Commercial Real Estate Efficiency
(CREE) Program
Energy Assessment Program
Presented by:
Russ Chitwood, P.E.
Nexant, Inc.
• Xcel Energy / Nexant Partnership
• Commercial Real Estate Efficiency Program
• On-site Energy Assessment Program
• Which Program is the best fit?
• Summary
Xcel Energy and Nexant
Nexant is proud to have supported Xcel Energy for
over 15 years and is Xcel Energy’s
Energy Efficiency partner in CO.
• Nexant executes work on these programs:
– Commercial Real Estate Efficiency (CREE)
– On-Site Energy Assessments (EA)
– Energy Efficient Buildings (EEB)
– Energy Design Assistance (EDA)
– Prescriptive Inspections
– Custom M&V
CREE – What Is It?
• Commercial Real Estate Efficiency (CREE) is a
“study-based” Xcel Energy program
– Intended to incent “hard-to-reach” Xcel customers to
enact energy efficiency measures
– > 50k sf facility
– > 50% of facility is commercial office
• CREE building assessment leads owners to act
– Provides the data that enables customers to
implement EE measures – and receive higher
CREE – Key Features
• CREE offers customers:
– ASHRAE Level 1 Building Assessment
• Comprehensive report
• Cost saving EE measures
• Provides LEED Certification data
• Benefits of participation:
– 30% additional bonus for measures identified in the
– Increased rebate cap to 75% of project cost on
implemented measures
– One-page application begins the simple process
Partnering = Success
• CREE Benefits for Vendors:
o 30% Bonus on rebates can help drive projects to
o Frees up additional funds for more projects
o Energy Efficiency = Lower Customer Costs =
Happy Customer = Return Business
• What we can do to help
o Walk you through the application process
o Help you decide which program is the best fit for you
o Follow up with you on next steps and additional
energy efficiency needs
On-site EA – Key Features
• Entry-way program to educate customers on
their energy usage and ECOs
• Assists customers on critical energy-related
• Benefits of participation:
– Offers customers a comprehensive audit at a low cost
– Reduced energy costs
– One-page application begins the simple process
• EA offers customers:
– Discounted ASHRAE Level 1 building assessment
– Customer Cost is only $200 for buildings less than
50,000 sq ft
– $300 fee for buildings greater than 50,000 sq ft
– Larger than 150,000 sq ft – inquire for pricing
On-site EA – Key Features
On-site EA is a “study-based” Xcel Energy program
– Interviewing facility personnel
– utility bill review
– Identifying Energy Conservation Opportunities (ECOs)
ASHRAE Level 1 Audit includes:
– Energy Star benchmarking score and energy usage graphs
– Low-cost/no-cost ECOs (operational based ECOs)
– Provides a list of higher cost ECOs (e.g. Lighting, HVAC,
motors/VFDs, compressed air, refrigeration etc.)
– Energy savings, payback and rebate amount for each ECO
– Potential for a Custom Efficiency rebate or study potential
– Breaks out energy usage by end uses
– Facility operation description
Decision Maker
Revised Report Format
Xcel Energy Program Options
Energy Use and Benchmarking
Executive Summary
Recommended Energy Saving
Opportunities Summary
Recommended Energy Saving
Facility Information
What took place
Investment Opportunity
How can I take action?
Opportunity Summary
Overview of
Energy savings, cost
after incentive, simple
Usage & Benchmarking
Bullets summarize
key information
Charts illustrate
key concepts
Good Program Candidates
Which accounts are good prospects?
• Annual Energy Spend is high
• Willing and Receptive Customer
• Productive market segments (e.g. healthcare,
• Profitable organizations
• Organizations with sustainability goals
(corporations, city and state government, schools)
Which Program is the better fit?
• CRE customer with capital projects under
• Looking for LEED point
• Property Manager is new to the building
• Need in-depth consideration of RCx measures /
BAS points
• Customer charge of $2,500 not a dissuader (Xcel
Energy is flexible when this is charged to customer
– budget stream considerations)
Which Program is the better fit?
On-site Energy Assessments
• Non-CRE customer
• Or CRE customer deterred by CREE report cost
• Customer/vendor needs guidance on facility
energy uses and potential measures
• Need energy benchmarking information
• City code requirement
Partnering = Success
• How to get started:
– Check to see if your customer has a specific
Xcel Energy account manager
– Contact the customer to discuss energy
saving opportunities
– With the help of the account manager and
customer, fill out the application
• CREE and On-site Energy Assessment are
gateway programs to Xcel Energy rebate
Both provide information enabling customers to
implement EE measures – and receive rebates
Nexant can work with vendors developing energy
efficiency projects, incorporating them into the report
(where applicable)
CREE provides a 30% bonus on rebates offered through
Xcel Energy’s DSM programs
EA’s new report format provides decision makers with
the information they need in a form they can easily
Your CREE & EA Partners
Russ Chitwood, P.E.
Nexant, Inc.
CREE & EA Project Manager
(303) 402-2486
[email protected]
Sam Domeier
Heather Sack
Xcel Energy
Xcel Energy
EA Program Manager
CREE Program Manager
(303) 294-2344
(303) 294-2012
[email protected]
[email protected]
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