Wavin Repox BV

The Dutch Challenge
Presented by Mounib Hatab
Country Head UAE for Gulf Eternit Industries and Future Pipe
FPI at a Glance
Established in 1984, headquartered in Dubai
Global leader in the fiberglass pipe industry
Eight manufacturing locations and a global network of
sales offices
Serving more than 300 customers in over 50 countries in
the Water Distribution, Industrial, Municipal &
Infrastructure, Desalination & Power, Oil & Gas,
Petrochemical and Marine sectors
3500+ employees
The Dutch Connection
Gulf Eternit Industries / Future Pipe Industries - a Dubai
based company serving the Municipal Markets
Wavin Repox BV – A subsidiary of Wavin BV which was
owned by the Water Authority and Shell, serving the
Industrial / Oil & Gas Markets
FPI already licensed the GRE technology from Wavin
Repox BV
FPI acquired the Wavin Repox BV from Wavin BV in
Why Holland?
We were licensing the know-how from Wavin Repox so
when the company was put up for sale this was a good
opportunity to acquire the technology,
The technology complemented our existing product
offering in the GCC
This also gave FPI a foothold in Europe to further expand
its reach into the industrial /oil & gas sectors.
The Netherlands also has an attractive climate for
multinationals to base their holding structures in
FPI BV Hardenberg
The plant has approx 200 employees, many of whom
have been with the company for many years
The factory is a niche player in the GRE market.
The factory focuses on the production of specialized
items such as our Fiberfloat and Fibermar products
Principle market in EU with emphasis on Benelux
Serves as base for sales & marketing in Europe
The Challenges
Leadership styles: difference in leadership styles Entrepreneurial vs more process driven decision
Market difference: growth focus in the GCC vs
replacement oriented market in Europe
Operating model: higher operating and fixed cost as
well as higher efficiency vs lower labor costs in the
The Synergies
Technology / product development center split between
Holland and Dubai – best of both worlds
Focus on manufacturing of specialized items in Holland
and commodity items in the GCC. Rationalizing our
internal supply chain
Products and market sectors served are highly
Created dialogue between the units to instill trust and
share best practice within the Group as a whole

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