London West Hub Activities Spring 2014

London West Alliance &
Challenge Partners Hub
Spring 2014
London West Alliance 13/14: 12 Secondary, 8
Primary and 1 MLD Schools
Barnhill Community High
Beavers Primary School
Belmore Primary School
Brentford School for Girls
Brentside High School
Charville Primary School
Chiswick Community School
Feltham Community College
Heston Community School
Isleworth & Syon Boys
Lampton School
Lillian Baylis School
Marjory Kinnon School
Norwood Green Junior
Oaklands School
Ryefield Primary School
Southville Junior School
Springwell Junior School
Stockley Academy
Strand on Green Junior
The Green School
Running Title
Context for LWA: NCTL ‘Big 6’
1. Initial teacher training (ITT)
2. Continuing professional development (CPD)
and leadership development
3. Succession planning and talent management
4. School-to-school support
5. Specialist leaders of education (SLEs)
6. Research and development (R&D)
Running Title
Teaching School Context: NCTL Key Performance
Indicators (KPIs)
• 1 Pupil attainment and closing the gap
• 2 Overall effectiveness of schools
• 3 Quality of teaching
4. Quality of leadership
5 Number of trainees trained by teaching school alliances
6 Supply of leaders
7 Number of schools in teaching school alliances
8 The number of SLEs designated, trained and deployed
Running Title
Context ctd: NC Teaching School KPIs
1 Pupil attainment and
closing the gap
The improvement each year in attainment at key stages 2, 4 and 5 for pupils attending
schools in alliances is greater than the national average. The reduction in the achievement
gap for pupils in receipt of free school
meals and/or in care in teaching school alliances is greater than the national average.
2 Overall effectiveness of
Schools in alliances show a greater than national average improvement in Ofsted
judgements*, resulting in fewer poorly performing schools and more good and outstanding
3 Quality of teaching
As a result of effective initial teacher training and continuing professional development,
schools in alliances show an improvement in Ofsted judgements for teaching and learning
that is greater than the national
4. Quality of leadership
As a result of effective leadership development, schools in alliances show an improvement
in Ofsted judgements for leadership and management that is greater than the national
5 Number of trainees
trained by teaching school
The number of initial trainees trained in teaching school alliances increases year on year
(in total and for each teaching school cohort).
6 Supply of leaders
As a result of effective talent spotting and succession planning, schools in alliances show
an improvement in headship vacancy rates that is greater than the national average.
7 Number of schools in
teaching school alliances
The number of schools in teaching school alliances increases year on year
(in total and for each teaching school cohort).
8 The number of SLEs
designated, trained and
The number of SLEs designated and trained by teaching schools is in line with targets
agreed with Department for Education. 50 per cent of SLEs are deployed within 3 months
of designation.
Running Title
LWA Context ctd: Dimensions of a successful
system – what LWA are aiming for
Collaborative capital
• Joint practice
• Talent identification
and development
through distributed
• Monitoring and
• Distributed staff
• High social capital
• Fit governance
• Evaluation and
• Distributed system
• leadership
• Analytical investigation
• Creative
• Alliance architecture
• Disciplined innovation
Hargreaves, D H, 2011, Leading a self-improving school system,
Running Title
And LWA is a Challenge Partners Hub, which means:
We are members of a national network
of local partnerships that challenge
each other to improve.
Advancing the quality of sustainable
teaching and leadership through the
generation and transfer of knowledge.
We are committed to ensuring that we deliver the best possible education to our pupils
Improve pupils’ examination results at a rate above the
national average
Enable all schools to improve at a rate above the national
Create more outstanding schools that reach the national
leaders and Teaching School criteria
Develop a world-class, self-improving and sustainable system
that contribute to national research and policy making
A partnership owned and led by its members
• Hubs
– A local network of schools – usually a
teaching school alliance – who come
together to pool their knowledge and
• Partners
– Members of the hub who participate in the
running its activities
• Senior Partners
– Head teachers of the lead hub school
who helps facilitate collaboration and
represent their members in the wider
A national network of local partnerships
All phases, governance type and context involved
We deliver on our aims by drawing on our most valuable resource – our people and schools
• The Quality Assurance Review
– Every year a Challenge Partners
school receives a QA Review and
participates in a reciprocal review.
– This peer auditing process involves
a visit from a team of senior leaders
and head teachers from other
partner schools, led by an Ofsted
accredited inspector.
• Teaching & Learning
– Ensure that the very best training
opportunities are available where
they are needed most. We provide
the opportunity for teachers to
attend Olevi’s ITP, OTP and OFP
• Collaboration
– Build capacity in local arrangements
by funding activities that support
school-to-school collaboration.
• National voice and network
– Use our voice to influence policy
and decisions based.
– Apply for funding and research
– Bring together our best practitioners
to problem solve
– Provide leadership on key teaching
and leadership challenges
– Work together on strategic
initiatives such as SCITTs.
– Provide a directory of best practice
Facilitated school-to-school support
• We broker school-to-school support
and a range of activities which
– School improvement – appointing
an outstanding school to deliver a
package of proven interventions for
schools at all stages of their
– Ofsted readiness - a range of
services to support schools
throughout the Ofsted inspection
– Subject specific – targeted support
for schools that wish to develop a
specific area of practice e.g. Maths,
English, SEN or EAL.
• Challenge the Gap
– a strategic whole school
programme that has been shown to
significantly improve the academic
performance of FSM pupils
The aim of Challenge the
Average pupil
Expected attainment
on leaving school
Pupil with low attainment
…in addition, LWA are currently engaged in…..
Innovative Programmes
Primary Maths Skills
EAL for Classroom Teachers
Challenge the Gap
University Learning in Schools
Students Leading Learning
MFL Support for Primary
• Implementing the new Primary
Core activities
• ITE – Schools Direct
• Improving Teacher Programme
• Outstanding Teacher
• Specialist Leaders of Education
• School Improvement Support
packages – beyond Hounslow
• Raising Achievement at A/A* at
A level
In the pipeline:
• The research-informed school
Running Title
Primary Maths Skills Programme and Bespoke Support
Lead – Ruth Williams, Maths SLE & NCETM accredited lead,
[email protected]
• Following the launch of the pilot funded by LBH Innovation Fund, a successful bid to the London
Mayor’s Fund is enabling us to scale up the Primary Maths Skills Programme around London to
ensure more primary teachers develop confidence and competence in teaching maths.
The pilot is providing Ruth with a powerful insight into the gaps and needs of primary colleagues
which will inform the ongoing programme development. This LBH pilot continues next year.
• Partners in the roll-out include:
1. Waldegrave
2. Southfields
3. Compton
4. And a further programme running through Lampton Teaching School partner Charville
Primary School
Initial training of our partners took place in November, further training is scheduled for January.
The rollout across London commences Spring 2014.
By the end of 2014-2015, we expect to have a fully developed and robust programme to continue
to offer to primary schools at an affordable price.
Running Title
Primary Maths Skills Programme and Bespoke Support
Lead – Ruth Williams, Maths SLE & NCETM accredited lead,
[email protected]
• In addition to the skills programme, Ruth is continuing to work with the LBH to deliver
support as part of the two Innovation Funds. 11 schools have requested bespoke support
and Ruth is to work with 7 local schools this year to provide 6 half days provision each. (a
total of 42 half days)
Ruth also delivered workshops in November on developing number sense and reasoning
(£700) with BPSI as part of their LSEF launch and has been working with them to develop
baseline evaluation tools for our fund. She hopes to be involved in their future project
There are definitely opportunities to market this workshop in our area. In addition further
opportunities will exist to work with LBH to increase the level of support both through the skills
development programme and increased bespoke support. There have also been requests for
further masterclasses for the more able that were run last year and in school inset.
Currently Ruth has no more capacity to increase her SLE work!
Breaking News!
Around 30 Mathematics Education Strategic Hubs (MESH) will be established over the next
two years, supported by an £11m allocation from the Department for Education. The NCETM
is to take the lead role in developing the new, Government-funded, national network of schoolled maths education centres, aimed at sharply improving pupils’ attainment in the subject
across the board. Ruth has registered Lampton’s interest in becoming one of these centres.
Running Title
MFL Support for Primary Partners in partnership
with CfBT
LIS / MLE lead professionals
• Partnership with CfBT to
support primary teachers to
develop MFL teaching both
- Pedagogy and
- Subject mastery
Partner schools:
Running Title
MFL: curriculum development
Independent – State School
British Film Institute
• Led by SIZ
Collaboration between state
schools and independent sector
to develop successful pedagogy
for MFL and opportunities for
student to student learning
• Led by MHU
Development of curriculum
resources and approaches to use
film to inspire students, to engage
them in language learning.
Combination of
- Leadership of teacher and
student workshops at BFI
- Materials development +
resources for teachers
Running Title
Implementing the Primary Curriculum
Lead - Nicola Forster, Headteacher, Ryefield Primary School
[email protected]
• The National College funding to support the implementation of the new primary
curriculum will be led by our partners Ryefield Primary School with Barnhill School.
They are planning a conference (21st March 2014) and the establishment of
separate subject working groups to review resources and make recommendations
by July 2014.
• Primary schools are all welcome to attend, and secondary subject specialists, with
particular responsibility for KS3 are also welcomed to join the curriculum working
Running Title
Succession Planning for Leadership
Lead - Jacquie Smith, Associate Head Teaching School
[email protected]
• All Alliance Heads have been asked to audit their likely staffing
needs over the next few years so we can plan appropriately
• A register of senior and potential senior leaders is being compiled
so we can quickly communicate with opportunities and leadership
• NPQML is underway for a second time with Teaching Leaders
• NPQSL is finishing this term and we will be offering a second
programme shortly with Future Leaders
Running Title
Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE)
LWA SLE lead - Audrey Douglas, The Green School
Lampton have appointed 15 SLEs. For more details see
The most recent round for new applicants closed 23rd October and one new applicant is being interviewed in
Jan 2014.
SLE Network meetings
1. Tuesday 1st Oct Agenda -rebrand, update projects, identify how we can met the current needs/issues
2. Thursday 15th Jan – share good practice, strategic marketing, ideas to redesign evaluation forms to evidence
Re brand and marketing of SLE’s
1. Coordinated update and redesign of SLE flyers with Teaching School livery in a format that all SLE’s can
adapt and amend details
2. Second stage is to upload these on to website and ways of strategic marketing
International developments – examples of SLE activity
1. Observing and teaching lessons in Beijing at Tsinghua International & State School focusing on sharing
assessment, creativity and collaborative lessons
2. Hosted 6 Chinese teachers: devised 2 week programme for visit with focus on developing assessment,
School - in reach – examples of activity
1. Forum Sessions on Challenge
2. Developing Literacy lessons
3. Compiling staff action research projects into book to disseminate
4. Teaching and learning initiatives – monthly T&L postcards, T&L wall, literacy placemats, etc
For more information please contact: Audrey Douglas [email protected]
Running Title
Schools Direct
Schools Direct Secondary
Schools Direct Primary
• LWA lead Julie Jaffray, Lampton
School. Programme is live this
year with approx 30 trainees
across 10(?) schools in the
Alliance being trained currently
with support of Roehampton
• A new round of applications is
opening this month for the
2014-15 cohort of trainees.
• Looking at a SCITT in the long
• LWA lead Sue Harrison, Strand
on Green Junior. New
programme is being developed
this year for 8 applicants who
will be trained from 2014-15.
Running Title
• Autumn cross - phase OTP
completed on 10th December
with 15 participants from 6
different schools
• Power of Coaching supported
OTP and A/A* Critical Thinking
• Spring Primary OTP will be run
out of Charville by Lampton
beginning 21st January
• Power of Coaching to take
place for trained facilitators at
Lampton in the Spring. Dates
• Autumn ITP was successfully
completed on 11th November
with students leading learning
with lesson feedback.
• Well attended with 12
participants, all supported by inschool coaches.
This programme was oversubscribed and took place in
September at Lampton with 12
Running Title
Challenge the Gap
Lead – Alex Leggett, [email protected]
The Programme
• Challenge the Gap is a whole school improvement programme that is designed to support
schools narrow the gap between FSM and non FSM pupil’s achievement and attainment
• The programme supports interventions at all levels (leadership, class teacher and paraprofessional) through a workshop programme and facilitating JPD with colleagues from other
Impact (2012)
• On average, the target pupils made around 5 points progress in primary English, primary maths
and secondary English and 3.8 points in secondary maths (pupils in Accelerator schools made
around 4.5 points). The national average for pupil progress is around 3 points, so this is
equivalent to five terms progress in a year.
• The Challenge the Gap programme will start its 3rd year in June 2013 and schools that are
interested in applying to be a part of the programme should contact Alex Leggett.
Running Title
Closing the Gap - Test and Learn
Lead – Alex Leggett, [email protected]
The Project
• Closing the Gap is a research project run by the National College. It is designed to
test the effect of various interventions on the progress of FSM pupils. Schools have
been allocated a specific intervention and a role in the project (either as a trial
school or a control school). The intervention will be run and the impact judged using
pre and post intervention testing.
Update Jan 2014
• Lampton School is working with Heston School and Springwell Junior
• Lampton is a control school in 2013-14 whist Heston and Springwell are trial schools
• Lampton’s intervention is “inference training”, whilst Heston is working on “Growth
Mind-sets” with Springwell trialling “Achievement for all”
• Schools involved in the project have tested the pupils and this information has been
submitted to the National College. They will begin training to deliver the intervention
Running Title
Basketball Academy - Developing young leaders
Lead - AlanKeane, Director of Basketball Academy
[email protected]
Impact and feedback
• Lampton School Basketball
Academy players are inspiring and
motivating KS2 pupils to become
young leaders.
• 55 Lampton pupils are working with
approx 270 KS2 pupils
• Autumn term – 20 sessions
delivered (4 x 5 weeks):
Beavers (2 classes)
Alexandra Junior (3 classes)
Ivy Bridge (2 classes)
Hounslow Town (3 classes).
“The first thing to say is that the children looked
forward to their basketball lesson every week.
They really enjoyed it. I think that the coaches
were excellent; they were able to build up a
good rapport with the children and were
extremely encouraging. Previous learning was
re-capped every week and the outcome of the
lessons were clearly delivered. The teaching of
the basketball skills was fantastic and I was able
to see the children progress from their first
lesson to their last.
Thank you for your time and effort with my
Amy Cox
Year 5 teacher (Ivy Bridge)
Running Title
Gifted & Talented
Lead – Jessica Hamer (Hounslow Network and LWA)
[email protected]
• We have been working with schools within the LWA and Hounslow
network on developing criteria for the identification of and provision
for more able pupils.
• Training of teaching staff in the provision for more able pupils has
been given within the borough.
• Debate workshops for primary school pupils and teachers have
been run. This will continue in 2014 with an expansion to include
competitions at KS3 – 5.
“The children felt more confident and enjoyed the whole course...being given the
chance to work alongside secondary pupils was fantastic” Teacher
“When I grow up I want to be a lawyer and debating can help me win court cases. I
really enjoyed getting to know other people from another school” Year 5 pupil
• Spring term meeting: Tues 21st January
Running Title
Research & Development Programme
What CPD leads to outstanding pedagogy?
• Changes in leadership mean Lampton are taking the lead as of
December 2013 to develop the work started by Gavin Henderson in
• Led by Lampton staff engaged in PhD programmes – focus on
‘what makes successful CPD’.
• 3 projects feature
Running Title
Young Shakespeare Nation - RSC Working Group
RSC Workshops
• This is a new three-year, RSC
initiative to roll out less familiar
Shakespeare plays to young people.
• New ideas were shared with five
participating schools in workshop
sessions for teachers.
• Within Lampton, these in turn have
been shared with colleagues in the
English department with a particular
focus on Year 8.
• Year 8 participated in a series of
specially designed lessons in order
to prepare them to watch the live
streaming of Richard II on
November 15th.
Live streaming of Richard II
• Year 8 rose to the challenge of
watching a three hour production of
the play. An observer from the RSC
was impressed by their
understanding, absorption and
• Students also had an opportunity to
submit questions in a live web chat
with David Tennant (Richard II).
• Feedback from the students was
very positive and some interesting
reviews were written by students.
Aditi Mukherjee, Teacher of English
Running Title
SEND network
Lead: David Bartram
• Termly network meetings attended by primary and secondary
colleagues from Ealing, Hounslow, Hillingdon and Richmond
• Guest speakers:
– September 2013 Dominic Siwoku, SEN Policy Advisor for DfE
– February 2014 Vijita Patel, Swiss Cottage School & Shona Crichton,
Communication Trust
– May 2014 Malcolm Reeve, SEN Director for Academies Enterprise
Trust & Chair of Federation of Leaders in Special Education; Mel
Byrne, CEO of Dyslexia-SPLD Trust
• Outreach support provided by Lampton Inclusion team: Denbigh
Alliance, and Lealands School, Luton and St Mary’s School Herts.
Running Title
English & Maths Working Groups
Terms of reference - to improve T&L and pupil outcomes
in Maths and English by:
Identifying expertise and enabling schools to learn from the best
Providing expertise for the wider Alliance
Reporting and making recommendations to the HT Group
Developing guidance on the new curriculum
Running Title
English network
Lead: Gary Munro [email protected]
• Termly working group of mainly secondary colleagues from
Hounslow and Hillingdon
• Autumn discussion included new KS5 curriculum and IGCSE v
GCSE; OFSTED accountability;
• Spring term meeting –
– GCSE and iGCSE – where are we now?
– The new curriculum – if you’ve done any work on the new KS3
curriculum which you would like to share, do bring this along
– Pupil premium – how are you using this money in your schools
– A level
– Promoting reading
Running Title
Maths working group
Lead: Alex Pett, Feltham Community College, [email protected]
• Termly working group includes primary members from Hounslow,
• Autumn term discussion included assessment KS4 and KS5;
tracking pupil progress; PiXL and an ongoing bank of shared
• Spring term focus –
best practice in terms of prep for summer exam
Showing progress throughout lessons
Chance to see discuss the new curriculum
KS3 challenges
Running Title
Students Leading Learning
Lead –Lawrence Carroll [email protected]
• This is a termly programme designed to develop year 9 pupils as observers of
teaching and learning. The programme consists of a training day for a cohort of 27
pupils allowing three schools to bring 9 students to be trained.
• The programme builds capacity for improving whole school learning, develops pupil
metacognition and improves pupils’ language of learning. It also creates a culture of
collaboration between pupils and teachers.
• Outcomes (1): pupils will learn how to discuss teaching and learning, identify
excellent teaching ,observe a lesson and give constructive feedback to teachers.
• Outcomes (2): Staff will learn how to develop pupils as future leaders of learning.
At Lampton the programme is being extended to the rest of KS3 and training
teachers to support the programme.
• Feedback from Staff - “The feedback was great – very precise and the questions
they asked were very thought provoking. I’m looking forward to having the next
group of SLL observers in my lesson.”
• Feedback from Students…‘I can see how hard it is to be a teacher now!’….you
helped me really develop my skills – especially giving feedback’ ‘I really liked the
way we worked together in depth and then tried out what we learned’
Running Title
University Learning in Schools
• University Learning in Schools is an innovative pilot project,
funded by the Greater London Authority and based on the
‘Brilliant Club’ model of partnering outstanding PhD researchers
with schools, in this case to produce exciting new classroom
• This project, delivered in partnership by Achievement for All 3As,
Lampton School, Haberdashers’ Askes’ Federation and the
Brilliant Club will enhance KS3 teacher’s subject knowledge and
passion ultimately increasing pupil achievement in core subjects.
• 2013: focus on English, Geography, Biology, Physics
Running Title
Raising Achievement at A/A* at A level
Lead: Lynne Isham, Lampton School [email protected]
• This is a developmental programme of 6 sessions over the course of term.
Achievement at A* at A level is based not on knowing more content but requiring
students to demonstrate a greater degree of sophistication in terms of conceptual
understanding; analytical and evaluative thinking; clear and cogent written
communication. The programme looks at specific Critical Thinking based strategies
to be used as part of routine teaching and learning in order to foster such outcomes.
• As part of the programme teachers link strategies and tools very directly to their
subject A level specifications to ensure all learning is highly contextualized for the
demands of their subject.
• Autumn term programme ran with 10 participants across 4 schools within the
• Teacher feedback through evaluation forms identified specific areas of improvement
in their practice, specifically in relation to: questioning; close reading; and organising
course content around key concepts. Teachers report that these have led to
increased student engagement with more complex ideas and better quality of
responses from Y13 students
• Teacher feedback comments refer to ‘being challenged’, ‘inspired’, ‘refreshed’
• Quality of facilitation was evaluated as outstanding
Running Title
EAL training for classroom practitioners
Partnership between HLS and Lampton, with strategic partners London
Borough of Hounslow, Heston Community School and Charville Primary.
Successful bid to the London Mayor’s Excellence Fund to design and
develop a new suite of pilot training programmes to enable teachers
at all stages in their career to improve their knowledge and
understanding of how to support EAL pupils in the mainstream
– Level 1 NQT and ITT
– Level 2 Good and outstanding teachers with potential to become
specialist leaders in classroom practice for EAL
– Level 3: English Language Master classes for subject teaches who
need to depend their understanding of how to support pupils’ spelling,
punctuation and grammar.
• Alliance members will have the opportunity to train teachers during
the pilot testing of these programmes during the funded period.
Running Title
School to School support – out of local authority
Current projects:
• OXFORD ACADEMY: support for improvement in t+l using CPD
support (JSM on ‘cohort’ programmes, English support (1 day a
week from JPA / ECR) and Science leadership (JPA) with Senior
Leadership Strategic support (SJO)
• WELLINGTON ACADEMY: support for improving the practice of
weakest teachers: ITP personalised for in school cohort (JSM) will
expand to leadership of CPD
• AET (Clacton Coastal Cluster) JSM development of OTP for AET
lead facilitation – personalised approach for AET staff only
• ST JOSEPH’S: SWINDON: LIS Support for middle leaders in core
Running Title
Contact Information
Lampton School
Lampton Avenue
Tel: 0208 572 1936
Fax: 0208 572 8500
Email: [email protected]

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