV totals.
Reasons for Purge
• You did not meet your Minimum Activity Requirements of
at least 150BV for the quarter.
• You did not submit your Form 1000 (quarterly sales report)
in a timely manner.
• You did not submit your Annual Renewal in a timely
BV commissions are calculated weekly
1,200 total BV from your left and right = $300
2,400 total BV from your left and right = $300
3,600 total BV from your left and right = $300
5,000 total BV from your left and right = $600
Management Bonus
• $600 bonus paid for demonstrating management
and growth.
• In the same week that a BDC earns a
Commission check for reaching the 5000/5000
GBV pay out criteria, a BDC on the left side and a
BDC on the right side each earn Commission
checks for reaching the 5000/5000 GBV pay out
• Also called a “Triple Flush”
Every time you and any BDC in your left organization
plus any BDC in your right organization completes the
BV commission cycle in the same week, you receive a
management bonus of $600.
• Gives an UnFranchise Owner the ability to place another
BDC in their organisation.
• Earned when a BDC earns the check for reaching
the 5000/5000 pay level the first time
• Only awarded once per BDC
• Must be placed according to policy
Open additional Business Development Centers to increase your commissions
200 BV
Building Share of Customer
10-15 Customers shopping regularly
• Offer existing customers more products/services
through your Global.SHOP.COM site
• Match products to people, and people to products
Building Share of Customer
Principle #1: Selling more products to
fewer people is easier
Within the Product Line
Within the Store
Within the Mall
Customer of Customer
Building Share of Customer
Principle #2: Sustaining dialogue and
obtaining feedback
What do your customers really want?
What does this individual customer really
What would they purchase
from you, if you had it?
Building Share of Customer
Principle #3: Building unique relationships
with these customers
Demonstrate an active
interest in customers
as individuals.
Communicate on a periodic and frequent
basis – Not Just The Sale.
Utilise mail, telephone, voicemail, email,
social media (facebook, Twitter, Linked In,
Blogs, etc.), and website.
Pin Levels and Requirements
An UnFranchise Owner who is qualified, activated, and has
earned at least their first Commission.
• Must submit Form 1001 - Executive Coordinator
Qualification and Application Form
Agreement to accept responsibility of Executive Coordinator
• Must submit Form 925 - Executive Coordinator
Acknowledgement & Agreement
Agreement to certify you are attending all three required trainings and
complied with the 70% rule proving a Form 1000 (Distributor Sales
Report) with at least $200 in sales.
Both of these forms are part of the Online Sign-Up Wizard
and have probably already been done.
Pin Levels and Requirements
Executive Coordinator
An UnFranchise Owner who has accrued a minimum
of 5000 GBV on both the left and right sides of a
BDC and has earned that $600 Commission.
• Must attend an Executive Coordinator
Certification Training (ECCT) – within 28 days of
earning the $600 Commission
• Prerequisites for the ECCT are attendance/completion
of a NDT and a Basic Five
• UFMS is a requirement for Executive Coordinator
and above
Pin Levels and Requirements
Master Coordinator
An UnFranchise Owner who has Triple Flushed
(earned the $600 Management Bonus)
Pin Levels and Requirements
All Pin Levels beyond Master Coordinator are based on
commissions and bonuses received from the MPCP in a
four week pay cycle.
We are not employees of Market America. We are
Independent UnFranchise Owners. Our income should not
be advertised.
Recognition statement of Income earned:
“has earned at least ________ in a 4 week pay cycle”
Pin Levels and Requirements
• Senior Master Coordinator –
earned ≥ $3,000 in a 4 week pay cycle
• Professional Coordinator –
earned ≥ $4,500 in a 4 week pay cycle
• Supervising Coordinator –
earned ≥ $7,500 in a 4 week pay cycle
• National Supervising Coordinator –
earned ≥ $10,000 in a 4 week pay cycle
• Executive Supervising Coordinator –
earned ≥ $15,000 in a 4 week pay cycle
• Director –
earned ≥ $18,000 in a 4 week pay cycle
• Executive Director –
earned ≥ $25,000 in a 4 week pay cycle
Pin Levels and Requirements
• Field Vice-President –
earned ≥ $36,000 in a 4 week pay cycle
• Executive Field Vice-President –
earned ≥ $45,000 in a 4 week pay cycle
• Senior Executive Field Vice-President –
earned ≥ $63,000 in a 4 week pay cycle
• Field President –
earned ≥ $80,000 in a 4 week pay cycle
• International Field President –
earned ≥ $100,000 in a 4 week pay cycle
• International Field Chairman –
earned ≥ $125,000 in a 4 week pay cycle
• This means you have enough volume on the left
and right of a BDC to meet a given pay out criteria
but you do not get the commission.
Reasons for Forfeit
• You do not have your 2 personally sponsored UnFranchise
Owners (one on the left and one on the right) when you
reach a payout increment.
Example: Reaching 1200 BV on the left and 1200 BV on
the right before becoming activated.
• You have not sent in the required forms 925, 1001. They
both must be completed after you earn your first $300
• You have not completed the three required trainings NDT,
B5 and ECCT. All three must be completed to continue
receiving commissions after you complete the pay cycle the
first time (5000 BV/5000 BV).
Record keeping - Expenses
Advertising & promotional materials
Automobile expenses (mileage)
Travel expenses (airfare)
Lodging and meals
Entertainment of prospects and downline
Trainings and admission fees (tickets)
Freight, Administrative, shipping costs
Postal charges
Business equipment (computer, fax, furniture)
Office supplies (paper, ink)
Professional fees (tax preparation etc.)
Record Keeping - Income
• Referral bonuses
• Commissions and bonuses received from the
Management Performance Compensation Plan.
Building a Solid Foundation
Profitability and Stability
The Objective For
Every New UnFranchise Owner
• Create a cash flow through building a repeat
customer base. Base 10 Seven Strong
• Create distribution through other UnFranchise
Owners – earn $300 monthly in commission
• Short-term goal – Personally sponsor 2 who
sponsor 2 each and attain Base 10
Business Goals Begin with Base 10
• Personally purchase and use at least
100 BV per month
• Establish 10 Repeat Customers – Base of >
10 purchasing a minimum of 30 BV monthly
within 90 days (2 per week, first 12 weeks)
• This generates 400 BV each month.
Duplicate this within your organisation.
Sales Generation Goal –
Base 10, Seven Strong
After Three-Six Months, Earn > $300/Monthly
1200 BV
1200 BV
400 BV
400 BV
400 BV
400 BV
400 BV
400 BV
400 BV
The UnFranchise Business Account (“Back Office”)
It is the UnFranchise Owner-only Web site that provides you
with all of the tools necessary to measure, monitor, adjust
and control your business.
Your Profile, Company Information, Customer Data, Order
History, Forms, Reports, Marketing Tools, and much more
are found on the UnFranchise Business Account.
Your Rep ID or Email and password are required to login to
the UnFranchise Business Account at
Do not give your back office password to any other
UnFranchise Owner or log on to the back office of any other
UnFranchise Owner, including upline, crossline and downline
because every UnFranchise Owner is responsible for
managing his/her own UnFranchise business.
Enter your Rep ID
(7 digit) or the
E-mail address that
is on file with
Market America
Enter your
Click “Login!”
Go to: www.unfranchisetraining.com
NDT Review Questions
• What are the three required trainings?
• How do you Qualify your BDC?
• What does the term BV mean?
• What is your start date?
• What is your Q-Date?
• What are your Q-Date Quarter periods?
• What is MPCP?
NDT Review Questions
• What do you need to do to remain “Active”?
• What does it mean to Activate?
• How do you earn a Management Bonus?
• When do you earn a Re-entry?
• Where do you find the training modules?
• What do you need to login to the UnFranchise Business
Account (“Back Office”)?
• Why did you start your UnFranchise Business?
• What is Market America?
Your Next Step
• Develop your “What is it?”
• Develop your 2 minute commercial.
• Develop you Goal Statement.
• Purchase products for personal use.
• Develop a customer base of 10 Preferred Customers.
• Attend all three required trainings.
New Distributor Training (NDT)

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