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CME European Trade Repository
Baker & McKenzie LLP
EMIR Reporting Obligation Checklist
Obtain Legal Entity Identifier from LEIROC.ORG
Decide which transactions fall under EMIR reporting requirements
Speak with counterparties and back office providers on delegated reporting and UTI generation
Decide whether to report directly or leverage delegate reporting
Understand different Trade Repositories’ offerings
 Fees
 Technical Efficiencies
 Customer Service
Sign User Agreements
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Trade Repository Differentiators
- Ensure compliance with EMIR regulation
- Protection of a firm’s data
Technical Specifications
- Modes of access and reports available
- Onboarding process
- Ease of connecting
- Level of onboarding support and access to technical teams
- Inquiry response time and efficiency
- Each repository has a different approach to fee structure
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ESMA Identifiers
Entity Codes – LEI
- Interim ID – any interim solution that is adopted for European entities subject to the reporting
obligation needs to be in line with the technical specifications agreed by the Financial
Services Board
- Once endorsed, LEIs will ID all Financial Counterparties, Non-Financial Counterparties,
Brokers, Clearing Houses & beneficiaries
- Endorsed Interim LEI providers found at:
Trade Codes – UTI
- It is the responsibility of the counterparties to a contract to generate a UTI
- UTI should be reported by each counterparty to allow for pairing of contracts
Product Codes – UPI
- UPI should be generated to identify the reported products
- Taxonomy should cover the range of derivatives products traded under EMIR
- Concerns that this will not be available by implementation date
- In the absence of a globally agreed product identifier, ESMA agreed that ISIN, AII and CFI
may be used to correctly identify the derivative product
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Delegated vs. Direct Reporting
Delegated Reporting
Under EMIR, reporting of a derivative trade to a trade repository may be delegated from one
counterparty to the other, or to a third party service provider such as a CCP
Legal responsibility to report under EMIR still remains with counterparty
Third party service providers include:
Clearing Houses
Execution Platform
Back Office Provider
Asset Manager
Fund Administrator
Benefits of Delegated Reporting
Often the simplest and least technical solution
Clearing House solution is often simplest because no extra work necessary and highly reliable
Easy if back office runs entire book
Benefits of Direct Reporting
No reliance on other parties to fulfil your compliance obligations
Often easiest when executing with multiple bilateral participants
No “right” answer
Best solution varies by firm
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European Trade Repository Resources
Business Team:
Support Team:
[email protected]
[email protected]
General Website
CME European Trade Repository User Agreement
- Available at
CME European Trade Repository Test Environment
- Access forms available at
CME ETR User Interface Demo
Technical Specs – Upload and Downloadable Reconciliation .CSV Templates
- Technical CSV specs available under Resources section at
- User Guide available upon request
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Futures and swaps trading is not suitable for all investors, and involves the risk of loss. Futures and swaps are leveraged investments, and
because only a percentage of a contract’s value is required to trade, it is possible to lose more than the amount of money initially deposited
for a futures and a swap position. Therefore, traders should only use funds that they can afford to lose without affecting their lifestyles. And
only a portion of those funds should be devoted to any one trade because they cannot expect to profit on every trade.
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CME Clearing Europe Limited is a Recognised Clearing House (“RCH”) recognised by the Bank of England. CME Trade Repository Limited
(“CME European Trade Repository”) is a EMIR registered trade repository, supervised and regulated by ESMA.
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