The Importance of Healthy Eating

The Importance of Healthy
Ashleigh Callan, MSc.AHN, RD
May 14th, 2014
Caregiver Support Series
What is healthy eating & why eat healthy
Canada’s Food Guide
Plate Mate
Staying Hydrated
How to manage poor appetites
Tips for making nutritious meals with limited
What is Healthy Eating?
• Eating a variety of foods from Canada’s Food
• Having balanced meals
• Trying something new
Why Eat Healthy?
• Source of important vitamins and minerals
• Good source of energy
• To maintain health
▫ Makes care to that person better
Canada’s Food Guide
• Standard to follow for healthy
• 4 Food Groups:
Vegetables & Fruit
Grain Products
Milk & Alternatives
Meat & Alternatives
Fruits & Vegetables
• Largest ribbon on the food guide
• Filled with important nutrients
• Choose whole fruit over juice
Follow the Plate Mate
• How our plates should
be divided at lunch &
• Meals
▫ At least 3 of 4 food
• Snacks
▫ At least 2 of 4 food
Eating Regularly
1. How many meals do you
usually eat each day?
a) 3 meals
b) 4-5 small meals
c) 2 meals
d) 1 large meal
Stay Hydrated
• Water is best
• Other sources of fluid:
100% Fruit Juice
Vegetable Juice
How to Manage Poor Appetites?
 Small frequent meals
 Keep nutritious snacks handy
 Include high protein and high calorie foods in
meals and snacks throughout the day
 Nutritional supplements, such as liquid meal
replacements, may be helpful
Making Nutritious Meals with Less Time
• Cook once, eat twice
• Use “healthy” convenience foods to your advantage
Frozen F/V
Roasted chickens
Prepared salads
Pre-cut fresh F/V
Canned tuna/salmon
Canned beans/legumes
Shredded cheese
Canned diced tomatoes/pasta sauce
Making Nutritious Meals with Less Time
Microwave cooking
Freeze it
Make recipes with few ingredients
▫ Frittata, Sandwich, pasta
For Men & Women over 50
• Need for calcium and vitamin D increases
▫ From both food & supplements
In Summary
• Eating a healthy and balanced diet is important
• Follow Canada’s food guide; choose a variety of
• Don’t forget to drink!
• Find ways to cut down on cooking time
• Most Importantly
▫ Make sure to look after yourself! Your health is the
key to this person's care

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