The ABC and CDA of DevOps

The ABC and CDA of DevOps!
Faraz Syed, Vice President of Engineering
Checkpoint Technologies Inc.
What is DevOps?
Wikipedia definition:
• DevOps (a portmanteau of development and operations) is a software
development method that stresses communication, collaboration and
integration between software developers and information
technology (IT) professionals.[1] DevOps is a response to the
interdependence of software development and IT operations. It aims to
help an organization rapidly produce software products and services.
Performance Application
Lifecycle (PAL)
The challenges today
Test vs. Production
The challenges today
Test vs. Production
What are the requirements?
Am I testing the right things?
What should the SLOs be?
How can I build scripts faster?
How can I set up the monitors faster?
How do I recreate production issues in testing?
What are the requirements?
Am I monitoring the right things?
What should the SLAs be?
How can I build scripts faster?
How can I set up the monitors faster?
The challenges today
Bottom line – what they care about…
• How can I ensure that Productions\Ops does not
come back to me with issues?
• How can I ensure that I get a quality release
form Testing?
The answer lies in..
Collaboration – changing the way they think
• How can Ops help me test the right things?
• How can Testing help me maintain application
Performance Application Lifecycle (PAL)
Collaboration through HP Performance Center
Leverage data from production:
To make performance testing:
Production usage information from
More realistic
• BSM, RUM, WebTrends, server logs, etc
More accurate
• From synthetic users - Business Process
Monitoring (BPM)
• From live sessions - Real User Monitoring
Monitoring information
• SiteScope profiles
Scenarios based on production usage
Test results compared with production
More reliable
Data sharing, improves results with each
testing cycle
Step by step flow
Collect & analyze
production data
Load test
Analyze load
test data
Refine load test details
Compare production
and load test data
Export production data from BSM
Download peak hour data from BSM and WebTrends
API for other
Create and view production data report
Analyze production data in a lifecycle report in PC
Include SiteScope monitoring data
Design and refine load test
Build and refine load test based on production
Compare Load Test to
Hone in on testing
Production discrepancies
Evaluate test results vs production data
Lab Management Automation
The regular process
Assumes the lab is ready.
But the truth is...
What about the lab?
But we know the challenges:
Who will setup the lab?
How long will it take? What type of paperwork/processes?
Do you have the infrastructure?
What if you want to set it up on the Public/Private Cloud with various vendors?
And to take it further…
What about the application build?
We know the challenges:
Do you know when the build will be ready?
Is it set up correctly?
Is the process repeatable?
What happens to the lab after testing is done?
Lab management automation
Available in both HP ALM and HP Performance Center
Managing & scheduling
Automated lab deployment via
Schedule lab deployment via
CDA and test execution via
• Manage testing resources
• Build a model
• Create build verification tests
• Pool resources
• Provision a lab
• Detect build completion
• Schedule timeslots for
tests and resources
• Deploy the application
• Run tests against dynamic lab
Lab management automation
In HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and HP Performance Center (PC)
section in ALM/PC automation
In HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and
HP Performance Center (PC)
HP’s Continuous Delivery
Automation 1.1
HP CDA 101
What is HP’s Continuous Automation Delivery (CDA) 1.1?
Model Driven
Putting CDA together…
What is the model-driven approach?
Computing, Storage, network and software
Build artifacts, scripts, commands and execution
(start, stop and so on)
Relationship between composite application layers
i.e. Load Balancer, Application and Database
Provides monitoring templates with values and parameters
to monitor systems and applications during deployment
Thank you!
Let’s ask some questions!
Faraz Syed
VP, Engineering
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