AGS - DofE Bronze Presentation 2013-2014

Aylesbury Grammar School
The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award
Bronze Award Programme: 2013-2014
Format of Meeting
Information about the DofE Award nationally
Demonstration of the DofE website
Information about the DofE Scheme at the school
General questions
Individual questions – after the meeting
Levels of the Award
At Aylesbury Grammar School we are offering the following:
Bronze Award: Year 10
Silver Award: Years 11 and 12
Gold Award: options planned for future years
All participants have until their 25th birthday to complete the
award, but they do need to complete their award, and have it
approved by the DofE, before progressing onto the next level
Once started with DofE, participants can complete it at another
centre: they just need to arrange to transfer their account
Volunteering: 3 months
Physical: 3 months
Skills: 3 months
Plus an extra 3 months for any one of these – participant’s
choice which one
Participation every week, averaging 1 hour per week
Expedition: 2-day Training Expedition, then a 2-day
Practice Expedition, then a 2-day Qualifying Expedition
Total time commitment: average of 200 hours to successfully
complete the award
Completing the Award
For each section of the award, participants need to:
Set objectives and choose a qualified assessor
Submit programme planners and get them approved
Submit evidence and personal comments at the end of each
Get signed off by their assessor and submit assessor’s report
Submit entire section and get it approved
Full information is on the DofE website:
Recording Progress
Means of recording progress:
eDofE Website:
• Text entry
• Activity logs
• Photographs
• Video or audio files
• Activity programmes
• Team lists
• Course syllabuses
• Documents
• Certificates
• Letters of thanks
Only evidence submitted onto the eDofE website can be
Approval of Awards
The procedure for approving awards is:
Participant uploads and submits evidence each week
DofE Co-ordinator checks and either approves or queries
evidence (giving reasons)
When section is complete, participant submits section
DofE Co-ordinator checks and either approves or rejects
section (giving reasons)
When DofE Co-ordinator has approved all four sections
(Volunteering, Physical, Skills and Expedition), award is
automatically sent to DofE for verification
DofE check award and either approve it or request
additional information or evidence
When DofE have verified award, participant receives email
confirming this from DofE
Certificate and badge are posted to school for presentation
Lunchtime Meetings
Launch Meeting: Tuesday 22 October
12 x Focus Meetings: 5 in Autumn Term
5 in Spring Term
2 in Summer Term
3 x Expedition Briefing Sessions: the week prior to each
Expedition Presentation Session: soon after the
Qualifying Expedition
Formal meeting takes about half an hour with time at the end
for individual questions
Evening Meetings
Training Expedition Planning Session: Tuesday 21 January
Practice Expedition Planning Session: Tuesday 18 March
Qualifying Expedition Planning Session: Tuesday 20 May
These are all 2-hour after-school sessions
They are all compulsory: any participants who miss any sessions
will need to arrange to complete them at a later date
Expedition Dates
Training Expedition: Saturday 15 to Sunday 16 March
Practice Expedition: Saturday 17 to Sunday 18 May
Qualifying Expedition: Saturday 12 to Sunday 13 July
These expeditions will all take place at different locations in
the Chiltern Hills
They all involve carrying full expedition equipment and
undertaking an overnight camp
They are all compulsory: any participants who miss any
expeditions will need to arrange to complete them at a later
date or with another approved expedition provider
Applying for Expeditions
Expeditions limited to participants who have made good
progress with the Volunteering, Physical and Skills Sections
Requirements: submitted all programme planners plus 6
weeks of evidence in total
Application deadline: end of autumn term
Successful applicants will do their Expedition Section in 2014
Unsuccessful participants can either apply to do their
Expedition Section in 2015 or apply for the alternative
expedition programme later in 2014
Alternative Expedition Programme
For any participants who are unable to attend all of the
expedition dates, there is an alternative expedition programme:
Training Expedition: Saturday 21 to Sunday 22 June
Practice Expedition: Saturday 13 to Sunday 14 September
Qualifying Expedition: Saturday 18 to Sunday 19 October
These expeditions are organised by Zest for Adventure – they
are not school visits and will not have any school staff attending
They will, however, follow the same operating procedures, with
the same staffing ratios, and will cost exactly the same
Students from other schools are likely to be participating
Award Programme:
• Enrolment Fees: £120.00 – payable on enrolment. Nonrefundable
Expedition Programme:
• Expedition Fees: £175.00 in total – payable prior to the
spring half-term holiday. Non-refundable
Equipment Hire: typically £23.50 per expedition (depending
on what you need) – hired from Buckinghamshire County
Council’s DofE equipment store at Green Park. Refundable
deposit required
Expedition Travel, Food and Fuel
Participant Numbers
Award Programme:
• Numbers not limited in any way
• If numbers get too large to manage all at the same time,
participants will be offered alternative Focus Meetings to
Expedition Programme:
• Numbers planned to be limited to 6 teams of 7
participants per team
• If numbers exceed this, participants will be offered places
on the alternative expedition programme
• Ideally, participants can agree amongst themselves who
does which expedition programme
• Failing this, priority on expeditions will be given to
participants who have made most progress with
submitting evidence onto the eDofE website
Communication with participants is by:
Lunchtime Meetings: Tuesdays
Email Messages: to participants
School Website: The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award section
In addition, key information, particularly regarding expedition
arrangements, will be emailed to parents
We need to be kept informed of any changes to email
Application deadline: prior to the autumn half-term holiday
What Next?
Read the Launch Letter, Scheme Information and
Programme of Events (available on the school website)
Complete the Enrolment Form (available on the school
website) and hand in to the School Office
Make payment of the £120.00 enrolment fee by ParentPay
Attend the Launch Meeting at 13:35 on Tuesday 22 October
in S1
For further information, please contact the school’s DofE
Co-ordinator, David Goss, on:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 01525 850368
Mobile: 07900 4103327

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