Religious Attitudes to Infertility Treatments

Religious Attitudes to Infertility
 Starter – completed.
 Lesson – After title, split
the page in half (Buddhist
and Christian). Start each
side with “I remember...”
and jot down as many key
teachings as possible.
 Extension – start to apply
these to AID, AIH, IVF and
 To revisit some key
Buddhist and Christian
 To apply these to
discussions about how
these inform religious
attitudes towards fertility
 To evaluate and compare
these religious attitudes to
one’s own opinion.
Religious Attitudes
Using p7, take key notes on how Christianity (different
denominations) and Buddhism might apply to AIH, IVF, AID
and surrogacy.
 Buddhism
 Christianity
 “I remember...”
 “I can remember...”
 “These apply to...”
 “These apply to...”
 AID (agree/disagree?)
 AID (agree/disagree?)
 AIH (agree/disagree?)
 AIH (agree/disagree?)
 Surrogacy
 Surrogacy
Exam Question
 Explain religious attitudes towards infertility
treatments. (6 marks)
 “Religious attitudes to infertility treatments vary
depending on the religion and the type of treatment.
For example...
 Say whether they agree or disagree with a type of
fertility and why/evidence in teachings. Then move on.

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