Coach Hyatt is a Riot book report

By Joe sasson
AJ-Football player with very mean coach
Coach Hyatt-very mean football coach
Andrea- secret weapon and very good football
Aj’s schools playground.
That’s the setting cause that’s where the football
takes place.
Aj has a new football team every season and he
eager to find out his new coach. So when its time to
go to his first practice Aj jumps in his car and drives
away. When he gets there he sees his new coach and
she's a girl and he thought girls don’t do things like
football. The new coaches name is coach Hyatt and
she is very very mean. So its Aj’s first game and they
got crushed and he started to think maybe my team
will never win maybe we stink. So not a good start to
a new year.
AJ’s team has been loosing and they got crushed last
game but his coach (coach Hyatt) said “I know we have
been loosing but I have a secret weapon”. AJ says
“what”. Coach Hyatt says “her”, and then a girl walks out
of the school and AJ thinks no way a girl cant not be a
secret weapon girls aren't even good at football, but
when it comes time for next game coach Hyatt puts
Andrea (the secret weapon) out on the field and she just
scored touch down after touch down after touch
down……….. And AJ thought maybe girls can be good at
football. Anyways AJ won the championship that year.

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