To serve every child affected by a parent`s cancer.

Annual Report, FY 2012
Camp Kesem has a big goal:
To serve every child affected by a parent’s cancer.
Founded at Stanford University in
2000, Camp Kesem has grown
considerably, and currently
operates 41 active chapters on
2,108 children experienced life-
Today, it is estimated that nearly
changing Camp Kesem “magic” this
3 million children have a
summer, an increase of over 40%
in just one year.
parent living with cancer. And
many more have lost a parent to
colleges across the country.
cancer. With your help, we CAN
serve any child affected by a
parent’s cancer.
We are just getting started.
“I am not sure the full impact of the (Camp Kesem)
experience can be gauged… The confidence and
strength, and sheer comfort in being himself has
been obvious, but I have a feeling there is more
under the surface. Even just the opportunity to go
and be a kid – not someone’s caregiver, child,
brother or anything else - has made a difference.
For one blissful week he was just himself, living
life, instead of existing in it.”
– Camp Kesem parent
Annual Report, FY 2012
What happens when children affected by a parent’s cancer
are with others who can truly understand them? MAGIC.
My child...
1=Not True, 5=Very True
Is comfortable expressing their
Feels connected to other
children their age who
have/have had a parent with
Before Camp Kesem
98% of parents believe that Camp Kesem
had a positive impact on their family
99% of families would recommend Camp
Feels confident that they can
handle challenges that come
their way
Feels good about themselves.
After Camp Kesem
After Camp Kesem, parents report their
children are more comfortable expressing their
feelings, more connected to other children,
more confident about handling challenges, and
feel better about themselves.
Kesem to other families affected by cancer.
Thank you so much for the opportunity to support Camp Kesem. My four
lost their father in 2010 to cancer. We have worked hard to live well
since our loss and rebuild a sense of normalcy. We have done counseling,
support groups, kept lines of communication open, and have a wonderful
support network of fabulous family and friends; however, out of all the
consistent work we have done to grieve appropriately the children made more
progress and seem more well adjusted after five days at Camp Kesem than all
the other work combined in two years! They came away with hope and were so
encouraged. As a mom of grieving children I am so incredibly grateful. We look
forward to reunions and camp next year. Your staff and program are top notch
-- beyond our wildest expectations. Thank you! - Camp Kesem parent
Annual Report, FY 2012
This summer, 1,300 college students across the country
changed lives... Including their own.
CK has helped me develop in the following areas...
Camp Kesem student leaders
work year-round to deliver the
Kesem experience for children
affected by a parent’s cancer.
They are tasked with recruiting
and training volunteers, finding
families in need, raising the
funds necessary for camp, and
creating a “magical” week
of programming.
95% of our participants
report that Camp Kesem helped them develop initiative taking, teamwork, problem solving,
accountability and time management skills.
89% of Kesem students intend to continue philanthropic work after college.
Along the way, our Kesem student leaders develop incredible leadership skills. Over
“There is no greater feeling than to have a child call
you their hero when actually, they are yours.”
- Camp Kesem Student Leader
“Camp Kesem isn’t the best thing I did in college, it’s
the best thing I’ve done in my life so far. Having the
opportunity to be around these happy, wonderful kids,
even when they’re going through what they’re going
through, puts everything else into perspective. Camp
Kesem definitely made me into the person I am today,
and made me a better person.”
- Camp Kesem Student Leader
Annual Report, FY 2012
Camp Kesem has demonstrated an efficient
and scalable funding model.
Camp Kesem’s large volunteer base, and extremely
low overhead costs, allow Camp Kesem to direct
Camp Kesem has demonstrated that our fundraising
capacity can scale with our growth. Total funds
81% of funds to programming.
raised are up over
Fund Allocation
122% in just two years.
Total funds raised
Executive and
Development and
External Relations
FY 2010
FY 2011
FY 2012
Camp Kesem has a very unique funding model with huge potential to scale. After an initial seed investment of
only $30,000 from Camp Kesem National, each college
chapter is self-sustaining, and raises
the funds necessary for camp from their communities and grass-roots efforts.
This model will help us meet the demand from over 40 interested colleges (currently on our waitlist).
Help us bring a Camp Kesem chapter to every community!
Camp Kesem Chapters
Arizona State University
Johns Hopkins University
Stanford University
University of Georgia
University of Pennsylvania
Augustana College
Syracuse University
University of Illinois
University of Richmond
Brigham Young University
Michigan State University
Texas A&M
University of Michigan
University of Texas-Austin
Columbia University
UC Berkeley
University of Minnesota
University of Virginia
Northwestern University
UC Davis
University of Missouri
University of Washington
Emory University
Notre Dame
University of Nebraska
University of Wisconsin
Florida State University
Ohio State University
University of Oklahoma
George Washington University
Southern Utah University
University of Florida
University of Oregon
Vanderbilt University
Indiana University
Camp Kesem gratefully acknowledges the following individuals who helped create the Kesem magic for families coping
with cancer through their generous donations to Camp Kesem between October 1, 2011 and September 30, 2012.
Please contact [email protected] for any corrections, omissions or if you wish to be removed from this list.
Leadership Circle (gifts of $10,000 or more)
Robert W. & Susan T. Brown Family Foundation
Bobby Jackson Foundation
H.H. "Red" & Ruth H. Nelson Foundation
Civic Ventures
Anna Davis & Lewis Kaufman
PCI Development Group
Jean & Sandy Colen
Mark & Zipporah Kiger
Regent Properties
Community Cares Foundation
Lesher Foundation
Carlyn Solomon
Finish Line Youth Foundation
Dr. David & Karen Fleiss
Roger I. & Ruth B. MacFarlane Foundation
Deron Williams
Illumination Entertainment
James & Mary Nelson
Cabin Builders (gifts of $5,000-$9,999)
AmeriCorps VISTA
Jeff & Marci Dinkin
Mylan Speciality L.P.
Mark & Odette Olson
Jeff Bauer
Gilkison Family Foundation
SAE (MIT Chapter)
Celgene Corporation
Sunshine Preschool
Jerry & Caryn Katz
David Cronin
Darren P. Macioce
Erica & Vin Di Bona
Mark Matthews
Campfire Circle (gifts of $2,500-$4,999)
ABS Foundation
Matthew Frank
Annie & Matt Mittelstadt
Adelson Family Foundation
Gary & Karen Gettelfinger
Albert Moffitt
Frank G. Arcori Foundation
Ron & Suzanne Glickman
Anton & Demetra Natsis
Andy & Anne Arizala
Brittany Groover Scholarship Fund
Paul & Anne Redmond
Michael & Phebe Arlen
Jerry & Sandi Kaslow
Kristen & Bob Reidy
Ashland High School
Donny Killian IV
J. Kirk Richards
Kumsal Bayazit
Jo-Anne Knysh
Shannon & Michael Rotenberg
CA Technology
Kraft Foods Foundation
Jay & Jane Saccaro
Circle of Service Foundation
Robert & Debi Lee
Kenneth Snodgrass
Davis Rotary Club
Anne Levine
Team Player Productions, Inc.
Nina Hachigian & Thomas Joseph Deegan Day
Allen S. Lichter
James A. Timmons
Entourage Clothing & Accessories, Inc.
Margaret Menrath
Verizon Foundation
Spencer Foote
Iris Rave Wedeking
(continued on other side)
Camp Kesem gratefully acknowledges the following individuals who helped create the Kesem magic for families coping
with cancer through their generous donations to Camp Kesem between October 1, 2011 and September 30, 2012.
Please contact [email protected] for any corrections, omissions or if you wish to be removed from this list.
Songleaders (gifts of $1,000-$2,499)
AEW Capital Management, LP
Robert Dixon
Bob & Tricia Jette
Carole & David Rush
Anheuser Busch
Robin Dockery
JHU Center for Social Concern
Kenneth & Rosemary Saccaro
Victoria Bahnasy
George E. Doty III
Jeremy & Sandi Kaslow
Eugene Schiff
Jamie & Matthew Bakal
Dreamworks Studios
Betty Katz
Alton & Shannon Shader
Robert & Heather Bartell
Duke Energy
Susan & Shepard Kay
Carl Shapiro
Timothy Haley & Karen Batey
Kevin & Lauren Dunbar
Mary Kelsoe
Stacy & Jesse Sharf
Kristin & Aaron Bendikson
Robert & Robin Eatman
Sheryl Kennedy
Kathy & Howard Siegel
Ann Blach
Nancy & Mike Eisenstadt
Irvin Kessler
Morgan & David Simonds
Mike & Margie Blach
EMC Corporation
Lori King
Slalom Consulting
Heinrich & Pastora Bode
Veronica Erston
Kirkland & Ellis Foundation
Jeff Small
Sandra Boyce
Bruce I. Ettelson
Geri Klus
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church
John K. Bradburn Jr.
Peter & Sara Fleiss
Victor & Lisa Kohn
Mary Beth Standerski
Diane & John Bradburn Sr.
Jayne & Mike Flinn
Claude Kordus
Tammy Strome
Andrea & Blake Brown
Greg & Marci Foster
Laurel Canyon Holdings, LLC
Christopher & Roxy Sullivan
Verena & Jack Bruner
Nick Franklin
Gloria Markel
Mark & Gayle Sullivan
Michael Butler
Peter Friedes
Tim & Maggie McDonnell
Rob & Jan Swartz
Nanci Caldwell
Donald Frush
Susan & Jim Morris
Albert Chang
Catherine & Kevin Gallagher
Peter & Patricia Nadosy
Eva Terry
Adam & Allison Checchi
Nomi Ghez
Suzanne & David Tilman
Alfred & Kathryn Checchi
Jackie Gleason
National Air Traffic Controllers
Association Charitable Foundation
Mary Beth Neddersen
Thomas & Genelle Cherry
Sheila Gold Foundation
Tradewinds Global Investors
Daniel & Martha Cliff
Stephanie & Brian R. Goldsmith
Oceanside Union Free School District Donna & Chas Tulipana
Lee & Nell Cliff
Katherine Graham
Omidyar Network Fund Inc
UC Davis - Club Finance Counsel
Lisa & Kevin Coakley
Amy & John Griffin
Barbara O'Neal
Community Cares Foundation
Chad Gutstein
Kevin & Anne Parker
Michael Weeks
Community Foundation of Boone
David & Courtney Corleto
Bonita Hamstra
Stephen & Nancy Paul
Brian & Norah Weinstein
Amy Henderson
Liz & Andy Peszynski
Jody & Jonathan Weiss
Marie Beall & Richard Corwer
Gary & Ellen Hisiger
Phones for Hope
Kate & Modi Wiczyk
Dart Group Foundation
Joy Honegger
Porter Sesnon Foundation
Matt & Sharla Wilson
Chris Davis
Jeffrey & Jennifer Hom
John & Nicole Quick
Diane & Barry Woods
DC Alpha Pi Beta Phi
Impression Technology
Rancho Santa Fe Foundation
YPO Bel-Air Chapter
Michael Dearing
Interactive Intelligence
Charles Reynolds
Theresa Young
Joseph E & Lois Elaine Dechicchis
J & B Disposal Inc
Benjamin & Lisa Rubin
Kevin & Judi Yourman
Robert & Ann Devens
Brian Jacobson
Patty & Mark Thompson

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