EQ: What is the difference between projective and

*If you were going to create a
personality test, what would it
look like? What types of
questions/answers would you ask?
What kind of results would be
given? (Think about the test we
took on the first day of this unit
and the five factor test you took a
couple weeks ago)
*Asks people to respond to ambiguous
(unclear or confusing) stimuli or
situations in ways that reveal
unconscious motives and desires
the tests we did on first day of
*On WS-Describe what you see in the
*Shown pictures of inkblots and
asked what they see in the
*The way people interpret the
inkblot is a projection of their
unconscious mind
* For each picture tell what led up to the story,
what the people in the story are thinking and
feeling, and how he situation is resolved
* http://thematicapperceptionimages.blogspot.c
* Involves asking a person to tell a story about
several pictures in which the situation is
* Believed that the subject “projects” their
inner feelings and motives through the stories
made up about the pictures
*Asks direct, clearly understood
questions about your conscious
thoughts, feelings, and behavior
*Self-report inventory in which a person
chooses the best answer about
*EX: Myers Briggs test, Holland career
test, 5 factor test
*Which type of personality
test do you think is more
accurate and a better
examination of personality?
* Read and take notes on the following
* Explain MMPI
* Explain clinical scales and give examples from
* Explain validity scales and give examples from

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