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Common Safety Training Program
Did we meet our targets for CSTP?
All offshore production facilities to have CSTP fully
implemented by 1 January 2013
All offshore drilling facilities to have CSTP fully
implemented by 1 July 2013
Based on the number of CSTP cards issued or in
the process of being attained:
most but not all operators have made significant
headway and have processes in place
many of our contractors have got on board with the
Total CSTP cards issued to date = 4,776
[compared with 1,914 at last year’s CEO Forum]
Total cards issued for new starts = 789
Total cards issued for experienced workers = 3,987
Total number of persons who have attended the new start course
and are still to complete the workplace component = 1,788
[included in this number is in excess of 735 people who are not currently
employed in the industry but recognise CSTP as an entry level requirement]
Operators participating in CSTP:
Apache Energy
Chevron Australia
BHP Billiton Petroleum
PTTEP Australasia
Santos Limited
Total E&P Australia
Origin Energy
Roc Oil Company
Shell Development (Australia)
Vermilion Oil & Gas Australia
Woodside Energy
219 contractors participating in CSTP, including:
AGC Industries
Atwood Oceanics
Baker Hughes Aust
Cal Dive International
Clough AMEC
Contract Resources
Diamond Offshore
DOF Subsea
EM&I (Australia)
Ensco Offshore
GE Oil & Gas
Global Resources
MODEC Management
Sodexo Remote Sites
Stena Drilling
Subsea 7
Technip Oceania
Teekay Shipping
Total Marine
Transfield Worley
Vertech Group
Wilson Pipe Fabrication
What’s involved for CSTP:
New worker – 3 day CSTP course and a process of
demonstrating behaviours in the workplace
Experienced worker – recognising previous training or
attending a 1 day Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
course and a process of demonstrating behaviours in
the workplace.
What is the future for CSTP?
We are close to getting critical mass and the process
being self-sustaining
Training providers have linked CSTP to T-BOSIET for
those new to the industry
We as the industry leaders need to ensure:
We have internal processes in place
CSTP is a contractual requirement along with T-BOSIET for
access to our facilities
The CSTP initiative now ends as far as the CEO
Safety Leadership Forum is concerned
and the
Safe Supervisor Competence Program (SSCP)
takes its place
Safe Supervisor Competence
Program (SSCP)
Training and competence assessment process in parallel
with CSTP (ie immersive training with a process for
observing behaviours in the workplace)
Developed by Offshore Project Safe to implement a
standard of competency for offshore oil and gas
construction supervisors
APPEA took over stewardship and administration of
SSCP in mid 2013 to adapt for use in the wider oil and
gas industry
Initially to be set up as entry level training for new
Implementation to be determined by SSCP Industry
Advisory Group
Issues that need addressing with SSCP:
Is this to be an industry mandated entry level
requirement for new supervisors to allow a common
base across the industry?
The process for gaining an SSCP card needs to be
simplified to meet CSG requirements but still retain

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