Activities of AASHTO T-4, Technical Committee on

Shoukry Elnahal, P.E., T-4 Chairman
Vision and Mission
Advance the state-of-the-art of bridge construction
Develop and maintain the bridge construction
specifications and technical guidance
Identify research needs
Guidance & Specification Objectives
Review and recommend updates related to
construction for the AASHTO LRFD Design and
Construction Specifications.
Develop and maintain AASHTO guidance
documents related to bridge construction.
Provide SCOBS leadership and guidance in
advancing new bridge construction technologies,
including research needs.
Guidance & Specification Objectives
Liaison with industry, academia, and TRB technical
committees to advance technology used in bridge
construction engineering.
 High-early-strength
LWC in closure joints
 Grouted splice couplers
 Grouting voids in non-post-tensioned applications
(evaluate specifications)
Guidance & Specification Objectives
Serve as the SCOBS focal point for ABC
Coordinate with SCOBS committee chairs on bridge
construction-related issues.
Provide support in the review and comment of
construction-related documents.
Guidance & Specification Objectives
Develop and present ballot and technical committee
progress at SCOBS annual meeting forums and
general session.
Guidance & Specification Objectives
 Work
with other committees to advance ABC
specifications and guidance
 Coordinate issues with relevant committees (materials,
 Review, evaluate, and promote ABC innovation
recommendations to and through other SCOBS technical
 Work with industry, gov’t,
academia to promote emerging
ABC technologies
ABC Action Items
Update NCHRP 20-07/Task 294 Report on
Temporary Works and discuss during AASHTO’s
2013 annual meeting
Update 3 draft ballot items for NCHRP 10-71,
Web-only Document 173, Cast-in-Place Concrete
Connections and coordinate with T-10 for cosponsorship with T-10 lead
ABC Action Items
NCHRP 12-74, Report 681, Development of a
Precast Bent Cap System for Seismic Regions –
coordination with T-3 as lead
Work with SHRP2 team on R04 Product (Innovative
Bridge Designs for Rapid Renewal
ABC Action Items
Coordinate with industry on appropriate use and
curing / shrinkage of high-early-strength
lightweight concrete in closure joints
Monitor activity and research related to mechanical
reinforcing connectors (e.g., grouted splice couplers)
for use in plastic hinge region in high seismic zones
Investigate the adequacy of existing specifications
for grouting voids in non-post-tensioned
Guidelines for PBES tolerances
Dynamic effects of large-scale bridge moves for
structure and temporary works
Additional validated options for ABC connection
details, especially in high seismic regions, with
emphasis on long-term performance and
Ask TRB AFF10 to develop draft research need
statement (RNS) on NCHRP 350 crash testing and
durability of connections for prefabricated barriers,
for T-4 consideration
Develop draft NCHRP 20-05 synthesis needs
paragraph on alternative materials for PBES
Tolerances for prefabricated elements (research
statement submitted 08/10/2012)
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