Harouff 2014 - West Virginia GIS Technical Center

West Virginia Division of Forestry (WVDOF)
Logging Operation Notification, Inspection
and Enforcement System (LONIE)
Steve Harouff
GIS Specialist
West Virginia GIS Conference
• The 1992 Logging Sediment Control Act (LSCA) requires all
logging operations give notice to WVDOF
• WVDOF must inspect operations for compliance with Best
Management Practices (BMPs) and other regulations
• Operations not in compliance can be issued
• Compliance orders
• Suspension orders
• Citations
• Process is very data and paperwork intensive
West Virginia GIS Conference
Paper forms and maps
West Virginia GIS Conference
Old Process
• Approximately 3,000 notifications annually
• About 220,000 acres
• Duplicate data entry with lots of opportunity
for typing errors
West Virginia GIS Conference
Old Process Issues
• Had to maintain multiple databases that didn’t
necessarily “talk” to each other
• Certified Loggers
• Timber License Holders
• Notifications
• Spatial information was limited
• Point data only
• Acre values on units often very roughly estimated
• Reporting process cumbersome/impossible
• Difficult to understand “what’s going on right now”
West Virginia GIS Conference
LONIE Project
• Initial Funding from a WV DEP’s Nonpoint Source (NPS)
§319 grant program – WVDOF and WVU AHC
• Modernize notifications, inspections, and enforcement
process with an online system
• Minimize data repetition
• Use web mapping technologies and data collection
• Automate notification & inspection routing
• Personalize queues for inspections & enforcements
West Virginia GIS Conference
Programming and Technical details
• Programming by Tim Bleech Interactive
• Developed in PHP w/ SQL database, hosted on IIS server
• OpenLayers Javascript API
• Open Source - http://openlayers.org
• Not limited to map provider
• Vector layer & drawing support
• Developed with guidance and feedback from WVDOF
West Virginia GIS Conference
Mapping Technical Details
• Map Layer Sources
• ArcGIS Rest Services (Geographic Base Map)
• http://www.esri.com/software/arcgis/arcgisonline/ma
• WV DEP (Topo, Hydrology, Imagery)
• National Map (Topo) – http://nationalmap.gov
• Geospatial data export as KML
West Virginia GIS Conference
Mapping Technical Details
• Projections
• SphericalMercator
• KML EPSG:4326
• Display
• KML feature data parsed and displayed as Mercator
• ESRI GeometryService - Converts Landing coordinates from
Latitude/Longitude to UTM for Forester
• Printing maps as PDF
• Because browsers don’t all print vector layers
• Feature colors and line widths for display on b/w printers
West Virginia GIS Conference
New Web Based System
West Virginia GIS Conference
User Interface
West Virginia GIS Conference
Digital Maps and Forms
West Virginia GIS Conference
Paper forms and maps
West Virginia GIS Conference
New Notification
West Virginia GIS Conference
Mapping Interface
West Virginia GIS Conference
KML Export
West Virginia GIS Conference
LONIE – Version 2.0
• Funding provided by WV Geological and Economic Survey
• West Virginia Technical Assistance Broadband Grant
• Over 40 new features and work flow improvements
Migration to new server at WVNET
Advanced reporting
Advanced search and filters on data grids
On the fly acres calculation while drawing
Map defaults/zooms to county of new notification
PDF forms and documents
West Virginia GIS Conference
• LONIE has been in place since Jan. 1st, 2013
• Existing active jobs prior to Jan 1st were entered into system
• October 31st, 2013 google analytics installed
• 4,912 sessions with 79,279 page views = 16 pages /session
• 334 users
• 22 minutes for average session (mapping takes the longest)
• 4,041 notifications in the system currently
• Includes entered, completed, deleted jobs since Jan 1st, 2013
• 10,953 inspections
West Virginia GIS Conference
• 1,409 Timber License Holders
• 70 DOF personnel
• LSCA Foresters, Supervisors, Specialists and Administrators
• Each user level has customized views that display only
pertinent information to that user
• 1,615 Certified loggers in the system
• 30 Agency Partner Users with access
• State Tax
West Virginia GIS Conference
Data Usage
West Virginia GIS Conference
Data Usage
West Virginia GIS Conference
Resource Estimates
West Virginia GIS Conference
West Virginia GIS Conference
Impressions and advantages
Easy to use
Quick to enter most information
Much less repetitive workflows
Flexible as it can be accessed from anywhere with an
internet connection
Real time picture of current situation
Managers have quick access to reports
More accurate mapping in digital format
Easily integrate geospatial data into DOF GIS
Much more efficient system saving time and money
West Virginia GIS Conference
WVU Appalachian Hardwood Center
Ben Spong
Forest Operations Extension Specialist
[email protected]
Jeremy McGill
Steve Harouff
Assistant State Forester –LSCA GIS Specialist
[email protected]
[email protected]
Programming by:
Tim Bleech Interactive
West Virginia GIS Conference

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