HeartSine Distributor Meeting Aero Healthcare Presentation

HeartSine Distributor Meeting
Aero Healthcare Australia
Robert Fowler
National Product Manager/Sales
Aero Healthcare
No. of employees:
17 in Australia
Type of expertise:
First Aid wholesale supply
Target markets:
All segments of first aid
How we reach our target markets:
There is always competition. That gives us a chance to do it better.
Some demographics about Australia:
Country size
Population 23 million
Area 7,692,024 km² 3/sq km
(Compare UK Population 64 mill 243,610 km² 262 /sq km)
UK is 87 x population density of Australia
AED situation (awareness, issues):
Good awareness
No legislation
How Aero Healthcare has changed the AED
marketplace in Australia
Jan 2009
● HeartSine market share was less than 1%
● ASP retail was $1,400 AUD
Jan 2009
Jan 2015
HeartSine market share
was less than 1%
HeartSine market share
ASP retail was $1,400 AUD
ASP retail $2,400 AUD
What did we do?
● We focussed on educating our prospects
● We convinced them it is not just about having an AED on
site, its about saving a life.
How do we do it?
● We sell the chain of survival, not just AED’s
● We sell clinical empowerment in the hands of the lay
The chain of survival – only as strong as its weakest link
1. Early Access 2. Early CPR 3. Early Defibrillation
4. Early Advanced Care
The above ICG trace is from a recent save with the samaritan 500P during a NON
SHOCKABLE rhythm. Effective chest compressions resulting from the voice
prompts contributed to the victim making a full recovery.
Some Feedback
In 2013 and 2014 we saved 10 lives each year.
And this is set to increase the more devices we
get out there.
Significant industry installations:
• Government: Dept of Inland Fisheries purchased 16 devices
specifically for electrocution danger during electro-fishing.
• NSW Police: Over 80 Samaritan 500P defibrillators. One life saved
one month after install (Sept 2013).
• Federation Centres: 67 Samaritan 500P’s. Life saved within firs
month of installation.
• Jetts Fitness : Over 190 HeartSine Samaritan 500P defibrillators.
• Fitness First: Over 80 HeartSine Samaritan 500P defibrillators.
• Goodlife Health Clubs: Over 55 HeartSine Samaritan 500P
• (Plus many other leading and independent fitness organisations).
• Essential Energy : Electricity network installed 175 500P’s in depots
to go out with trucks.
Some market segments that have recently adopted the Samaritan 500P:
•Aquatic Centres
•Beverage Manufacturers
•Bowling Clubs
•Child Care Centres
•City Councils
•Construction Companies
•Exhibition Centres
•Facility Managers
•Fitness Centres
•Food Manufacturers
•Hotel Chains
•Medical Clinics
•Motorcycle Clubs
•Pharmaceutical Companies
•Police Force
•Professional Services
•Remote organisations
•Retirement Homes
•Security Companies
•Shopping Centres
•Sports Clubs
•Transport and Logistics Companies
•Yacht owners
•Almost every conceivable out of hospital setting
A matter of affordability
You can’t afford not to have one.

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