Rugby is Not the most Violent Sport

Rugby is Not the most Violent
By: Kaij Mychalchuk
Rugby Scrum
Rugby Tackle
Injury rate Rising
• Since the early 90’s sport injuries have been
continually rising, in 1991 there were 276,000
seven years later there were 365,000
emergency room treated injuries.
• In 2006 there were 500,000 treated injuries in
basketball alone, another 2,000,000 injuries
with a collection of many other sports.
• The highest numbers of sports-related injuries
came from bicycling, basketball, baseball, and
Rugby Vs. Football
• So right away you might think rugby is much
more violent because of the lack of equipment
and high pace and aggression, but actually in
rugby there is more skill and form to perform a
proper tackle.
• Because in football you can hit someone
anywhere and time as long as its below the
shoulders, in football you could pick someone up
and slam them to the ground or give a blindside
hit but in rugby that is an illegal action.
Rugby number 10
• did a most hazardous sport top 10
and rugby made the list at number 10 along
with other ball sports. In one year there was
an estimated 85,000 injuries within a group of
ball sports.
• Basket ball ranked number one with over
500,000 injuries.
What Sports Allow
• In the NHL fighting is allowed, some players
make a team based on their play skills others
on there fighting skills.
• The goal in rugby is to control the ball and
score, in other sports such as boxing and
MMA(mixed martial arts) the goal is to knock
your opponent out by any means possible.
Power behind hitting
• Below is a chart that show the in G-Force as
you can see a football hit can generate a lot of
force, rugby it is almost impossible to
generate that much force because of the
game style and equipment used in game play.
• Timothy Gay a professor from U Of N
calculated that average sized DB in the NFL
can calculate of 1600 Lbs. of tackling force.
Pictures from slide 6&7
are from this same site:
In a Nut Shell
• From the information I have gathered I believe
that rugby is not as violent as people may
think. Thank you for watching my presentation
I hope you enjoyed it!
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