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Tapping into EQ
Is about your customers
Helps you understand who they are
Helps you understand what appeals to them
Helps you understand how to speak with
Who are your customers?
Top selling points
Describe your customers
Review EQ profiles
Match your product to EQ types
Fine-tune Your Product
• What are their values?
• What’s most appealing to your customers?
• What’s least appealing?
Fine-tune Your Product
• Brainstorm ideas to update your product
• Prioritize your ideas
Use Your Words
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
The EQ Toolkit
Determine Your Best Customers Using EQ
Fine-tune Your Product Using EQ
Package Experiences Using EQ
Describe Your Experience Using EQ
Assess & Choose Imagery Using EQ
Promote & Sell Using EQ
The EQ Toolkit
Explore the EQ Toolkit
Work with your friendly DMO
Add the EQ quiz to your website
Have fun with it!
Tourism Tofino – EQ Examples and uses
EQ in Action in Tofino –
Customer Segmentation
• EQ Quiz language
incorporated into Visitor
Experience surveys
• Analyze results based on EQ
activity appeal across all types
– Who is coming to Tofino
– Type of trip
– How much spent
• Drives future investments by
explorer type
Open-ended survey responses help us achieve information about our seasonally-changing
visitor demographics, travel motivations and activity appeal index – and offers us insight
into the language and imagery our visitors would best respond to
Pre & Post EQ:
Before: lots of information up
front, impressive nature
photography, campaigns driven
by 4 seasons
After: Simplified, more focus on experiential
imagery than scenery or seasonality, easy
points of entry, increasingly using more EQ
‘language’, incorporation of EQ quiz
Traditional Advertising
Pre & Post EQ:
Before: lots of descriptive written copy;
standard tag line limited ability to expand
After: Incorporation of festival and
events with direct calls to action;
updated imagery targeted at AE & CE
Vacation Guides Pre &
Post EQ:
Before: inconsistent regional
branding, neutral colours, focus
on tourism accommodation and
activities as “products”
After: incorporated brand standards,
updated colour palette, feature guests
enjoying experiences they can picture
themselves participating in
Next Steps:
• Complete “tagging” and Experiential Inventory exercise
• Encourage stakeholders to explore the free online tools:
• Alignment and package/product development amongst stakeholders
• Shift next iteration of Strategic Marketing Plan further away from a
supply-based marketing approach towards a more visitor-centric approach
• Further develop key experience-based themes:
Moving toward…
Spring – Get on the Water
The Awakening of Spring
Early Summer - Boat to Table
Local Flavours and Artisanal Offerings
Fall – Late Summer/Learn to Surf
Exploring Your Comfort Zone
Winter – Stormwatching
Iconic Tofino Experiences
Your Tofino – share your story
The Authenticity of Tofino
Denise Le Gal – [email protected]
Kirsten Soder – [email protected]

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