Content of the Lecture

TRENDS and impact on your Business
• Spotten van opportunities /kansen in de
• Is er behoefte aan mijn product?
• Creëren van kansen
• Onderzoeken van de behoefte van de klant
• Marktonderzoek, Interviews, enquêtes
Trends en Ontwikkelingen
• Macroniveau: trends en ontwikkelingen in de
maatschappij. vb vergrijzing, duurzaamheid
• Mesoniveau: de markt van jouw bedrijf. Drie
– Klant
– Concurrent
– Spelers in de bedrijfskolom
• Microniveau: je eigen bedrijf. Vb bedrijfscultuur,
kernwaarden, missie, visie, ambities
en identiteit van jouw bedrijf
SWOT analysis
Trend: Family – Changing roles
• Dads are taking on many more domestic
• Women are becoming the primary
Changing roles - Creates Business
Family – The Childfree Life
Childfree Life – Creates Business
Couples only resorts
Pets as Family
• Substitute kids (related with Childfree life)
Pets as Family – Creates Business
7 flavors Peanut butter
for birds
Solo Living
• Postpone couplehood
• Living apart together
• Divorce
Solo Living – creates business
To help solo travelers socialize, KLM have used apps
to help customers select a seatmate based on social
The circular economy
Design out waste
Everything within the economy has value
Design with disassembly and reuse in mind
Differentiate between consumable and durable
Find ways to reuse materials across the value chain
Eliminate toxic chemicals
Fuel the system with renewable energy
Build resilience through diversity
Think in systems, taking into account how one action
will impact the whole
What’s driving the circular economy
(Macro level)
Looming resource shortages
Skyrocketing commodity and energy costs
Better technology
Government pressures
New consumer notions of value and
• Access over ownership
The Circular economy – creates business
• Selling temporary ownership
The Circular economy – creates business
Facilitating secondhand sales
DarpDecade – Tinder for closets
The Circular economy – creates business
Designing for circular use
Google Project Ara
Technology Trends
Mobile is the Prime Screen
Technology Trends
Do you speak visual?
Opdracht – een gedeelte van je
ondernemingsplan schrijven
1) Identificeer 3 trends op Macro niveau van
belang voor jouw onderneming.
2) Hoe ga je die verwerken in marketing
3) Help elkaar, ga als intervisiegroepje bij elkaar
Inspiratie voor de workshop “Trends”

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