Financial Area Representative Meeting
UTShare PeopleSoft Update
October 16, 2013
• PeopleSoft Project Implementation Update
• PeopleSoft Readiness
• PeopleSoft Training
• PeopleSoft Support & Sustainment Center
• Questions & Answers
PeopleSoft Project
Implementation Update
Status as of October 16
PeopleSoft Project Implementation Update
 UT Austin selected Workday as the new software to replace DEFINE. They are
currently in planning stages for the implementation project. DEFINE and
related systems supporting UT will be retired.
 UTShare PeopleSoft project is tracking at 50% of 63% according to project plan
for the March 1st go-live.
 Campuses continue to validate DEFINE conversion data in PeopleSoft and
perform Integration testing.
 During Integration testing (Round 1) several system issues were uncovered in
HCM and FMS that will require manual workarounds for the March 1st go-live.
 UTShare PeopleSoft go-live is expected to be difficult and tough. Central
Processing areas will be initially faced with challenges due to manual clean-up
of data anomalies from conversion and manual workaround processes.
 We ask everyone for their support through the corrective measures of
PeopleSoft that will likely occur over an extended period of time.
 While transition from DEFINE to PeopleSoft will be challenging, it will ultimately
benefit and support UTSA’s journey to Tier One status.
PeopleSoft Readiness at
Status as of October 16
Tier One Technology for Tier One Status at UTSA
UTSA PeopleSoft Readiness and Transition
READINESS - Where we are today
TRANSITION - March 1 – Sept. 2014
• Currently progressing towards goal
of March 2014 go-live with the
UTShare PeopleSoft project.
• Transition will involve conversion of
data/cutover from DEFINE to
PeopleSoft for go-live March 2014.
• Building Interim Approval Workflow
Processes necessary to support the
PeopleSoft sequenced deployment
plan for Approval Workflow.
• PeopleSoft Training roll-out starting
in January 2014.
• A “soft” launch of UTSA’s PeopleSoft
Support and Sustainment Center
(PSSC) to provide Campus
personnel a single point of contact
for questions regarding PeopleSoft.
• Implementation of the Interim
Approval Workflow Processes.
• Phased, sequenced Delivery of
PeopleSoft Approval Workflow
• UTSA’s PeopleSoft Support and
Sustainment Center (PSSC) fully
operational to provide Campus
personnel a Single Point of Contact
(SPOC) for questions regarding
• Developing Front Office training
Phased PeopleSoft Go-Live
We are
July – August 2014
Mar 2014
August - September 2014
Core HCM & FMS Functionality
Recruiting/Candidate Gateway
Hyperion Budgeting & Planning
Limited ESS / Workflow
View/Edit Personal Data
View Work Schedule
View Paycheck
Add/Edit Direct Deposit
Add/Edit W4 Tax Info
Recruiting / Candidate Gateway
Apply ESS (Internal Candidates)
Consolidated Position Budgeting
and Workflow
Workflow for:
Purchasing Travel & Expense
Budget Transfers
Time & Labor and Absence (Pilot)
Remaining Workflow for:
Time & Labor and Absence
(Remaining Depts)
MSS & Workflow Approval
ESS / MSS & Workflow Approval
Purchasing Decentralized
Travel & Expense Decentralized
Budgeting Decentralized
Position Management Decentralized
Recruiting Decentralized
(1-2 Departments per Campus)
•Request Absence
•Enter Time Report
•Related ESS/MSS Functionality
Fully Deployed to All Departments
ESS – Employee Self-Service
MSS – Manager Self-Service
UTShare/PeopleSoft Training
PeopleSoft Training
Goal: To provide pertinent UTShare/PeopleSoft training across campus in partnership with
project Core Subject Matters Experts (SMEs) and training instructors. Training is critical for
the success of the UTShare/PeopleSoft implementation at UTSA.
Training Approach
Training Content Development
Ensure all UTSA employees are
trained for effective and efficient
utilization of the UTShare /
PeopleSoft System.
Topics currently in development:
UTShare/PeopleSoft training will help
to strategically guide end-users from
the DEFINE, HRMS and Point Plus data
systems onto PeopleSoft’s Financial
Management System (FMS) and
Human Capital Management (HCM)
Video introduction to the PeopleSoft system
The first in the series called “The Look & Feel
of UTShare”. Provided to Back Office and
Change Leaders in August; Front Office in
Purchasing, Time Reporting & Interim
Approval Workflow processes
Training Content Distributed to date
PeopleSoft Support
and Sustainment Center at UTSA
PeopleSoft Support & Sustainment Center at UTSA
The PeopleSoft Support and Sustainment Center (PSSC) is the single point of
contact (SPOC) for end users of administrative applications at UTSA.
The PSSC supports the UTSA organization PeopleSoft end-users by:
• 5 days/ week, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
• Staffed by:
 Customer Support Team Members
 Subject matter experts; technical, functional, data, and training leads
• Systematic method in-place for tracking and managing issues
• PeopleSoft application issues
• PeopleSoft system access and approval security
• Business process changes
• PeopleSoft training
Support includes escalating system issues to UTShare Shared Services Staff
• Performance issues
• Functional and technical configuration issues
• Reporting database issues
• Role and permission list issues, and Portal issues.
PeopleSoft Support & Sustainment Center
Your questions about PeopleSoft are important and will be answered
according to the information we have at this time. Keep in mind,
PeopleSoft implementation is underway, approaching the second round of
integration testing. Therefore:
 Many decisions are still in the process of being worked out.
 Due to the phased, sequenced roll-out of PeopleSoft Approval Workflow, final
development of PeopleSoft workflow is not complete and decisions for this are
still under consideration.
 Interim processes for Approval Workflow are being considered to support the
phased, roll-out of PeopleSoft’s Approval Workflow.
 Integration testing of PeopleSoft continues to determine Interim processes;
Processes are subject to change.
 Information will be conveyed when validated and approved.
PeopleSoft Support and Sustainment Center
SPOC – Issue Resolution
UTSA PeopleSoft Issue Resolution Flow
Sustainment Center
UTSA PeopleSoft
Log escalated Issues
in STAT ticketing system
Proposed Resolution
Log Issues in ticketing system
or call
When Necessary
Confer with SME’s
(1) PeopleSoft Users can enter issues in the PeopleSoft ticketing system
(2) PeopleSoft Users can call 458-SPOC
PeopleSoft Support and Sustainment Center
Contact Us – Reaching the PSSC
Your Single Point of Contact (SPOC)
The PSSC is ready for your PeopleSoft questions!
3 ways to contact us:
1) Telephone: 210-458-SPOC (458-7762)
2) Go to UTShare Website:, link to the
SPOC icon for the PeopleSoft ticketing system
3) Email the PSSC: [email protected]
Questions raised now through post-go live helps PSSC establish a
comprehensive knowledge base and appropriate Service Levels!

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