Act Locally, Think Globally:
Make a Stronger Impact
through Service
Sunday, July 6, 2014
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Welcome to the Workshop!
Act Locally, Think Globally:
Make a Stronger Impact through
Sunday, July 6, 2014
Yamandu P. Acosta
Past International Director
Eufaula Lions Club
(District 34 C , Alabama, USA)
Group Exercise
Complete the following statement:
The most meaningful service project that I have
done was….
Break into group to discuss your projects and
identify the three most important pillars of
meaningful service.
Group Exercise
Let’s share our responses!
Our Global Network
Make a Stronger Impact through Service
Lions have a rich history of impacting the
lives of millions of people through service.
Now, more than ever, we are in a position to
extend our network of care, through:
the four Global Service Action
Campaigns, and
Global Service Action Campaigns
What are the Global Service Action Campaigns?
• Engaging our Youth
• Sharing the Vision
• Relieving the Hunger
(December and January)
• Protecting our Environment
Global Service Action Campaigns
Engaging our Youth (August)
Recognize the power of youth involvement.
• Demonstrate your commitment to youth development. Plan
activities in connection with United Nations International Youth
Day (, also in August.
• Organize projects throughout the month that engage and
mobilize youth to help communities.
• Include youth as members of your planning committee.
Global Service Action Campaigns
Sharing the Vision (October)
Mobilize your club members to make a difference
in your community. Plan highly visible, hands-on
projects that Lions can easily get involved with.
• Raise awareness of the importance of healthy
vision and causes of vision loss.
• Help community members who live with
blindness and visual impairment.
Global Service Action Campaigns
Relieving the Hunger (December - January)
Organize projects that mobilize your club members to
help those who don’t have enough to eat.
Learn about your community’s needs and implement
projects for your club to make a difference.
Global Service Action Campaigns
Protecting Our Environment (April)
Pollution, lack of clean water and loss of plant
and wildlife are growing threats to our
Organize projects to improve and protect the
Raise awareness of the need to protect the
environment in connection with Earth Day.
Resources for Lions
Each Global Service Action Campaign and the
Reading Action Program has resources to help you:
• Call to Action Flyer
• Club Activity Guide
• Project Idea Sheet
• Sample Press Release
Use the following resources to plan and promote
your project:
Call to Action Flyer: Get an overview of the Global Service
Action Campaign – and ideas to jumpstart your project.
Planning Guide: Use this step-by-step guide to organize your
very own project.
Project Ideas: Review ideas you and your club can use to
participate in the campaign.
News Release: Send a news release to local media to help
publicize your project.
Partners! Can help you expand your reach of service.
Make a Stronger Impact through Service
Getting Started:
Create a planning committee to:
• to help drive the success of your project
• connect through a common vision
• share the work
• help motivate members to participate
• include community partners
Make a Stronger Impact through Service
Getting Started:
Choose a project that:
will help meet a community need
reflects the interests of club members
is hands-on and highly visible
your club members can easily engage in
Make a Stronger Impact through Service
Ensure success of your project
Set goals that you would like to
accomplish by the project’s conclusion
Publicize your project
Make a Stronger Impact through Service
Implement Your Project:
 Involve your club members!
 Invite family, friends and co-workers to
 Plan to have a member who is prepared to
answer questions from volunteers, elected
officials, special guests, local media and
other members of the community.
Act Locally, Think Globally!
Make a Stronger Impact through Service
Report Your Activity:
Report your service activities through
MyLCI’s Online Service Activity Report.
 Review frequently asked questions about
service activity reporting.
 Act Locally, Think Globally! You are part of
the Global Network.
Make a Stronger Impact through Service
Celebrate Your Success:
Share your project’s accomplishments with the
people who helped make the project a success.
Send thank you letters
Distribute news release to local media
Send newsletter to community members who
supported your project
Make a Stronger Impact through Service
Celebrate Your Success:
Host a volunteer and partner awards
ceremony. Present certificates of
Share your success with your Lions family
– post photos and stories on social media.
Aga Khan Foundation
David Boyer
Sr. Director Prince Sadruddin,
Aga Khan Fund for the Environment,
Aga Khan Foundation
Special Olympics
David Evangelista
VP Global Development and
Government Relations
Special Olympics
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