AE/CCATT Additional Info

Col. Frank Yang, MC
State Air Surgeon, VaANG/USAF
CCATT Physician
June 2013
AE/CCATT Flow ….
• Patient location:
writes AE request F3899
enters e-data into web-based TRAC2ES
(TRANSCOM Regulating And Command & Control Evacuation System)
• PMRC (Patient Movement Request Center):
reviews TRAC2ES
validates PMR (by “validating” flight surgeon)
generates “mission” in TRAC2ES
…. AE/CCATT Flow
• PMRC to AECT (Aeromedical Control Team)
• AECT: locates bed in receiving medical facility
AECT to AEOT (Aeromedical Operations Team)
• AEOT: assigns AE crew or CCATT
• AE crew or CCATT: Go! (after “anti-hijack” pt & baggage)
• PMRC to TACC (Tanker Airlift Control Center)
• TACC: assigns aircraft
 RegAF: 69 FFCCT’s including OCONUS
 USAFR: 34 FFCCT’s + 30 extender teams (FFCCE)
 ANG: 15 FFCCT’s
 Total: 118 FFCCT’s
 TTP: 3-42.5 Aeromedical Evacuation
 TTP: 3-42.51 CCATT (Critical Care Air Transport Team)
 TTP: 3-42.52 Mobile AE Staging Facility
 CBT (computer based training):
AE Contingency Operations Training

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