Nathan Sweet
Eastern Kentucky University
• Aims to solve overheating problems in first
gen Xbox 360
• Full size ATX case instead of Xbox case
• Additional cooling
• Addition of 3rd party wireless networking
• Maintains all of Xbox 360 functionalities
• Needed an affordable media center
• Xbox 360 already on hand suffering from red
ring problems after several repair attempts
• Aftermarket cooling options helped but still
failed, more drastic measures needed
Problem Statement
• Needed media center capable of streaming
over Wi-Fi on a limited budget
• Xbox 360 on hand suffered from overheating
problems causing it to be unreliable
• 360 also lacked wireless capabilities
• Cost effective but only if Xbox does not need
to be purchased
• Assumes source of Xbox failure is poor
ventilation and insufficient cooling
Proposed Solution
• Disassemble console down to basic
• Transplant all Xbox 360 hardware into a full
size ATX computer case
• Include additional cooling fans
• Add wireless networking hardware
• Extend all connections and make them
external to the computer case
• Fully functional Xbox 360 housed inside a
computer case
• Wi-Fi Capabilities from TPLink TL-WA701ND Access
point configured as a
client bridge
• Internal to computer case
• USB and HDMI ports made
accessible externally via
extension cables
• USB connected to computer
case front panel ports
• Two additional fans
controlled by switch
inside front panel of
• Optical drive easily accessible
inside front panel of case
• All components housed in computer case
• Finished Product
Rough around the edges but fully functional
Overheating problems solved
All functions of Xbox 360 console maintained
Compatible with 802.11 (b/g/n)
Future Work
• Replacement of Xbox power brick and
auxiliary power supply with standard
computer power supply
• Cleaner wire routing
• Additional fan (total of 3)
• Addition of LED lights inside case
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