14th Annual
Alliance Mid-Atlantic
Small Business
Procurement Conference
March 19, 2014
J’nelle Clements
Charles Gillean
Target: Corporate Supplier Diversity
Professional –
“How to get your business in the door”
 Prepare – getting ready, research
(from both sides)
 Present
– That crucial 10 minutes
 Pursue
- Short and long term
Preparing for and
marketing to large
Suggestions on Do’s, Don’ts
Preparation resources , Follow up
Using your existing customers to be your sales force
Prepare for that First Impression
Corporation - 10Ks. Annual Reports
Corporation Web Site – Kick the tires, primary subsidiaries
Small Business
Your D&B Report - outdated information
Your Credit Rating – current data
Your Threat Index – non-negotiable score minimum
Get your financial house in order – You are competing
against the best companies in the world. Make sure
the report is accurate, address any issues.
Prepare for that First Impression
WEB Site
Home Page Accurate/Complete - no “under construction”
No dead links; Return to home - easy to navigate
News – be sure it is current, not 3 years old
Stand Alone – contact information on every page
Certification(s) on first page
◦ Aura/Association Marketing Who are your high visibility customers
◦ Hotmail, AOL, Gmail, - NO!
◦ Email Blasts vs. Privacy: Corporate firewalls See CC
◦ Phone ans. message – clearly identify company, live is best
Example of the Aura Effect
(above the fold)
Sample eMail distribution
Ricchini, Sandra A CIV NSWCCD Philadelphia, 018; Bullock, Alyse C CIV SECNAV OSBP; Capers, Derrick P CIV SECNAV, OSBP; Fletcher,
Wendy M CIV SPAWAR, 21300; Ford, Sarah D CIV NAVSEA, SEA 02; Foreman, Timothy OSBP, WNY; Gail Wegner; Michael McCall; Obey,
Patricia CIV SECNAV SADBU; Sara West; Sheryl Woods; Stinson, Oreta CIV OSBP, OSBP; Susan Rapoza; Tamika Gray; Tatigian, Sarkis
CIV NAVSEA, SEA 00K; Taylor, Brad CIV MSCHQ; Temika Morris; A. Joseph Bowers; Andy Hair; Ashley Burton; Barbara Knox; Barbara
Page; Bill Cantrell; Bonnie Nesselroad; Bruce Schneider; Carol Decker; Cathy Hampton; Chari Russell; Gillean, Charles T; Cheryl
Chandler; Christine Haber; Claire Hackett; Clyde Stoltzfus; Crystal Ober; Cynthia Lee; Daniel Shade; David Canada; David Gray; Dawn
Chartier; DeVera Redmond; Diane Dempsey; Diane Marsden; Docey Chaplin; Donna Feaganes; Edward Resnick; Edwin Beussink;
Elizabeth Cardillo; Emily Harman; Eric Bankit; Gedell Hawkins; Glenn McAllister; Gregory Mcmullin; Jack Beecher; Jack Lassiter; Jada
Poller; James Lumley; James Noviello; James Regan; Jan Mirijanian; Janet Pritt; Jeraline Artis; John Fedkenheuer; John Henley; John
O'Brien; John Rasmussen; Joseph Moore; Joyce McDonald; Juanita Beauford; Karen L. Baker; Karen O'Donnell; Kathy Koslosky; Kristen
Moyer; Linda Toth; Lisa Price; Louis Cosby; Lynne Hood; Mari McNally; Mary Lee Kolich; Mindy Scott; Nancy Small; Nellie Mells; Pat
Monastero; Pat Tashima; Patricia Bullock; Patricia Cleveland; Paul Rooney; Peter Brown; Raymond X. Blauvelt; Renee Decker; Robert A.
Brown; Robert Brown; Robert Stag; Ron Moreau; Sheila Dews-Johnson; Sherry Rose; Stan Daise; Stephanie Sherwood; Stephen Suder;
Susan Cooper; Terry Budge; Thelma Gabrielson; Thomas Miglas; TJ Smith; Wayne McDonald; Wendy Martin; Ahluwalia, Jaspreet; Ahn,
Deborah; Anderson, Lola; Anderson, Stacey K.; Austin, Lorena; Baldini, David; Belden, Ronald R.; Bergman, Donald; Blankenship,
Cheryl; Boettger, Christine; Bowlson, Cheryl; Buffler, Janice; Burke, Rachael; Burns, Patricia; Burrows, Susan CIV NAVSUP HQ, OSBP;
Burton, Harriett L; Cail, Dawn R CIV NAVFAC LANT, SB; Campbell, Judy; Cantrell, William; Carkhuff, Kenneth A CIV NAWCAD, 7.1F;
Carosella, Rosita; Carpenter, Becky; Carpenter, Cynthia; Celani, Kristen; Chieffo, Jacob; Christina, Paula J.; Clark, Theresa L.; Clark,
Victor; Crickman, Nancy; Dalton, Dennis; Davis, Irene; Dawson, David; Diehr, Kathleen R.; DiPhillips, Gay; Egley, Sandie; Erazo, Lidija;
Evans, Allison S CIV NAVFAC, Washington; Fairfield, Marita L.; Farris, Andrea; Faulkner, Derek; Flannery, Bill; Forlenza, Robert;
Freeman, Sherry; Furey, Gerald CIV NAVSUP FLC Norfolk; Gahagan, Robert B; Gallagher, Anges; Glodek, Kate Lacey; Gordon, Jennifer L;
Goss, Guy A CIV NSWCCD Philadelphia, 3310; Gouaux, Carl; Gurney, Raynette H.; Hall, Pazant Alecia; Hansen, Erica; Harmon, Joanna
(Joey); Harned, Kynn; Harris, Joyce; Haynes, Vickie; Heal, Diane H; Heyward, Evonne; Hill, Kari; Hill, Wendy Y.; Hughes, Robert CIV
NAVSUP WSS; Jackiewicz, Christy; Jean-Baptiste, Omoro; Jennings, Faye G; Johnson, Carrodena D CIV NAVSUP FLC Norfolk, Code 240;
Johnson, Gwen; Jones, Chris; Katacinski, Irene H CIV NSWCCD Philadelphia, 01800; Kates, Brenda A; Kim, Amy; Klein-Pintouri, Rachel;
Kline, Steve; Knowles, Mary Anne; Kokinda, Carol; Koone, Linda; Kurzendoerfer, Karen A; La Bar, Bruce R; Levner, Louis; Lewis, Andrea;
Livengood, Lynn; Lowe, Rochelle; Lucretia Gresham; Macchitelli, Karen; Martin, Becky; Mastrincola, Anne; Matt Haaga; Matthews, Kay;
Mazzotta, Vincent; McClain, Sheila; McHugh, Pat; McNamara, Sean; McReal, Mimi; Merrion Johnson, Annette; Merritts, Sarah; Moore,
Andrea; Moore, Jill A. USNCIV NAVAIR Small Business Office; Morrow, Sharon R.; Myers, David ; Newell, William; Newman, George;
Nyanko, Michelle; Owens, Linda; Panos, Craig J; Parrott, Claudette; Perkins, Anita; Peters, Christine ; Pickett, Brenda P CIV ONR, 22;
Pierce, Cris; Polizos, Bill; Powell, Mary H; Pualani, Gloria; Rachubinski, Katherine; Richardson, Casey G.; Sacidor, Ricardo; Schneider,
Eric; Schumacher, Mark; Scott Paige, Sarah; Shark, Bob; Silvestri, Patricia; Simelton, Cathea M.; Singleton, Lisa; Sisler, Donna; Small,
Stacey; Smith, Donyale; Smith, Faith; Smith, Shawn CIV SECNAV; Smith, Terri; Snyder, Robyn; Stevenson, Orlando; Stewart, Michael;
Stith, Wesley; Sullivan, Jerrol; Sullivan, Larry; Swain, Kevin; Tack, Troy; Taylor, Barbara N CIV NAVFAC Lant; Thrower, GFelecia;
Tompkins, Joanne; Travers, Chris; Treseler, John; Troyan, Lauren; Tyree, Sandra F CIV MSFSC, N00SB; Wachob, Darryl; Warfield, A.M.;
Warner, Denise; Watts, Paula K; West, Tonya; Whitlow, Walter; Whittaker, Sharon; whittenburg, Mitzi S; Wilk, Michael; Wilkerson,
Michael; Wilkins, Marjorie J. USNCIV NAVAIR AIR 2.OD1; Williams, Jennifer; Williams, Martina; Wilson, Pamela; Wood, Lisa; Wright,
John; Wright, Yvette V.; Zahirieh, Shahrokh
Prepare for that First Impression
Market Research
◦ Learn what the company/individual does/needs.
Research recommendation “Google Alerts”, Search social
media, LinkedIn
Again -Kick the tires on their Web site, SEC 10-K report
Again - your existing clients in/out of targeted industry
Fed Biz Ops for Federal Contracts
Look at your competitors Dynamic Small Bus. Search
DSBS.SBA.Gov (example next)
Search Criteria: Calif. - NAICS 541813
Marketing Consulting
References: (2 of 16 references!!)
Name: California PUC, California Telephone Access Program
Contract: Develop Protocols for Call Center
Start: 02/27/2004 End: 12/30/2012
Value: $7,225,000
Contact: John M. Leutza Phone: 415-703-1060
Name: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Western Blind
Rehabilitation Center
Contract: Market Research
Start: 09/29/2008 End: 03/01/2009
Value: $78,000
Contact: Brian Higgins Phone: 650-493-5293
Prepare for that First Impression
Use Trade/Professional Associations/Clients
◦ NMSDC is a prime example; Actively mine memberships; ask
for introductions (perceived as an endorsement)
Active participation – Be a Leader in your profession
Write; Speak; Publish – Distinguish yourself
Follow individuals to and from your client company
Contact representatives at conferences – networking
Social Marketing – LinkedIn, FB, Twitter (follow competitors)
Present Yourself
That First Contact
◦ Develop a strong/short Value Proposition/Capability Statement
based on what the targeted company needs. (7-12 seconds)
“I forward freight” or “You call, We haul, That’s all”
“I’m in IT” or “ We’re an SAP Executive Partner”
◦ Don’t lead with price, “I can save you 20%” ARGHHHHH
◦ Be succinct/to the point. Address the problem, fix, savings
◦ Where do “Me Too” presentations wind up? Can do vs. Are doing.
 How are you unique? Are you great at what you do?
Present Yourself
The Value Prop/Capability (7-12 seconds)
◦ Tell me:
Who you are (tick)
Hi, I’m Harvey Wallbanger, with We Build it Best Construction Company
What you do (tick, tick)
We’re a leading construction management company in the Healthcare
How you do it better (tick, tick, tick)
We’re certified by the FDA
and Why should I care (TADA!)
We just built a clean room for The Cleveland Clinic, came in 2 months
ahead of schedule and $1.4M under budget.
Follow Up
Deliver upon your commitment, in a timely manner, they are watching
Keep in touch, but not obnoxious
BE PATIENT – Remember 85% / 6 month rule
Once you get that contact ask for referrals, REPEAT CYCLE
◦ The strongest of marketing tools. Referral is equivalent to an
endorsement. Follow your clients. Job changes, LinkedIn, Twitter.
Be the Best
“The World is Flat” Thos. Friedman.
Competing against the best in the world.
Do it on your terms.
Identify needs as you penetrate and collaborate/JV
Patience - Corporation will look at you on their
timetable, not yours!!
Unique Corporate perspective
If not a corporate supplier, what of the
employees? (Company intranet)
Decker Ceramic Tile, Making dreams a reality one tile at a time
In business since 2006. From design to the finishing touches communicating step by step cause
we understand and care. If you're looking to brighten up that mudroom, spruce up the foyer, or
enhance and beautify your home by remolding the bathrooms and kitchen with new tile. We are
a phone call away. Decker Ceramic Tile is insured and licensed in the states of Delaware and
We offer free estimates and offer 10% off on labor to all AZ employees. PH: 302-250-1369 EMAIL: [email protected]
Explore ways to access the companies
Save on sunglasses, transition/polarized lenses and more!!
EyeMaxx at the Shoppes of Dilworthtown Crossing in West Chester, is pleased to
offer AZ employees special pricing on a variety of eye care products; Think
sunglasses! Please see the site for full details to qualify. Offer is good through
August 31, 2011.
AZ welcomes this local minority woman owned small business
Desserts by Dana. Wedding cakes and much more
At Desserts By Dana we are known as Delaware‘s King of Cakes. We do it all
from wedding cakes, to birthday cakes, to sculpted cakes and more. If you have
a theme, bring it to us. We will do what the others are afraid to touch. Take a
look at some of our designs and galleries. We also have Delaware's Best
Buttercreams and Fillings.
Identify yourself as an AZ employee for special pricing!!
AZ welcomes this minority business; winner of the City of Wilmington's
2008 Business Plan Competition & a member of the New Castle County
Chamber of Commerce & America’s Next Great Baker 2010
Great Scot Cleaning Service ( and much
When we're done, you'll be happy. If you're not happy, we're not done.
Serving DelCo, ChesCo, New Castle, Harford & Cecil counties offers carpet
cleaning, windows, germ/odor control and much more. Homeowners are looking
for good trustworthy cleaners to come into their homes & we fill that void.
Contact Great Scot (610-203-3535/443-207-0367) for your cleaning needs and
ask about our special AZ pricing.
AZ welcomes this minority veteran owned business
Any Questions????
J’nelle Clements
[email protected]
Charles Gillean
[email protected]

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