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Marketing 101
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October 28, 2011
Tricia Baione ‘09
Career Management Center
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What is Marketing?
The intermediary function between product development and sales
It’s the marketer’s job to ensure consumers look beyond price and
functionality when weighing consumption options
– Create, manage and enhance brands
– Want the consumer to ask: “Which brand helps me look and feel my
best? Which brand can I trust?”
– Goal = Own share of mind
Marketers must understand needs, preferences and constraints that
define a target group or market niche
– Customers versus Consumers
Determining how to keep and expand share is central
What is a Career in Marketing?
Brand/Product Management
Business Development
Marketing has many
iterations and can include
a range of
Digital/Direct Mail
job opportunities
across industries
Market Research
Brand Management
Key Function in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPGs), Pharmaceuticals,
Financial Services and Technology
Considered best training for long-term marketing careers
In large CPGs, such as Unilever and Kraft, brand managers move brands
to develop experience on both large & small, new & established brands
Hub of Wheel ≠ Small Business CEO (Don’t get hands dirty)
Focus on big picture of brand/brand family
– Distill brand essence
– Map competitive landscape to identify opportunities
– Analyze financial, research data to develop marketing strategy
– Ensure other functions work in concert to implement brand strategy
– Communicate unique benefits to consumers
Marketing consultant who helps the client with all aspects of its
marketing efforts-everything from strategy to concept to execution
Business side of advertising (versus creative or production)
– Account Manager, Account Planner, Media Planner
Online Advertising: creative and technical development (banners, rich
media, video, text), digital media planning & buying, search marketing
Strategy: With more agencies providing integrated marketing solutions,
internal strategy teams help guide client efforts.
Direct Marketing
Using customer databases to develop segmentations and targeted
one-on-one marketing strategies
Traditionally associated with magazine circulation, catalogues and
credit card offers
Research/Analytics: MBAs often do deep dives into the numbers for
digital and direct marketing agencies
Today is especially applicable to the Internet where firms use direct
marketing techniques and strategies to drive sales
eCRM, email marketing, SMS, e-commerce, analytics, reporting, and
Digital Marketing
Digital Strategy: Marketing strategy, digital branding strategy, digital
business modeling, user research, customer segmentation
Brand Experiences and Platforms: Cross-platform user experience
design and development (web, mobile, gaming, interactive/IP TV, instore, out-of-home) and branded content & entertainment
Market Research
Marketers must understand the target market to capture a consumer
– Consumer motivations, needs, purchasing habits and
how they view themselves and the rest of the world
Market researchers use surveys, studies and focus groups to collect
data on a brand’s target.
Some companies have their own market-research divisions; majority
hire firms to conduct the qualitative and/or quantitative research and
interpret the results
Communications/Public Relations
Manage communications with the media, consumers, employees,
investors or the general public
Spokespeople for own company or for clients, if they work for a public
relations firm
And Marketing Could Be Called…
Business Development
– Often sales-oriented, responsibilities include finding new customers for
existing products or establishing partnerships to assist in development and
– Sometimes more of a finance function
– Develops and determines overall strategic marketing plan
– High-level strategic development of brand, product or marketing campaign
– General management responsibility and P&L ownership
Consumer Products Groups (CPGs)
Associate Brand Manager (ABM): Lead cross-functional teams in the
planning, execution and analysis of business initiatives
– Create integrated consumer engagement plan (social media, TV,
design, promotions, PR) with internal and external agency partners
– Lead commercialization of new product launches, line extensions
and packaging innovation
– Develop strategic recommendations for key business issues or
opportunities facing the brand
– Manage advertising and consumer budget, including making
recommendations on spending priorities and tradeoffs
– Monitor health of brand via tracking/forecasting overall revenue
and share position; provide input on opportunities
Marketing = Traditional Brand Management
Pharmaceuticals see CPGs as competitors, not vice versa
More opportunities than students interested in companies
Associate Brand Manager, Bayer Consumer Care
– Lead consumer marketing programs by working with cross-functional
counterparts in Promotions and Sales to deliver sales and profit goals
– Assist in advertising development by leading the advertising copy
review process and working with advertising agency
– Monitor and analyze brand's performance and competitive environment
– Manage brand's budget and work with the finance manager
– Work with forecasting manager to project demand for brand's product
Marketing is typically a support function at most retail and luxury goods
companies and executes but not develops marketing strategy
Target’s General Management/Brand Management/Buyer Internship
As a Buyer Intern you'll work cross-functionally within the
organization to drive your project to completion. You'll gain
broad exposure to many aspects of Merchandising such as:
product development, packaging innovation, multicultural
marketing, private label development, import and sourcing
initiatives. In addition, you'll participate in the day-to-day
activities of a Buyer, developing business strategies,
marketing plans and merchandise assortments to drive
profitable sales
The ”Brand” is the retailer and the “Product” is the department/category
Product Management
– Engineering is king in many of the more tech-oriented companies so
an engineering or technology background is often preferred for
these positions
– In addition, they work internally to conceive, develop and launch
products that satisfy market demand
Marketing/Brand Management
– Many marketing managers in digital groups have MBAs, ad agency
or prior consumer brand management experience is valued
Film (Marketing)
– Primary objective is to market and increase revenues for each film product
– Partner with creative &distribution to strategize film promotion in all markets
– Studios often launch expensive campaigns to maximize opening weekend
attendance. Marketing is essential component and plays an important role
in the film making.
– Strong balance between analytical and creative skill sets.
Television (Marketing/Global Brand Strategy)
– Shepherd marketing across all consumer campaigns and touch-points:
advertising, viral, guerilla, digital, promos, events, etc.
– Efforts work to increase ratings, revenue growth & enhancement of brand
Video Games (Brand Management)
– Treated like consumer products
Home Entertainment (Marketing)
– The position can be similar to packaged goods marketing
Magazines (Marketing)
– Create partnerships and integrated promotions with advertisers
– Subscriber development
– Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM)
– Direct Marketing
So What is a Marketing Career?
Marketing is a term
that varies by company,
but the functions essential to marketing
can be found in many careers
Marketing Career Advice
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Pierre Faller ’06: Marketing, Media, Advertising
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Sangita Popat ’06: Brand Management, Marketing, CPG’s, Beauty
Michael Romoff ’04: Digital Media, General Management
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