Leadership part 1

Auckland Deaf Christian Fellowship
Leadership Training Course
Tutor: Rev Sandra Gibbons B.Min,
PG.DipEd(Guidance Studies), Cert
Min, Cert Clinical Pastoral Education
Do you feel you are being
called to be a leader?
Do you think you would like to
become a leader?
Here are some questions you
may be asking yourself:
Am I a leader?
What is leadership?
Who are leaders?
Why do we need leaders?
What do leaders do?
What responsibilities do leaders have?
If I become a leader, what do I need to
know and what is expected of me?
These are all good questions we need to
ask ourselves.
Probably the first question you have is ‘I am
really a leader? Does God want me to
lead/minister to people?’
The answer to this question will be ‘yes’,
whether it is leading one person or a lot of
people. Each of us has been given a special
gift which no one else has. God has something
special for us all.
God treats each one of us differently, and as
very special children. That is one of the
wonderful and marvellous things about God
We are
The question needed to be ask isn’t ‘I am a
leader?’, but ‘What is God calling me to lead’?
Leadership means we minister (care for) other
Some people are good at leading groups
up front, putting signs/words together that inspire
people, or act in a way that others want to copy.
Other people lead/minister by being
supportive, by helping others and becoming skilled
and clever at doing things that make everything
run smoothly.
There are other ways of leading/ministering
too, like visiting, praying, caring: all are important.
1 Corinthians 12
you are the body of Christ. Each
one of you is part of God’s body. 28First,
God chose some people to be apostles
and prophets and teachers for the church.
But he also chose some to work miracles or
heal the sick or help others or be leaders or
speak different kinds of languages. 29Not
everyone is an apostle. Not everyone is a
prophet. Not everyone is a teacher. Not
everyone can work miracles. 30Not
everyone can heal the sick. Not everyone
can speak different kinds of languages.
This Bible reading tells us that one person
cannot lead the church on their own.
It tells us that God wants everyone to have
something special to do in the church. So
God gives special gifts to different people.
That way, God’s work is done and everyone
has an opportunity to help with God’s work.
In the ADCF church, we need a lot of people
with different gifts. We need:
• Preachers
• Worship leaders
• People to read the Bible and say prayers
• To help with Communion
• To set up and put away everything we
need for services,
• People to set up the tea, etc.
• People to tidy up cupboards to make sure
that the church is neat
• People who organise rosters and make
sure administration happens.
• People who greet people as they come
in and to make new comers welcome.
• We need people to be Visitors
• And more than any other group of
people, we need people who PRAY.
What is leadership
meant to be like?
Many people think it is
about telling people
what to do, but this is a
long, long way from the
truth and the way Jesus
We need to follow
Jesus’ leadership style.
Caring for other people
before we care for
1 Peter Chapter: 5
Helping Christian Leaders
5 Church leaders, I am
writing to encourage you.
I too am a leader, as well
as a witness to Christ's
suffering, and I will share in
his glory when it is shown
to us.
2Just as shepherds watch
over their sheep, you must
watch over everyone
God has placed in your
care. Do it willingly in
order to please God, and
not simply because you
think you must.
Let it be something
you want to do,
instead of
something you do
merely to make
money. 3Don't be
bossy to those
people who are in
your care, but set
an example for
If we work
together so
that needs to
be done is
done with
love and
care, in
God’s way,
we will be
successful in
what we do.
Jesus always cared for
people the way God
wanted him to. He
helped people first, and
and always cared for
other people before he
looked after himself.
Knowing and
Looking after God’s love
the needs of
the people
Plans and
A leadership style is the way in which we
lead people.
Everyone has a style which suits them best.
What is the leadership style that suits you?
Leadership styles:
Everyone is different. What colour are you?
Here is how you like to lead:
Let’s look at some of the things we have learnt so far:
Questions: (If you don’t know an answer, just check
back through the power point and have a look)
1. Who is called by God to help lead/minister in the
2. Why do we need everyone involved in helping to
3. Whose leadership style is the most important to
4. What makes him different to many leaders?
5. Give an example of good leadership (slide 20
maybe helpful to look at).
6. What is your leadership style?
7. What do you think is the most helpful leadership
style for our church?

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