Some of
Pakistan’s Positives !!
Second largest gas
infrastructure in the world
Pakistan's gas distribution network is the second largest in the
world after that of the United States, i.e. it is larger than those of
all other industrialized countries such Germany, France, UK,
Australia and others
One of the most independent
media in the world
The media in Pakistan is among the most independent in the world
as are the world-class journalists that comprise this institution. This
has resulted in a silent revolution and national awakening
throughout the length and breadth of Pakistani society.
An outstanding road network
Many developed countries as well as most developing ones
experience rush hour traffic jams. In Pakistan, however,
where the car to population ratio is small but growing at an
astonishing pace, cities have managed to build road networks
at an even faster pace..
The fastest growing telecom
The phenomenal rate of growth of Pakistan's telecom industry is
unheard of anywhere else in the world. Despite having a very small
GDP per capita, Pakistan has succeeded in achieving cellular
connections for fifty percent of the population, i.e. sixty million
cellular connections within a span of a few years.
Pakistan joined the aerospace
club by producing its own
Pakistan is among the few countries in the world that
produce its own aircraft. Thus, our aeronautical industry
shares the likes of those in the US, France, China, Sweden.
Submarine production
Pakistan has always been a shipbuilding country but has
now started manufacturing submarines as well
Largest ambulance service in
the world
Other than the impressive list of large NGOs and charities
currently operating in the country, the Edhi Trust runs the largest
ambulance network in the world and is completely free; it is run
entirely on donations. Given the per capita income of the people
of Pakistan, this is no small achievement
World class educational
The Aga Khan University, LUMS, NU, Indus Valley School of Art and
Architecture and the GIK University are those newly established
universities that have joined the ranks of older Pakistani educational
institutions such as Dow, King Edward College of Medicine, National
College of Arts and the IBA to become the bedrock of Pakistan's
higher education infrastructure.
Charity Organizations
As an example Shaukat Khanum Hospital is probably the
world's only free Cancer hospital. Similary, the Sindh
Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) is probably
the world's only kidney and liver transplant hospital that
treats patients entirely free of cost.
The Citizens Foundation
It is a non-government funded charitable institution
teaching over fifty thousand students in more than
600 schools in the poorest areas of the country. There
is no parallel to this institution anywhere else in the
IT industry in 2011
 Pakistan Shines at APICTA (winner of two gold and
five silver awards at 11th annual Asia Pacific ICT
Awards (APICTA) 2011 in Pattaya, Thailand.)
 Official Game for ICC 2011 Cricket World Cup
(Mindstorm Studios)
 Mobile Apps Hit No.1 Spot (global
Blackberry marketplace)
 TenPearls Wins Nokia Contest Twice (2nd position
at ‘Nokia & AT&T Innovators 2011 Contest’)
 Google Grants To Social Innovators (Google Inc,
has granted $250,000 to Pakistan Software Houses
Association, that launched Pasha Fund for distributing
the allocated amount to the 25 talented innovators)
A resilient judiciary
In recent times no other judiciary in the world can compare to
the resilience that Pakistan's judiciary has displayed. Pakistan's
current Chief Justice, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary is a
recipient of the Harvard Law School Medal of Freedom that has
only been awarded to two other people in the school's history,
Nelson Mandela and Charles Hamilton Houston.
We can do more….and
much more…..!!
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