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Splash of Sunlight
Mary E. Wrinch
1877 - 1969
Donated artworks on display
Nina Jackson emcees the event
Joyce Law introduces the speaker,
Romana Kaspar-Kraft
Romana ‘introduces’ Mary Wrinch
Romana talks about Mary Wrinch
Mary and Denise at the check-in table
Anna Guest entertains the crowd
CFUW Edmonton president, Joy Hurst
bringing greetings
The audience listens with rapt
More listening
Colleen shows off her art
Doris shows off her art
Gerry shows off her art
Joyce shows off her art
Nafeesa shows off her art
Janet almost sold out of raffle tickets
Janet, Romana, Nina pick the winners
Gerry presents her artwork to the
winner, Merle Kennedy
Doris presents her artwork to the
winner, Nina Jackson
Nafeesa presents her artwork to the
winner, Gail Perrin
Joy presents Gwen’s artwork to the
winner Fran Savage
Colleen presents her artwork to the
winner, Janet Clark
Dale thanks Romana for her
scholarly presentation
Megan Bertagnolli of the AGA speaks
about the acquistion process
Barbara and Jean promote the club
Romana and the ‘group of six’
(Gwen Molnar missing)
Splash of Sunlight

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