Richard Corbridge

Thinking is more important than knowing!
Richard Corbridge: Chief Information Officer
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Thinking, Knowing, Looking
Insight at a glance
“A compass, I learned when I was surveying,'ll
point you True North from where you're standing,
but it's got no advice about the swamps and
deserts and chasms that you'll encounter along the
way. If in pursuit of your destination, you plunge
ahead, heedless of obstacles, and achieve nothing
more than to sink in a swamp... What's the use of
knowing True North?”
- Abraham Lincoln
“Thinking is more interesting than
knowing, but less interesting than
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Thinking, Knowing, Looking
Insight at a glance
Alignment of the planets
Customers as fans
The power of knowing and looking
UK Landscape
The origins of looking first
Looking first
Business Analytics and
Intelligence started in the
provision of Health and
Social Care.
Dr John Snow and the
story of the discovery of
how Cholera was
transmitted in London in
UK Landscape
Delivery of the final
components of the research
Information Strategy
All processes improved
through access to ‘modern’
information systems and a
change in culture
A ‘basecamp’ of policy,
education and resources has
been achieved.
All systems in place
to support research.
UK Landscape
Where did we come from…
TECHNOLOGY and INFORMATION are now more than ever
ingrained in all that is done throughout the world and we must
adopt all elements of them or risk falling behind the
Clinical Research Network – January 2013
• Approximately 55 different systems in place
• Around 35 different ways of collating reports
• 16 different topic-wide databases
• Significant bespoke reporting
• Data debate
• System based and system led change
UK Landscape
Where are we now…
Open Data Platform
Local Portfolio Management System (SoC)
Central Portfolio Management System
Reference Data Service – Core system for
providing all ‘meta data’ and reference data to
our systems and other systems
Facilitate collaboration, create a fan base
of the systems and make the most of the
connected data.
Turn data into information that enables
insight and facilitates more questions.
UK Landscape
Where are we now…
Central Portfolio Management
DGH Trust
CTU Industry
UK Landscape
A new outlook…
If data is used it is ‘controlled’…
Aboriginal ‘land law’ states that
if a person takes care of land,
needs it to sustain family, and
makes better use of it than the
next person then they control
the land.
If we make good use of the
data we have we will be seen
to control it, own it and make
use of it to deliver better care,
outcomes & research.
Power in knowing
Open Data Platform
Granular view of target
HLO 2a. Increase
proportion of studies
dashboard for
Drilldown further
into a particular
Power in looking
Open Data Platform
Find a study in a
particular geography /
mile radius for a
specialty / disease area
Customers as fans
Empower the data voyeur
Take the Aga and its
customer culture …
Delivery of Business
Intelligence as a product
that has fans rather than
Culture change through
demand of the fan not
through command and
Customers as fans
Sell the sizzle
Sell the sizzle not the
Concentrate on the
benefit not the product.
Get to the natural state
of analytics and the
results you can gain, not
the sausage.
Alignment of the planets
Imagine a world
Alignment of the planets
Thinking andalooking
Planet Information
Integration or Interoperable
Modern Systems
Information Realisation
Information Security
Planet Data Quality
Reference Data
Shared Data
Veracity of Data
Planet Information Analytics
Information Analytics capability
Network wide

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