By: Reem 7B
What is Cubism?
Cubism is a style of art in which the
subject is represented in
combinations of basic geometric
shapes, sometimes even showing
multiple viewpoints of a particular
image. So its quite similar to the way
we look at things from the minds eye
rather than real life. Look at it this
way; if you close your eyes and try to
visualize a friend or a family member,
you would probably only see parts
and pieces, not the whole thing.
Cubism is similar to that because you
see it in parts and pieces, like
fractured or broken glass.
When and Who started Cubism?
Cubism was started by Pablo Picasso (Spanish 1882-1973) and Georges
Braque (French 1882-1963) in the early 1900s. Among the artists that
practice this art (the artists are called cubists) is George Braque.
Braque is from France and was greatly inspired by African sculpture, by
painters Paul Cezanne (French, 1839-1906) and Georges Seurat (French,
1859-1891), and by the Fauves.
Do you like this style of
art? Why or Why not?
+ I do like this style of art because of the many
ways you can look at it. For example, look at
this cubism painting by the artist. I saw it as a
woman playing the guitar, but when I asked
my sister what she thought, she looked at it as
a woman TUNNING the guitar. There was a
difference in our views, but another thing I
like is the skill it might take to transform an
object into something that looks like the
picture painted on glass, shattered, and put
together again.
One of my favorite cubism paintings by
George Braque
Compare Cubism to Still
This style of art is quite different than the
other because the ones we looked at where
simple. A boot, the night, and it all looked
perfectly normal. It hadn’t been set to look like
anything other than what it was. The same
applies to the still life pieces we are currently
doing. I drew a sharpener, and it wasn’t meant
to be anything else, so it you look at it, its quite
clear it’s a sharpener, there is no use arguing.
But cubism is a completely different matter.
Cubism is a style of art in which the artist has
to have the skill to be able to transform the
image in his head or the object in front of him
into something of math and art. They have to
make it so that you can look at it at different
views, so that it looks similar to something
painted onto glass, the glass was shattered and
put together again. They also have to make
sure it isn’t that weird looking, that you can
JUST make out the outline or subject of their
piece of art.

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