World Finance

Our Mission for AIC
• To teach the nuts and bolts of investing so that our
members can make wise self-directed investments
• Expose our members to the various career opportunities
available within the field of investing
• Push members to network with other smart, like-minded
students and professionals
• To give members a clear advantage in finance interviews
because of their experience with the AIC
It's better to hang out with people better than
you. Pick out associates whose behavior is better
than yours and you'll drift in that direction.
- Warren Buffett
Our 3 “Series”
• Travel Series
– 1-2 Professional Trips each Semester (all day Friday)
• Speaker Series*
– 1 Guest Speaking Event per Month
• Securities Analysis Workshops (SAW)*
– Meets 1-2 times per month
* Meet on Tuesdays, unless other conflicts arise.
Travel Series
1-2 Professional trips per semester
All trips will usually have a focus, for example:
– Private Equity focused
– Hedge Fund focused
– Investment Banking Focused
– Real Estate Focused
– Wealth Management, Brokerage, etc…
Each trip will take 10-12 members, based on a primarily on a statement
of interest, and partially resume
Companies and individuals visited in the past include: Warren Buffett,
Lee Bass, Lowry Mays, Sam Zell, Goldman Sachs, Avalon Advisors,
Natural Gas Partners, Houlihan Lokey, YX Funds, NorCap Investment
Management, Energy Spectrum Capital, Morgan Stanley, etc…
Speaker Series
• Usually 1 guest speaker per month, depending on
• Speakers will be professionals from all areas of
investment management and business
• Past speakers include:
– CEO’s of multibillion dollar companies
– Private equity investors
– Investment bankers
– Real Estate Investors
– Hedge Fund Managers
Securities Analysis Workshops
• Meets 1-2 times per month
• Here we try and teach members the nuts and bolts of
investing, how to evaluate companies, investing
strategies, and practical knowledge of other securities
(futures, options, etc)
• We will also explain how geo-political and economic
events affect markets across the world and how to
understand these events when investing
– Examples: Dissecting the Fannie and Freddie Crisis, Networking Night, Market
• Tuesday, September 14th: Speaker Event – Goldman Sachs
Specialty Lending Group
• October 23rd- 24th – Training the Street Seminar
– 2 day seminar
– Day 1 will consist of finance interview prep; Day 2 will be modeling
financial statements in Excel.
• Guest Speaker Line-Up
Justin Betzen (Goldman Sachs – specialty lending)
Jason Kaspar (hedge fund)
David Hollon (private equity)
Doug Pederson (Twin City Properties)
Floyd Wilson (CEO Petrohawk Energy)
Conference Call: AIC Alumni
Ahmad Mouneimne ‘08
Bryan Farney ’06
-Director: Central Texas
Reveille Club
-Manager: Farney
-Godfather of AIC
Travis Cocke ’09
-Creative writer
-Part-time Sculptor
-Executive Film
Phil Sauer, MBA: Mays Executive inResidence 2003-2008
I always knew I was going to be rich. I don't
think I ever doubted it for a minute.
- Warren Buffett
Joining AIC
To join:
Fill out a membership form AND pay dues
– Dues are $20/semester, or $35/year
– No meetings are “mandatory,” though all are strongly encouraged
to attend
All events are announced via our listserv, and are also posted on our
website at
Officer Recruitment
We had several officers graduate, and are looking for the following:
Director of Marketing
– Will manage marketing materials, t-shirts design and ordering,
sandwich boards, and event scheduling
Director of Member Relations
– Will handle email correspondence between members and officers

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