Revision Lesson Environment and medical ethics

Fill in the
this unit – as we go
through work out what
are your STRENGTHS
(what needs little or no
revision?) and what are
(what needs more ore
thorough revision?)
10% of your
grade is based
on learning some
words and their
Do you know
them for this
Complete the key word match up sheet…
Key Words: Check and mark your work…
Global Warming: The increase the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere (thought to be
created by the Greenhouse effect).
Natural Resources: Naturally occurring materials, such as oil and fertile land which can be
used by humans.
Creation: The act of creating the universe, or the universe which has been created.
Environment: The surroundings on which plants and animals live and on which they depend
to continue living.
Stewardship: Looking after something on behalf of another so that it can be passed back or
on to the next generation.
Conservation: Protecting and preserving natural resources and the environment.
Artificial Insemination: Injecting semen into the uterus (womb) by artificial methods.
Embryo: A fertilised egg in the first eight weeks after conception.
Infertility: Not being able to have children.
In-vitro Fertilisation (IVF): The method of fertilising an egg in a test tube.
Surrogacy: An arrangement where a woman bears a child for another woman OR where an
egg is donated and fertilised by the husband through IVF and then implanted into the wife’s uterus.
Organ Donation: Giving organs to be used in transplant surgery.
An Easter egg 
( C) Explain the possible solutions
to global warming
Give 4 points
• Actions by individuals
– reduce energy, be
less wasteful, support
environmental groups
• Actions by
government and
organisations – putting
laws in place
• Actions by scientists
– research more into
causes and solutions.
(C) Explain how people can reduce
Give 4 points
• Create less
• Government
• Use alternate
energy sources
• Use alternate
Complete the following…
• A Renewable
resource is…
Resources that can be used over
and over again because they
renew themselves naturally.
Renewable resources usually
produce little or no pollution.
• For example…
Solar, wind,
fertile land
• A non-renewable
resource is…
Resources that can only be used
once. Non-Renewable resources
disappear once they are used and
often cause pollution in their use.
• For example…
Coal, oil, natural
gas, copper, tin,
BONUS 2 MARKS – can you give a QUOTE that could link in here?
All Christian believe
that when they die
they will be judged
by God for their
actions – Christians
believes this
includes how they
look after the earth.
Jesus teachings on
loving and helping each
other mean we should
share the worlds
resources and not
harm the earth as it
may cause harm to
The Bible shows that
people who pollute the
earth make God angry.
Pollution is a SIN as it
goes against God!
(C) Explain WHY Christians
believe it is important to care
for the environment.
Christians believe that it is
important to look after the
earth and its resources for
future generations.
Christians believe
the world is a
gift from God so
they should
respect and look
after what they
have been given.
(C) Choose one religion other than Christianity and explain
WHY its followers believe it is important to care for the
Islam teaches that God created
as his
(vicegerent; someone who looks after
things on your behalf) or
steward of creation.
Muslims believe
(Muslim Law) and
Community) teaches a respect
for all of God’s creation
Islam teaches that God created
humans as his
the Earth. He showed people
how to look after the Earth in
Life is a
and God will
Muslims on their
faith and actions, including how
well they looked after the world.
Name that fertility treatment…
when the egg from the woman
is fertilised outside the
womb using either the
husband’s or a donor’s sperm
and then replaced in the
AID (Artificial
Insemination by
When sperm from a
donor, other than the
husband, is inserted
into the woman by
mechanically means.
Egg Donation:
When an egg is
donated by another
woman, fertilised
using IVF by the
husband’s sperm and
then placed in the
wife’s womb.
When the egg and sperm
of a couple are fertilised
by IVF then placed in
another woman’s womb.
Or, the sperm of a
husband is artificially
inseminated into another
woman to have the baby
for them. The baby is
handed over at birth.
Embryo Donation:
When both egg and
sperm from donors
are fertilised using
IVF and the
inserted into the
woman’s womb.
AIH (Artificial
Insemination by
When sperm from
the husband is
inserted into his
wife by mechanically
Why are fertility treatments
Use the clues to
get FOUR
1. 1 in 7 (12-14%)
2. 1.5 million men
3. 12% of all
4. Human nature
Importance of Infertility Treatment
• Infertility is an increasing issue in the UK with around 12-14%
(1 in 7) of couples unable to conceive.
• Male infertility is a particular problem with around 1.5 million
men in the UK experiencing fertility problems.
• in 2007, 12% of all births in the UK were as a result of fertility
treatment - this shows how important it is to many thousands of
• It is part of human nature to want to have a child, it is how
humanity continues. Many people suffer from depression and other
mental health issues due to infertility.
All Christians would encourage
childless couples to adopt.
Fill in the blanks of the following using your BONUS 2 marks if you can
say WHY.
mini whiteboards…
all fertility treatment
involving medical technology.
Other Christian Churches___
Most _____________________
allow IVF & AIH.
 God has given a __________way
for a
husband and wife to conceive and it is for
God alone
decide if a couple should
have a child or not.
 IVF involves fertilising several eggs,
some of which are __________or
for experimentation, this is
 God intended procreation
intercourse fertility
treatment bypasses this. It also involves
masturbation which is classed as a
 Anything that disassociates the
husband and wife in creating a child, or
introduces another person into the
‘gravely immoral’
process, is ______________
 God has given humanity the
technology provide infertile married
couples with a child and create a family.
This is one of the purposes of marriage.
 The egg and sperm are both from the
husband and wife so the baby will be the
of the parents.
lesser of 2 evils
 The concept of ____________
or double effect allows for some embryos
(up to 14 days old) to be destroyed if the
motive is to bring new life from embryos.
 Although other methods are not
banned, they could lead to __________
issues in the child or _____________
issues for parents which do not help
family life.
There are THREE main Muslim attitudes to infertility
If a couple are
infertile they MUST
NOT have infertility
IVF treatment is
acceptable as long
as the egg and
donor are from the
married couple.
IVF with donors is
allowed but the child
does not have full
legal rights.
Decide whether
the following
statements are 1, 2 or 3 using your
mini whiteboards.
Infertility is a disease
so it is OK to find a
If a couple are
infertile they MUST
NOT have infertility
IVF treatment is
acceptable as long as
the egg and donor are
from the married
IVF with donors is
allowed but the child
does not have full
legal rights.
If it is the will of
Allah for the couple
not to have children
they should accept
Infertility is part of
a test from Allah.
Marriage is a contract
between the wife and
husband. There should be
no third person involved.
Donors must not be
related to the parents
wanting a child.
Having children
helps to keep the
couple and family
The social status
and self-esteem
of a woman are
related to her
ability to have
Egg and sperm
donation is
allowed but
the child
cannot inherit
from their
Allah expects His
creation to reproduce
and start a family.
Children have the
right to know their
natural parents.
Allah has given
humans the ability to
create life in this
Shari’ah Law allows
the extra embryos to
be destroyed as they
are not alive yet.
The use of sperm or
eggs from another
person is regarded as
What organs can
be donated?
In 2007, 7234 people were on the waiting list for vital organ
donations. However, in 2006 only 3000 transplants took place.
In a survey, 90% of the public were in favour of transplant
surgery yet less than 50% have registered.
One third of families refuse to give permission for organs of
deceased relatives to be used, even though the person has
already signed the organ donation register.
Most Christians are supportive of transplant surgery because…
Use the picture
clues to come up
with the
finish both of
Christians who
believe in the
immortality of the
soul believe the
body is not needed
after death and so
organs can be used
to help the living.
Jesus’ teaching of
‘Love your
neighbour as
yourself’ and the
Golden Rule are
both in keeping
with the ideals of
transplant surgery
However, they
would be against
selling organs as
this can lead to the
exploitation of the
poor (e.g. A father
selling a kidney to
feed his family).
However, some Christians accept live transplants but not those from deceased donors
They would see the
Humans do not
Using organs from
However, they
vital organs,
have the right to
living people does
would be against
particularly the
act like God and
not affect the belief
selling organs as
heart, as part of
using the organs of
in the sanctity of
this can lead to
God’s creation of
a dead person to
life and so can be
medical assistance
the individual
give life to another
used to fulfil the
only available for
person and so
is usurping the role
teachings of Jesus
the rich and not for
should not be used.
of God for yourself.
in the Bible.
the poor.
surgery may
go against
Allah’s plan.
Use the picture clues
to come up with the
The body, including its
organs, is holy and
should not be
interfered with. Organ
donation delays burial.
Giving away body
parts is not
allowed as the
body is a GIFT
from Allah.
should try to
Allah will reward
Muslims who save
people from
saving of
a life and
hold its
in great
Only Allah
can give life
and take
life away.
It prevents
suffering – the
necessity makes
the unlawful
Where could you stick these?
Polite answers please…
Behold thy Lord said to the angels, ‘I
will create a vice-gerent on earth.’ And
he taught Adam the nature of all
things.’’ Surah 2:30
“And God blessed them saying to the
man and the woman;
‘be fruitful and increase in number.’”
Genesis 1:28
God said ‘let us make man in our own
image to have dominion over all living
things … and God told man to rule over
all the earth.’ (Genesis 1:26-30)
“This is my commandment, that you love
one another as I have loved you.
Greater love has no one than this, that
someone lay down his life for his
friends.” John 15:12-13
“It is He, who has created for you all
things that are on earth.”
(Surah 2.29).
Try some of the following
tricky questions…
(b) Do you think you can help to stop
global warming?
(d) “Religious people should not drive
In your answer you should refer to at
least one religion.
(b) Do you think humans are the
stewards of the planet?
(d) “People must use scarce natural
resources for the world to improve.”
In your answer you should refer to at
least one religion.
(c) Explain how humans cause pollution.
(d) “Infertility treatment should be
available to everybody.”
In your answer you should refer to at
least one religion.

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