Armenian Genocide Centennial Commemoration

The Year Ahead
 The Armenian Genocide Centennial Committee—
Fresno is an umbrella association made up of
representative from the area’s religious, educational,
social, and political organizations, working together to
commemorate and raise awareness about the
Armenian Genocide on its 100th anniversary.
 To commemorate the Armenian martyrs who died
during the Genocide
 To educate others about the Armenian Genocide and
historical injustice
 To inspire people to overcome adversity through the
story of the Armenian Genocide
 To attain our goals the Committee is planning various
public events including:
 Construction of an Armenian Genocide Memorial
 A Fresno Philharmonic concert commemorating the
Armenian Genocide (April 25th, 2015)
 Education outreach for the teaching of the Genocide in
area secondary schools
 Town Hall Event (March 18th, 2015): Man’s inhumanity to
man—the last hundred years.
 Other cultural programs
 A way to make a lasting impact on the Fresno and
regional community
 A thought provoking space that would encourage
reflection on the Armenian Genocide
 An abstract design that would encapsulate Armenians’
historical and contemporary existence
 A signpost for the future
 Campus of California State University, Fresno:
 Ability to maintain the site
 Well-known project approval process
 Presence of a vibrant and internationally recognized
Armenian Studies Program that attracts professors,
politicians, and community leaders
 Long history of Armenian involvement in the University
 Central, public location in Fresno
 Possibility to reach thousands of students—the future
leaders of this region
 Engaged the architectural firm of Paul Halajian
 Designed a unique monument that is in conversation
with other Armenian and genocide monuments
 Received the public support of Fresno State President
Joseph Castro
 Unanimous approval of Campus Planning Committee
 Nine pillars:
 béton brut
 bases of tufa
 The halo
 stainless steel
 Dimensions:
 31’10’’ in diameter
 Nine pillars:
• 6 vilayets of Western
• Cilicia
• Diaspora
• Republic of Armenia
 The halo
• Connects all of the
• Historical disjunction
 Two front pillars:
• One 19’, the other 15’
 Our website:
 Facebook page:
 Email address: [email protected]
 Total Goal: appx. $500,000-525,000
 Financially: Tax deductible donations
 donate button linked to Paypal.
 Checks made out to:
Sent to:
P.O.Box 28493,
Fresno, CA, 93729

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