law 12 crime lab

Who did it and why?
Nicholas’ L and V. Law 12. Block 2-2
On Saturday, June 7, 2003 9:27 a.m., the Charlottesville, Virginia police
department was called to 2965 Quarry Road where they found a double
homicide. Vanessa Martin, a 24 year old Maul-Mart cashier and
aspiring store manager was found dead on the couch in her apartment.
After a thorough search of the premise, the police also found the body
of Jeremy Hayes, Vanessa's 30 year old boyfriend and head bagboy at
Maul-Mart. The department had received a frantic call from Mary Sue
Williams. Mary Sue had arrived at Vanessa's apartment at 8:45 that
morning to pick up Vanessa for work. Mary Sue also worked at MaulMart in the grocery department, whereas Vanessa worked in the
children's clothing department.
Mary Sue said that she sat out front of the apartment for about 10
minutes before getting out of her car to get Vanessa. According to her
account of the story, Mary Sue, finding the front door to the apartment
unlocked walked in and discovered Vanessa dead in the living room.
She said that she quickly ran out of the door and phoned 911.
Police later found Jeremy's dead body in the bedroom of the apartment.
When questioned, Mary Sue denied knowing about the body.
Vehicle – Not Specified.
Motive (Vanessa) – Loud Neighbour (Not very convincing)
Motive (Jeremy) – None (Liked Jeremy)
Means – No access to weapons used to kill. However, lives in close proximity to the
Alibi – No solid alibi, says was at home. (Seems reasonable)
Opportunity – All Friday night/Saturday night while Jeremy and Vanessa were home.
Evidence Against Suspect – Seemingly none.
Vehicle – Not specified.
Motive (Vanessa) – Job opening as assistant manager. Jealous of Ben Boggs dating
Vanessa. Seemed to hate Vanessa, said that “Vanessa thought that she was better
than everyone else, treated everyone like dirt.”
Motive (Jeremy) – No motive. Liked Jeremy.
Means – Alibi states that she was with Ben in a cabin during the incident. She could’ve
cooperated with Ben or snuck away during the night of the homicides.
Alibi – With Ben Boggs in his mountain cabin on Friday night.
Opportunity – Mary Sue was stated to have arrived at the crime scene at 8:45 AM, but
called the police at 9:27 AM. This large gap between discovery and assistance is very
suspicious. What was she doing during this time? She also had the opportunity to
commit the crimes during the night, cooperating with Ben Boggs.
Evidence Against Suspect – Muddy footprints at the crime scene, resulting from the hike in
the mountains. Animal fur was found on the body, could’ve been her dog Rex. Had a
motive to kill Vanessa.
Vehicle – Dark Green Dodge Ram with a Hemi.
Motive (Vanessa) – Was jealous of her relationship with Jeremy. (He was dumped)
Motive (Jeremy) – Was jealous of his relationship with Vanessa.
Means - Alibi states that he was with Mary Sue in a cabin during the incident. He
could’ve cooperated with her or snuck away during the night of the homicides.
Alibi – In a cabin in the mountains with Mary Sue.
Opportunity – Was seen behind the gun counter by witness at 2:00 AM. *NOTE*
Jeremy was shot by a rifle.
Evidence Against Suspect – Seen behind gun counter. Could have acquired rifle which
was used to kill Jeremy. Muddy footprints could have also belonged to him from
the cabin. Had motive to kill Vanessa. Alibi was with Mary Sue, another prime
Vehicle – Ancient Silver Toyota.
Motive (Vanessa) – Wanted job opening as assistant manager.
Motive (Jeremy) – None. *Everyone liked Jeremy*
Means – She was putting away rifles. Could have acquired one to shoot Jeremy.
Alibi – Working.
Opportunity – None, was working.
Evidence Against Suspect – Has a motive to kill Vanessa, and worked nearby the
weapon used to kill Jeremy.
Vehicle – N/A, Takes the Bus.
Motive (Vanessa) – Wanted job opening as assistant manager.
Motive (Jeremy) – None.
Means – None.
Alibi – Home with his mother.
Opportunity – None.
Evidence Against Suspect – Has a motive to kill Vanessa.
Friday Night – Mary Sue Williams and Ben Boggs drive to cabin in the
mountains. Mildred Smith (Neighbor) hears loud noises during the night. Also
sees Mary Sue Williams entering.
Saturday 2:30 AM – Lindsey sees Boggs coming out from behind gun counter.
Saturday 6:00 AM – Mildred wakes up. At 6:30 she sees a red car parked
outside the apartment while moving her garbage.
Saturday 8:45 AM – Mary Sue arrives.
Saturday 8:55 AM – Mary Sue goes inside and sees the body.
Saturday 9:27 AM – Mary Sue calls the police.
Who did it? Or whom? – Part 1
This double homicide was put to effect by the combined efforts of the two
murderers, Mary Sue Williams and Ben Boggs. Mary Sue was seen to have
entered Vanessa’s apartment Friday night, but did not report this to the
police. There were also muddy footprints in the apartment. This must have
resulted from the mountain cabin area that Mary Sue was residing in. With
Ben Boggs, Boggs possibly waiting outside the apartment, Mary Sue went
in. During this time, loud noises were heard by Mildred Smith, suggesting
that an argument took place, one that might have finally pushed Mary Sue
to the point of wanting to kill Vanessa. Because there were 3 wine glasses on
the table and the remainder of a dinner, it is suggested that Mary Sue went
and had dinner with them, then stormed out afterwards. From toxic
substances found in the victim’s stomachs, we can deduce that Mary Sue
Williams could have slipped a pill or some kind of poison into Vanessa and
Jeremy’s drinks to make them drunk or dizzy – more vulnerable to the final
deed. Furthermore, animal fur (Presumably Rex’s, Mary Sue’s dog) was
found in the crime scene, additional proof to Mary Sue having a hand in the
foul play.
Who did it? Or whom? – Part 2
After Mary Sue Williams had finished drugging the two, she signaled Ben
Boggs to come join her for the final deed. Boggs entered, after managing to
acquire a rifle from the gun counter (Where he was seen by Lindsey) and
shot Jeremy in the back twice. The blood from Jeremy’s wound sprayed over
Vanessa’s arm, who was sleeping next to him. The gunshot noises managing
to snap Vanessa out of her semi drugged state caused her to attempt to
escape. After running and tripping onto the couch, Mary Sue suffocated her
with a pillow, hence the feathers found in Vanessa’s nose. Their two motives
fulfilled, (Boggs killing Jeremy because of him taking Vanessa, Mary Sue
killing Vanessa because she hated her), Boggs took a rose that he acquired
from the mountain and placed it on her face, symbolizing the love he had for
her. Along with the rose, he sprinkled some leaves on her as camouflage.
After leaving, in the morning, Mary Sue went into the apartment and
pretended to find the dead bodies. After searching for around 30 minutes to
make sure she didn’t leave any trailing evidence leading to her or Boggs, she
called the police.

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