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Irish Water
ACCC Conference
Dr. John Tierney MD Irish Water
7th March 2014
Vartry Water Scheme
Water Services
Encrusted Cast Iron Pipe
Waterford City Wastewater Treatment Plant DBO
Government Decisions
• April 2012 Govt announces establishment of a
new utility
• June 2012 Irish Water Programme Established
with in the BGE Group
• Mar 2013 Interim Legislation passed
• June 2013 Irish Water Incorporated
Irish Water: A Modern Utility
Sources funding for investment
(Hybrid funding model)
Effective regulation
Complex stakeholder
(including DEPER, Local
Authorities, IBEC)
(sewage removal
and treatment)
Major Asset Base
(Responsible for €11
billion worth of
Clean water
Serves Customers
(provide safe
(1.8 million customers)
Network of pipes
conveying water
(90,000 KMs)
Indoor and outdoor staff
(34 Local Authorities, IW staff)
(Integrated IT landscape)
Milestones achieved
Milestone 1: Commencement of the Metering Programme, July 2013
The Metering Programme commenced
in July and there 27,000 meters being
installed each month
Milestone 2: Customer Launch, July 2013
Irish Water has a
brand logo appears in
the public domain
(e.g. on Irish Water
vans, uniforms)
There is a dedicated
Customer Contact
Centre, managed by
Abtran, to respond to
all Customer Queries
Communications are
issued to the public
and customers in
connection with the
Meter Installation
The Irish Water
website is live
Milestone 3: Asset Transfer / Operations Day 1, January 2014
Delivered capabilities
(i.e. people, processes
and systems) to
support Irish Water
and the Local
Asset transfer
plan for water
services assets
Enduring funding
Model identified
Support provided to Local
Authorities on the change
and other activities needed
to successfully transition to
January 2014
Staff recruited
Full legislation
(Water Services Bill
No. 2) enacte.
Irish Water: Operational from 1st January 2014
Role definitions
Detailed org
Role based training
and knowledge
Assets & Operations
Asset Management
Asset Information Management
Asset Strategy
Asset Programmes
Programme Management – Regional Function
Programme Management – Central Function
Contract Management – Central
· Plan and manage agreed Capital Programmes, Minor Capital Works and
forecasts & resource requirements
· Manage contract strategy
· Manage Framework Agreements
· Manage DBO contracts
requests (Foreign Direct Investment / Local
Authority led developments (i.e. New
Towns initiative) / Non-Standard Developer
sewers and lateral drains
Third Party Liaison & Connection
· Process all Standard New
Connections Requests (private
individuals & standard developer
connections) in line with the
connections policy
· Definition & prioritisation of
· Review design and estimation
· Approve design variations
· Handover of Minor Capital work to Regional Workflow
Programme Management – District Function
· Provide local input into Regional Planning,
programmes such as ME&I, Process, Trunk
Mains, Sewers, Distribution, Site Security
· Execute Minor Works delivery programme
design & estimation for all new
connections within the region
· Develop & submit consolidated
growth forecasts for New
Connections within the region
· Inform the Customer Team of all
approved developments to support
customer registration post
· Assure construction quality, schedule, cost efficiencies and planned outcomes
· Reconcile variances between scoping & estimation and schedule, cost &
Maintenance Forecasting and Project
Estimation and Design activities
Programme Implementation - District
· Implement Regionally delivered
· Conduct Site Surveys, needs analysis,
Quality Assurance
· Ensure projects and programmes follow agreed delivery methodology
· Technical assurance: compliance with standards and procedures
· Monitor vendor performance
Asset Standards – Central Function
Asset Strategy - Regional Function
· Ensure sufficient resources are in place to
oversee successful delivery of the
· Identify and report programme risk and
change requirements
· Local liaison and identify customer
communications requirements
· Develop & maintain data policies, standards and the Integrity of the data
· Develop & maintain asset standards, operational procedures (incl.
process optimisation) & asset related (i.e. non-retail) Customer asset
Strategic Business Planning
definition & review for all asset
· Monitoring & enforcement of Policy,
Strategy & Objectives
business resilience, security of supply · Reporting on enforcement of Policy
and its applicability to the region
& customer facing initiatives (i.e.
providing feedback to Central function
· Analysis of proposed regulatory
Non-infrastructure analysis and
changes from a water quality,
environmental impact & sustainability
· Performance, condition & risk
monitoring of Performance Units
· Consolidation of Long Term Planning
within Distribution Supply Zones or
Options & prioritisation of strategic
· Fault Management and Incident
· Development of the rolling 7 year
asset & operations business plan
· Identification and reporting of
regional asset needs
Non-infrastructure analysis and
Infrastructure analysis and planning
· Consolidation of Performance,
condition & risk monitoring across all · Identify & Prioritise Regional
development requirements for
growth, sustainability, health & safety
· Evaluation of needs and development
of options
· Provide modelling support to regional
· Licence & Consent Management
planning and operations functions
Infrastructure analysis and planning
· Identification and reporting of
· Assessment of network condition,
regional asset needs
risks and hydraulic capacity
· Evaluation of needs and development Asset Strategy – District Function
of options
· Conduct Asset Needs Analysis in
Energy management
relation to Asset Performance and
· Develop energy efficiency and carbon
Asset Strategy Compliance and report
footprint reduction strategies to
back to Regional Function
reduce net energy
· Monitor compliance with energy
management standards and policies
requests nationally
· Process all Non-Standard New Connections
· Adoption of new mains and connections,
Programme Implementation – Outsourced
· Implement Regionally delivered
programmes such as ME&I, Process, Trunk
Mains, Sewers, Distribution, Site Security
Developer Services – Regional Function
(Note: Reactive
maintenance: 80-90%, Planned 10-20%)
Construction Project Estimation & Design
Asset Needs to inform the consolidated small
schemes plan
design and estimation from Regional areas
· Implement Data Governance & monitor Data Quality
· Identify, categorise Data Quality issues (static data)
· Liaise with business functions to identify and define information
· Sign-off exceptions to the standard
· Analysis & policy definition for
· Forecast volumes of New Connections
Contract Management – Regional
Project Sourcing & Contract
· Monitor contract performance and
feedback to central function
Maintenance Forecasting
· Develop and maintain Regional maintenance forecasts
Agreed Capital Programmes
· Validation & approval of scope, outline,
· Management of agreed Capital Programmes
Minor Capital Works/ Capital Project
· Consolidation and budgetary provisioning
· Policy, Strategy & Objectives
Third Party Liaison & Connection
· Contribute to connections policies &
standards for Water & Wastewater
Project Sourcing & Contract
Regulatory Programmes
· Plan and Manage Operational Programmes based on Standard Procedures
· Pre-Requisite Management & local liaison
· Coordination & engagement with Asset Operations
· Tracking delivery against regional planning objectives
· Manage change control
· Ensure data capture and documentation
· Release payment for Central disbursement
· Health & Safety compliance
· Coordination with Operations, 3rd Parties and Customer Comms.
Maintenance Forecasting
· Consolidation of regional maintenance
Construction Project Estimation & Design
· Investigations and risk assessment
· Outline design
· High level estimation
Strategic Business Planning
Developer Services – Central Function
Programme Management
Programme Planning & Oversight
· Programme Planning & Sourcing
· Management of Programme Portfolio
· Consolidated Programme Reporting
· Post Investment Review (large/exceptional
Asset Risk Management
· Define and Maintain Risk Management Framework
Research and Development
· Undertake Research & Development programmes to develop new
· Register new technologies
· Utilise reporting solutions and tools (models) to support asset mgmt decision
making & operational / asset reporting requirements
· Engage with IT to transition asset management business requirements for
systems implementation
Asset Standards – Regional Function
· Monitor compliance of Asset Standards at Regional Level
Information and reporting solutions
· Utilise reporting solutions and tools (models) to support asset mgmt decision
Asset Risk Management
· Enforce Risk Management Framework and monitor its application in
making & operational / asset reporting requirements
the Region
Maintain asset register and aggregate data
· Implement Data Governance & monitor Data Quality
Asset Standards
· Identify, categorise & resolve Data Quality issues (static data)
· Maintain the Asset Register in line with Capital Programme Delivery
· Ensure applicability of Asset Standards at Regional Level across the
diverse asset base
(commissioning / decommissioning) and locally resourced data
· Document asset management business requirements for systems
Asset Standards – District Function
· Conduct Asset Needs Analysis in relation to application of Asset
implementation & communicate to the central function
· Sign-off data provision by third-party contractors
Standards and feedback to Regional Function
Asset Investment Management
Asset Investments – Central Function
· Develop Long & Medium term Investment plans with identified Projects &
· Align and Consolidate regional plans (CAPEX / OPEX)
Asset Investments – Regional Function
· Provide Regional input into Long & Medium term plans
· Provide Regional input into Investment Approvals Process
· Provide Regional input into investment monitoring and reporting
· Track delivery to regional planning objectives for Minor Capital
· Perform prioritisation and scenario analysis (risk, outturn, net energy,
embedded carbon etc)
· Facilitate Investment Approvals Process and conduct change control
· Conduct Investment monitoring and reporting
· Conduct Post Investment Review, and analyse capital efficiency of Major
Capital & Exceptional Minor Capital Works
Asset Operations
Asset Operations
Water Network Operations – District
planning and SOPs
· Monitor and mitigate operational risk
· Skill management and succession planning
· Operational contract strategy, supply chain
down reservoirs)
· Deliver field customer experience for all water supply
· Proactive and reactive water conservation, leak detection
booster stations
· Operation of water sludge treatment
and repair
· Flow and pressure control
· Execute Service Recovery (water supply interruptions, poor
· Management of water sludge stocks
· Inspection, monitoring and maintenance of
· Surface water run-off policies (i.e. triple charge
for run-off to incentivise rain water harvesting)
· Regulatory liaison (i.e. EPA, discharge license
water pressure, reduced water quality)
Water Network Operations – Regional
· Plan and manage Water Network operations
· Energy performance recording and reporting
· Routine maintenance execution
· Monitoring & oversight of operations within the region, including DBO Contracts
· Liaison, monitoring and management of DBOs
· Energy performance management
· Consolidated reporting to Central
· Contract management (e.g. sludge related contracts)
· Monitoring and oversight of sludge sales, recycling, disposal, inter-site transfers
· Support EPA planned / unplanned audits within the Region
· Management of imported waste (i.e. leachate, tankered waste incl. septic tanks)
· Execute event management processes – DWIRP, Public Health, Flooding, MEM
· SCADA Alarm response and management (24x7 duty management)
· Management of operational contracts (i.e. chemical ordering)
Water Plant & Network Maintenance - District
· Execute planned & preventative maintenance
· Manage water conservation and mains rehabilitation
· Execute reactive, emergency maintenance (incl.
· Management of connections (new and existing)
· Outage planning across all assets
· Execute event management processes – DWIRP, Public
Water Treatment Operations - Regional
· Monitoring & oversight of operations within
the region
· Facilitation of statutory inspections (i.e. EPA, HSA)
· Execute test and inspections (some statutory) –
pressure vessels, heavy lifting gear, electrical
Health, Flooding, MEM
· Consolidated reporting to central
· Management of statutory audit inspections
· Maintenance performance recording and
· SCADA Alarm response and management (24x7 duty
· Pressure Management Assessment and DMA management
(i.e. EPA/HSA etc.)
· Execute event management processes –
DWIRP, Public Health, Flooding, MEM
· SCADA Alarm response and management
(24x7 duty management)
· Management of water sludge disposal
· Manage bulk trunk main transfers
chemical ordering)
survey to prove customer-asset link
· Coordinate customer
communications, e.g. disruptions
to service
· Technical assurance: compliance with
standards and procedures
· Monitor vendor performance and
facilitate Supply Chain collaboration
· Improvement data collection and
reporting, e.g. lessons learned
· Audit of site health and safety
· Commissioning support
Road Opening License Management - District
· Performance Management of Water & Wastewater
“This will be the responsibility of agencies executing operational services under an SLA”
Operational & Maintenance Contracts
· Review field audits of contractor work & analyse
contractor performance
the region against Regional Plan
· Carry out process analysis to support optimisation
· Produce analytical data & reporting to assist with and improve the operational water and waste water treatment process
· Produce analytical data & reporting to support the sludge disposal process, R&D schemes & capital delivery
· Champion and implement Continuous
Improvement to develop and deliver value
Health & Safety – District
Fleet Management - District
· Audit inspection
· Reporting on improvement
“This will be the responsibility of agencies executing
operational services under an SLA”
“Capabilities for sample analysis and regulatory compliance analysis will not be developed within Irish Water. This will be the responsibility of
agencies executing operational services under an SLA”
Work Management - Functions
Workflow Progression
Super Programmes
follow agreed delivery methodology
performance to Asset Programmes
· Payment authorisation for Central
· Delivery Coordination with
Operations and 3rd Parties
· Health and Safety compliance
Wastewater Plant & Network Maintenance – Regional
· Review & approve requests for contractor payment
· Conduct benefits analysis against contracts within
Water & Wastewater Sampling and Analysis - Regional
of small capital works – ME & I
· Management of water sludge and its disposal
· Manage condition surveys
Delivery Assurance
· Management and maintenance of specialist plant (mobile pumps, generators etc)
Operational and Maintenance Contract
Management – Regional
Water & Wastewater Sampling and Analysis - District
Water Plant & Network Maintenance – Regional
programme of installation
· Engage with Customers to agree an appointment time for
Water Metering - Regional
· Determine domestic properties suitability to install meter
· Install external or internal meter at most cost effective
· Adhere to Asset Mgt metering standards
Construction (PMO)
· Challenge design and deliverability · Maintain Capital Delivery procedures
of Capital Scheme
· Contract strategy
· Ensure projects and programmes
· Ensure prerequisites of long lead
· Maintain Programme delivery plan · Challenge and approve vendor design
· Cost and programme control:
and estimates
VOWD and cash forecasting
· Minimise REOC impacts
· Issue resolution
· Assure construction quality, schedule,
· Manage programme risk and value cost efficiencies and planned
· Ensure data capture and
· Reconcile variances with Asset
Programmes (scoping & estimation)
· Manage change control
and Capital Delivery (schedule, cost &
· Report progress and vendor
· Maintenance and repair of network assets (incl. wastewater pumping stations, instrumentation,
· HV (beyond ESB Networks) and standby generator maintenance
· Planning of Maintenance delivery (macro-level)
· Project management and delivery of small capital works – ME&I
Wastewater Network Operations - Regional
· Monitoring of Mechanical Electrical & Instrumentation maintenance of above ground assets in all
· Wastewater operations network planning and oversight
· Management and oversight of exfiltration, infiltration (incl. tidal) and repair programmes waste water agglomerations in the region (Monitoring maintenance delivery)
· Manage condition survey contracts
· CSO performance monitoring
· Consolidated reporting to central
· Manage customer discharges (licensed and unlicensed e.g. trade effluents)
· Manage connections (new and existing)
· Execute event management processes – DWIRP, Public Health, Flooding, MEM
· SCADA Alarm response and management (24x7 duty management)
· Spot and composite sample collection to a pre-defined programme & ad hoc/event sampling
· Monitoring of Mechanical Electrical &
· On-site analysis and reporting of data
Instrumentation maintenance of above ground
assets in Distribution Supply Zones (DSZ)
· Basic water quality and waste water quality investigations
· Consolidated reporting to central
· Auditing of compliance sampling
· Maintenance delivery planning (macro level)
· Operational source quality monitoring
· Project management and supporting the delivery
Water Metering - Central
· Assimilate customer requests and Billing queries into a
· Abstraction license compliance
· River basin management liaison
· Liaison, monitoring and management of DBOs
· Condition surveys
· Management of operational contracts (i.e.
Construction Delivery
Major Capital Programmes
· Planned and preventative maintenance execution
· Reactive and emergency maintenance execution
· Facilitation of statutory inspections (i.e. EPA, HSA)
· Execution tests and inspections (some statutory) – pressure vessels, heavy lifting gear, electrical
tanks etc.)
· Routine maintenance and repair
· Deliver field customer experience for all wastewater collection services
· Proactive and reactive, exfiltration and infiltration monitoring & repair
· Sewer collapse repair, blockage clearance, and reactive sewer cleaning
· Service recovery/cleanup (sewage overflow, wastewater pollution)
· Performance recording and reporting (i.e. CSO)
· Stormwater management
· Monitor customer discharges (licensed and unlicensed e.g. trade effluents)
· Pumping station influent monitoring and investigation
Wastewater Treatment Operations – Regional
· Operation, inspection and maintenance of service reservoirs · Major Event Management
sources (catchments, dams, impoundments,
intakes, bore holes) incl. quality monitoring
· Operational performance recording and
Wastewater Plant & Network Maintenance – District
Wastewater Network Operations – District
· Operate the wastewater network infrastructure (incl. pumping stations, CSOs, storm
· Operation and monitoring of treatment processes
· Operation and monitoring of sludge treatment processes
· Management and recycling of sludge stocks (incl. inter-site transfers and land disposal)
· Acceptance of imported waste (i.e. leachate, tankered waste incl. septic tanks)
· Stormwater management
· Energy performance recording and reporting
· Compliance monitoring and performance reporting (PMS)
· Management of Chemical delivery
· Operational and maintenance strategy, policies,
stations, service reservoirs)
· Routine maintenance (i.e. Flush mains, turn valves, draw
Wastewater Treatment Operations - District
Water & Wastewater Operations and
Maintenance - Central
· Operate the water network infrastructure (incl. pumping
Water Treatment Operations – District
· Abstraction management (when and how
· Operation of water treatment processes
· Management of Chemical delivery
· Monitoring and management of chlorine
Scheduling & Dispatch
Workflow Progression-Central Function
· Local Liaison and public relations
· Manage mega programme contracts
· Ensure Health and Safety performance
· Monitor milestone performance against
agreed programme
· Cost and programme control: VOWD and
briefs that are appropriate for procurement
forecasting accuracy
Workflow Progression – District Function
· Initiation of reactive maintenance work orders as requested by the field technicians
Asset Integration
· Asses asset risk performance
· Conduct audits and performance testing
· Audit of health and safety procedures
Workflow Performance
· Management of work order pre-requisites
Variation for Day 1
Workflow Performance – Central Function
· Monitoring the quality, performance,
Day 1
· Manual scheduling & assignment of all
Service Provider (LA / DBO Contractor)
· Retrospective Approval & Generation of Follow-On Work Orders
Technical Construction & Governance
· Review contractor designs
· Provide assurance data on contractor
Scheduling & Dispatch – District Function
Day 1
· Assignment of all work to Irish Water
delivery and completion of key operations
within workflow
work to crew
· Centralised Scheduling & Dispatch of
Customer First Response Work
· Centralised Scheduling & Dispatch of
Standard Domestic Dev. Serv. Initial
· Centralised Scheduling & Dispatch of
SCADA First Response Work (network
Variation for Day 1
· Manage programme risk and value
· Issue Resolution
performance management
programme optimisation
Scheduling & Dispatch – Central Function
· Generation of Planned Operations / Maintenance Work Orders
· Generation of Reactive Maintenance Work (SCADA) Orders
· Generation & prioritisation of Customer Response Work Orders
· Escalation of work in jeopardy to Regional Operations team
· Approval & Generation of Follow-On Work Orders
· Processing of returned Job Cards
· Work Order post-requisite management
· Work Order Closure
Programme Delivery Management
Project Definition & Feasibility
· Manage and track planning approvals
· Land acquisition
· Preliminary design and estimation
· Conduct feasibility studies, surveys and site audits
· Translate solution requirements from Asset Management to project
Planning & Control
· Provide Planning and Cost Control services to enable contractor
· Conduct business reporting and risk/change management for
· Automated scheduling & dispatch of
planned & reactive O&M work.
· Automated Scheduling & dispatch of
Dev. Serv. Connections work
· Printing of job cards to support capture of work completion data in the field
· Retrospective generation of Follow-On work orders
performance against project brief,
· Provide interface between field operations and delivery contractors
standards and specifications
· Review and agree asset release and handover plans from contractors
· Assure construction quality, schedule, cost
· Conduct design reviews for critical assets with respect to
efficiencies and planned outcomes
commissioning and handover
· Audit Contractor’s business processes for
Materials & Logistics
Data & Reporting
Estimation – Central Function
Materials & Logistics – District Function
Data & Reporting - Central Function
· Monitoring job progression & reporting on ‘age’ of work in-flight
· Update of asset repositories as per reactive maintenance & new
· Validate estimates for Minor Capital Works
· Validate estimates for Standard Domestic New
design, construction and commissioning
· Management of stock / inventory in all storerooms / depots
· Procurement & replenishment of inventory
· Allocation / reservation of inventory to work
· Distribution of inventory to crews
connections work completed in the field
· Receipt & Processing of as-laid & asset information
Customer Capability
Customer Experience & Strategy
Customer Services
Customer Regulation & Compliance
Customer Experience & Engagement
· Define the high level customer experience and end to end processes
Operational Strategy
· Work with Regulatory Affairs to negotiate regulatory reporting requirements
· Monitor and input into regulatory reporting in conjunction with Compliance
· Develop & produce customer communications
· Manage customer segmentation and insights
Customer Service Strategy
proposition communications (Incl bill and payment
· Manage Consumer Body Interactions
used to connect with customers and support all
customer transactions
customer strategy and integrate into a comprehensive
service approach.
Complaints Management
& resolution of complaints
(including Escalations)
Customer Correspondence
· Manage root cause analysis and
· Manage indirect customer correspondence for all
continuous improvement
customer segments
Customer Operations Support
MDM Operations
· Manage meter data management function (including schedule, reading, interfaces with mobile
devices, MDM & billing
· Manage validation & editing of reads & estimation of missing/ out of criteria reads
MDM Strategy
· Definition of all business rules, policies and strategies for MDM
· Establishment of threshold/tolerances for meter reading
complex debt-related issues and queries
Accounting & Transaction Processing
for the regulated business
CER as part of the price review process
and provide reports to Regulation
· Prepare tariff reports at the cost centre / product level and
· Manage supporting
to vendors where business
functions are outsourced
(e.g. contact centre)
· Ensure continuous
e.g. agent portal
Customer Change Management
· Manage change programs
· Identify & deliver operational improvements
· Liaise between Customer business & IT/PMO
Data Strategy & Management
Data Strategy
· Define data requirements for the Customer organisation
· Define data security and privacy standards
· Define reporting requirements for the Customer
for change programs
· Represent Customer organisation on cross-functional Data
Vendor Administration
QPM tools
· Manage all customer specific vendors (incl
alignment with
identified customer
experience strategy and
KPIs (incl Customer
· Develop & Manage SLA & KPIs within
Governance forum
Data Management
Contact, Billing and Meter Data Management)
· Track and Monitor Data Quality of all Customer Data
· Ensure Data Security on an ongoing basis
· Process Requests for Customer Data from across the Irish
· Work with central vendor management &
functions to develop and manage a consistent
framework for vendor management across
Irish Water
Water Organisation
· Manage the maintenance, cleansing and updating of
framework for all customer vendors
Customer Data
General Accounting
Transition Role
Procurement Operations
Procurement Strategy, Policy & Governance
Contracts Transferring to Irish Water
· Manage tendering process
· Define procurement strategy
· Ensure the proper and consistent application of · Execute procure to pay activities
Public Procurement and Group procurement
· Master Data Management and Spend Analytics
· Lead the transfer and rationalisation of non-standard, DBO
and non-standard connection contracts in force within the
Local Authorities
· Lead in identifying legacy arrangements to formalise under
· Develop and manage procurement governance
· Support Group Treasury with
Internal Audit
· Prepare tax submissions
information requirements
· Performs internal audit
· Support Tax strategy/ planning
· Support Group Treasury in meeting
· Ensure Tax Compliance
credit rating agency requirements
· Determine Irish Water WACC
· Facilitate & manage the Insurance
· Assess and report on financial and
risk management process
· Assess business requirements
monetary activity
· Place insurance in conjunction · Prepare cash-flow forecasts
information security
with Group
· Ensure treasury policy compliance
Category Management & Strategic Sourcing
· Category management
· Strategic Sourcing
· Manage the Integrated Procurement Plan for
BAU Commercial Support
Local Authority: Service Level Agreements
· Coordinate business unit relationships with Local Authorities
· Consolidate SLA requirements from business units and
Supplier Relationship Management
the business
· Ensure sufficient Demand Management and
· Performs & monitors
contract (and support Developer Services for standard
Contract Management
Facilitate & support contract negotiation
Manage contract management system
Manage governance of contract approvals
& administration
framework & structures, processes and policies
· Manage commercial policy
Corporate Finance
set by the CER and report to Regulation (as appropriate)
Asset Management and Regulation
performance processes
for customer capability
· Provide knowledge transfer
· Manage supporting tools
report to Regulation (as appropriate)
· Manage financial compliance and reporting with regulations
· Maintain he Regulated Asset Base (RAB) in conjunction with
Business Support
· Provide support to the business in relation to financial planning,
analysis and investment decision making
Quality &
Performance Mgmt
· Manage all quality and
knowledge management
processes for customer
capability teams
customer credit risk and optimise
revenue collection
management of vendors through
provision of analytical insights
· Manage the general ledger
· Prepare and post all journals and adjustments
· Perform intercompany accounting
· Perform allocations
· Perform reconciliations
· Perform fixed asset accounting
· Perform project accounting
· Perform month-end close
Finance Transactions
· Perform accounts receivable activities
· Perform accounts payable activities
· Perform payroll activities
· Perform T&E activities
· Reconcile bank accounts
· Manage claims handling
· Ensure financial compliance across all
Regulatory Finance
· Support regulation in liaising with CER on appropriate WACC
· Support regulation in preparing financial tariff submissions for
· Manage all learning and
operational analytics in support of all
Customer Organisation functions (in
addition to standard BI and reporting
executed by central Data & Reporting
· Support the performance
· Manage payments operations for all customer segments
· Conduct Revenue Assurance
· Monitor regulatory return against regulatory contract/ targets
· Manage descriptive and predictive
· Manage revenue analytics to minimise
Enterprise Performance Management
Learning & Knowledge
Operational Analytics
Meter Data Management
proceedings managed by legal)
·Manage & process receivership, bankruptcy and write-offs
·Manage direct inbound and outbound contact for more advanced/
manage variation (incl. renegotiation) to Local Authority SLAs
Manage Supplier Relationship Management
(SRM) strategy for the business
· Monitor Local Authority SLAs and review payments against
contractual terms
· Coordinate changes to contract strategy - inhouse, DBO, third
New Contracts
Supply Chain Optimisation
party, Local Authority SLA optimisation
· Optimise supply chain
· Support on efficiency target setting for main SLA agreement
Design, Build & Operate Contracts
· Lead the development and negotiation of
DBO contracts
Business Change
· Develop frameworks to drive efficiencies in
DBO contracts and future commercial
management of DBO contracts
Journey Management & Governance
Analyse the project portfolio to assess strategic
alignment and optimise deployment sequencing
· Journey Planning
· Stage Gating Process
· Portfolio Risk, Issue, Interdependency, and Resource
Business Customers & End
Service Strategy
Business Relationship Management
IT Strategy and Business Programmes
· Forecast , plan and manage demand and
IT investments within and across
stakeholder groups.
· Aligns the IT roadmap and IT
organization’s strategies with business
· Maintain proactive engagement with
Manage customer contact & service through Social
Media Channels
Key Account Managers
Deliver Key Account Management Services to agreed
non-Domestic customers
· Manage classifcation, recording
Domestic & Non Domestic Collections
·Manage tailored collection methods delivery
·Deliver implementation of credit policy
·Manage dunning cycle for active and closed accounts
·Manage litigation contact & claims for all customer segments (excl. legal
Financial Planning & Reporting
· Facilitate executive team in annual strategic review
· Facilitate the preparation of the corporate plan
· Prepare and manage the budgets and forecasts
· Facilitate the development of the balanced scorecard
· Implement finance policies, standards and procedures
· Manage the interface with group finance (including
· Liaise with external auditors
· Manage month-end close timetable
· Prepare financial, statutory & regulatory reports
· Prepare management reports
· Prepare performance reports (balanced scorecard)
· Prepare cost centre reports
· Report on and assist in the management of commercial
· Ensure financial compliance
Channel Management & Analysis
Manage contact channel platforms to support all
inbound and outbound customer contacts
Manage self-serve functionality across all channel
platforms incl. IVR & web
Manage channel capacity and integration
administrational support to the
customer contact team
· Liaise with Work Management function to resolve operational queries
· Initiate work requests & work with Scheduling & Dispatch function in WAM to dispatch work.
· Initial filtering of operational calls based on information provided by workflow management & incident
treatments based on customer value and segment
· Ensure integration with Branding & Marketing Strategy and Service & Support
Credit & Collections
segments including Trade Effluent Customers
Billing Optimisation
· Manage billing operations compliance
· Execute Testing for tariff/pricing changes
· Manage Telephony Account Managers for I&C customers
Operational Calls
· Manage inbound contact from customers regarding operational issues (leaks, maintenance etc)
Regulation & Compliance
· Development of differentiated service and support
· Contribute to the development of tariffs (within regulatory capability)
· Develop additional products and service
· Establish pricing for additional products and services
· Manage the product lifecycle, including phasing out of a product, rate or
customers, Migration for non-domestic customers and the customer meter rollout
Billing Services
· Manage billing operations for all customer
· Manage bill production
· Management of escalations/exception handling
· Carry out address fixes &
· Manage direct inbound and outbound call contact for the non-domestic customer segment
· Manage all inbound contact types incl. migration, billing, fulfilment, complaints, basic credit and operational calls
· Establishment of a customer charter with Customer
· Understand brand positioning, market research,
Product Development
Major Campaigns
· Manage major campaigns for the Customer Organisation incl. Registration for domestic
· Identify and manage strategy and approach for all major campaigns
Billing & Collections
Channel Management
· Provide back office
· Manage all inbound contact types incl. registration, billing, fulfilment, complaints, basic credit & debt, move-in/
move-out and operational calls
Non Domestic
· Develop the channel strategy defining the channels
Online Management
· Develop & Manage online offering for customers of Irish Water (incl Web and Social
· Coordinate management of web presence for the Irish Water orgainsation
Customer Administration
· Manage direct inbound and outbound call contact for the domestic customer segment
· Define customer service and support strategy and
Monitoring and Reporting
· Support corporate regulatory affairs (incl. input into regulatory price review
Organisational Brand & Marketing
· Brand development and management across the Irish Water organisation
· Deliver organisation and industry insights
· Manage sponsorships across the organisation
Customer Contact
the business to enable innovation &
continuous improvement.
· Foster good two-way communication
between business and IT
Service Development
Service Management
Project and Programme Management
Programmes / projects on time, on budget
and with the required quality standards.
· Drive to improve quality & efficiency
through external comparison
· Ensures service levels are monitored and
reflect the agreed upon targets
applications and infrastructure to achieve
a stated set of business objectives meeting
quality requirements, technical
constraints, and performance
innovation capabilities.
· Develops overall technology
architectural direction for IT’s technology
portfolio, defining target state
architectural blueprints for business,
application and technology architecture
· Maintain reliable IT services
· Manages day to day operation of existing
strategy with the business – optimisation of
inhouse, DBO, third party, Local Authority
SLA mix
· Leverage key supplier relationships through
that reliable and secure information is
available throughout the service lifecycle
appropriate evaluation, selection,
governance and performance management
to sustain competitive advantage
motivated workforce for IT
· Lead on the development and negotiation
· Build & Maintain trusting relationships with
Non-standard Contracts
· Develop strategic sourcing framework and commercial policy
· Commercially manage non-standard contracts
· Support the business’ understanding of contract commercial
· Monitor and review contract compliance with commercial
connections policies
terms (based on operational reports) and audit payments as
· Support Developer Services in implementing
framework for the IT organisation
standardised domestic and commercial
connections contracts and audit compliance
with policy
· Develop & execute cost effective high
· Lead on contractual dispute resolution and contract
New Connections
· Support Regulation in developing
Sourcing Strategy
· Establish the overall sourcing strategy and
executing invoice validation, annual budget
submission, budget updates and budget
· Commercial services with external
terms (based on operational reports) and audit payments as
terms where required
of non-standard contracts
3rd party providers.
Commercial Management
· Performs IT financial management such as
services including incident, event and
problem management
Service Delivery
· Deliver reliable IT services
Service Transition
· Establish the capacity to manage IT
· Develop contract formation policy
· Coordinate development of contract
Supplier Relationship Management
· Enables quality decision-making by ensuring
· Develops and maintains a high performing and
· Business Continuity Planning and coordination
Service Operations
· Designs, develops, builds and tests
Enterprise Architecture
· Establish enterprise technology and
Design, Build & Operate Contracts
· Commercially manage DBO contracts
· Lead contractual dispute resolution and contract
· Monitor and review contract compliance with commercial
Non-standard Contracts
Supplier Relationship Management
Management & HR
Continuous Service Improvement
· Enhance capability to deliver IT
Customer Service Management
· Develop/manage end-customer
relationships (understand business
imperatives, influence strategic
decision-making, suggest innovative
proposals, etc.)
· Manage customer expectations and
customer satisfaction
IT Management
performing sourcing contracts
· Lead contract negotiation on industrial
New Connections
· Support Developer Services in the interpretation of
contractual terms for industrial contracts
demand changes
Learning & Development
Learning & Development
· Manage Learning & Development strategy
& associated activities
· Knowledge management
HR Strategy & Org Management
Employee & Industrial Relations
Employee & Industrial Relations
· Define overall HR strategy & align to business objectives
· Define ER Strategy
Org Management
· Design the org. structure, governance body & performance measures
· Mange Talent Architecture
· Define Workforce Planning requirements
Provide HR services (e.g., employee
relations, discipline and grievance
program, mobility support, leave and
absence management)
Manage and facilitate all industrial
relations issues
Talent Management
Business Partnering
Compensation & Benefits
· Design recruitment strategy &
· Manage competency framework
· Design the performance
· Succession
· Input to workforce
Compensation & Benefits
· Implement compensation & benefits strategy
· Design benefits programs by role
· Carry out benchmarking of compensation & benefits
· Conduct job evaluations
Occupational health
HR Central Services
· Supporting the development and execution of
HR strategy
· Provision of HR support to the business
· Communicate HR strategies/ initiatives/
· Provide all HR administrative and transactional
services (e.g payroll, schemes admin, HRIS system,
employee data etc)
· Managing support for recruitment / on boarding/
programs to the business
· Manage occupational health matters
management process
· Manage HR Operations
Contact & Comms
· Manage all contact enquiries
· Manage communications to employees (e.g.
· Produce employee related reports
Regulatory Management
· Manage non-environmental licences with
Compliance Monitoring & Reporting
· Monitor regulatory compliance and conduct
audits as required
Economic Regulation
Regulatory Affairs
· Manage the response regulatory consultations and queries and coordinate
· Develop (in conjunction with Asset Management) and submit required development
statement(s) to the regulatory authorities
with the business and experts (where necessary)
· Benchmark organisation (including provision of KPIs to CER as required)
· Develop and agree business plans & price controls with CER
· Communicate business plan targets to the business and monitor progress against
· Represent Irish Water with key stakeholders on issues related to policy,
standards, regulations and legislation at a National and EU level
· Act as statutory consultee for statutory planning
Environmental Regulation
Commercial Regulation
Price Control & Domestic Tariff
Stakeholder Management
Charters, Standards, Policy & Codes
· Develop Coordinate development of and
agree customer charter and codes of
practice with CER
· Develop and coordinate consultations on
domestic connections policy, agree with
CER and communicate to Developer
New Connections
· Develop and coordinate consultations on I&C connections policy, agree with
CER and communicate to Developer Services
· Support Commercial in developing terms for specialist I&C contracts
· Receive annual/consolidated reports from Asset Management (and receive assurances from HSQE on the quality of
quality e.g. capital plan, strategy statement, river basin mgmt. plan)
reports) and conduct trend/performance analysis
· Receive notifications of material licence breaches and input into response to regulatory authorities (as required)
Regulatory Revenue Reporting
Development Plans
· Long-term development plans (covering supply/demand as well as water
Compliance Monitoring & Reporting
· Develop and agree domestic tariff with CER
· Report to regulator on licence compliance
· Develop, communicate and support the process for the submission of licence requests to the EPA
· Interpret policy and work with HSQE to ensure it implementation
· Track changing legislation/regulations with national and EU bodies and communicate licence conditions to the
· Receive, review and submit business plan revision requests to the CER and liaise with
Finance as required
I&C Tariff
· Develop and agree commercial tariff policy with CER
Stakeholder Management
· Manage relationship with environmental regulators and coordinate with Operations, HSQE, Legal and experts where
· Report on performance, revenue and cost in conjunction with the business and Finance
as directed by the regulatory authorities
· Develop organisation’s sustainability policy
Corporate Services
General Legal Functions
Manage external legal support
Appoint legal panel (supported by Procurement) and seek
Board approval
Provide general legal advice to the business
Report to the board and attend management and executive
· Promote legal awareness and communicate to the business
when legal input should be sought
· Develop and update legal policy and legal procedures
· Develop and deploy legal training
· Develop and deploy agreed legal strategy
· Oversee all legal spend and report on controls
· Maintain register on relevant legal precedents & legislation
Corporate Affairs
Legal Advisory
· Provide legal advice to the business on:
· Health & Safety
· Environment
· Commercial
· Property
· Procurement & competition law
· Intellectual property
· Data protection / Freedom of Information
· General legal issues
· Review business change proposals and report on their
compliance with internal and external requirements as
well as any associated risks
Litigation & Dispute Resolution
· Manage decisions to appoint
external lawyers and
negotiate fees
· Manage contentious issues
and conflicts (inhouse where
· Manage interaction with
external counsel and law firms
· Manage litigation and/or
prosecutions and/or hearings
and report regularly to senior
management and the Board
from Local Authorities
requirements and legislation
PR activities
· Crisis Communication
· Prepare annual report
· Ensure compliance with Brand
· Support website management for
Irish Water corporate site
· Develop & manage Irish Water
· Support business units in addressing identified legal
Social Media policy
· Monitor legislative changes
· Support Secretariat in responding
to parliamentary questions
Legal Service to Contracting
· Support business units in contract drafting and negotiation
· Manage interaction with external counsel and law firms
· Report on contracts that carry non-standard risk
· Maintain oversight of contracts within the organisation
· Review contracts prior to signing
· Support contract catalogue and rationalisation upon transfer
· Ensure contract compliance with internal policy, statutory
Communications (all activities in
conjunction with Group)
· Manage local & regional public
· Mange local & regional media &
Legal Service to Corporate Governance
Review and contribute to board papers as requested
by Secretariat
Attend Board meetings as requested by Secretariat
Support governance and compliance (provision of
advice, support code of conduct review)
Identify areas of potential legal risk and conduct
reviews where required
CSR (all activities in conjunction
with Group)
· Develop Irish Water CSR policy
· Manage Irish Water com.
Legal Service to Policy
Review corporate policies
and report to management
on compliance with internal
and external requirements
relations & sponsorships
Corporate Policies & Records Management Corporate Governance Support
· Manage Board, committee and
management interaction including
policies, company appointments and
meeting schedule, agenda, minutes
correspondence with external parties
and administration
· Administer annual processes such
approved by the Board and oversee
as the Board and committee
administration of all contracts (as
effectiveness review, Chairman’s
statement and the annual report of
· Administer and coordinate meeting,
the Board, statements and returns
reporting and communications with
subsidiary companies (including updating · Review and report on compliance
with the Code of Business Conduct,
the statutory register, Minute Book,
Code of Practice for the Governance
contract copies and the Company
of State Bodies, Ethics in Public
Registration Office)
Office code and UK Code of
Corporate Governance
External Stakeholder Liaison
· Liaise with statutory bodies for matters
Secretarial Approvals & Consents
relating to query response,
· Coordinate Board review and
parliamentary questions, reporting and
approval of business unit spend
the scheduling of meetings – including
requests above €[7]m EUR
Parliament (through shareholder),
· Liaise with statutory bodies for
matters relating to consents
· Communication with Local Authorities
(under the Water Services Act and
on issues relating to corporate
governance (owner to owner queries)
· Maintain Irish Water records such as
Property Management
· Global valuations
· Rates Management
· Property Title
· Maintain physical copies of contracts
· Support and administer meetings of Board of Trustees
Fleet Management
Manage fleet of
Purchase or lease of
Facilities Capital Project
· Building improvements
· New building
· Equipment Upgrades Capital Projects
Facilities Management
Building & site
maintenance and
Manage the IW facility
· Energy management
Space planning
· Definition of workplace health policies and procedures
· Definition of safety policies and procedures
modelled on OHSAS 18001:2007
modelled on OHSAS 18001:2007
· Definition of occupational health risk assessments and
hazard identification process
· Communication of occupational health risk assessment
· Develop and monitor the company level safety
Integrated Management
results with HR
· Manage external stakeholders (esp. HSA). (May include
other stakeholders)
implementing policies
processes, maintenance,
calibration, training,
Operational control
management system modelled on ISO 14001:2004 and ISO
business processes
· Provide compliance of QA to Regulation function
· (Note: Regulation is the primary interface for
procedures, processes
and methodology in place. Set
Objectives and Targets. Roles
and responsibilities, Emergency
· Do: Follow Procedures, follow
· Develop and manage the environmental and energy
· Develop and manage environmental policies
· Regional environmental assurance
· Ensure integration of environmental programmes into
· Conduct environmental audits and process assurance and
feedback lessons learned
Common systems in all elements
of the HSQE function
· Plan: policy, manual and have
· Provide support to business units in interpreting and
· Provide compliance of QA to Management Team
· (Note: Employee based health policies will be managed by
· Check :Management review,
Monitoring and measurement
(including testing and
inspections) Internal audits of
the management system,
customer feedback
· Act: Non conformance system,
corrective action and
preventive action process and
then review the plan
improvement plan
Funct ona
Act v ty
Overv ew
· Manage external stakeholders (esp. HSA)
· Provide regional assurance with respect to safety
· Provide support to business units in interpreting
and implementing policies
· Conduct safety audits and process assurance and
feedback lessons learned
· Bring best practice for behavioural safety to the
· Provide compliance of QA to Management Team
· (Note: HSQE is the primary regulatory interface for
H&S policy and regulation)
· Developing and managing the quality management
system modelled on ISO 9001:2008
· Conduct quality audits and process assurance and
feedback lessons learned
· Provide QMS policy guidance to the business
· Provide compliance of QA to Management Team
· Quality Assurance of document management
Environmental policy and regulation)
nstruct ons
po cy and
Protoco s
Serv ce Leve
System bu d
System test
System Des gn and
so ut on b uepr nts
Funct ona
Spec f cat ons
Metr cs
Secur ty and access
Irish Water systems
Used to plan and record work. holds the
“master” of the data in relation to assets,
jobs in progress etc. Data that is entered
into other systems (e.g. Syclo) ends up in
Used for scheduling and dispatch of
outdoor staff.
ECM (Enterprise Content Management)
Used for organising and storing Irish
Water documents.
Customer Care
& Billing
Used by the contact centre to manage all
customer contact. It will also be used to
manage the production of bills and
revenue collection from customers.
Syclo Work Manager
Used to return real time asset and work
management data, entered in the field, to
Primavara P6 / PCM
Used for project and resource
Oracle eBusiness
Used to manage finances and support
Customer Web
Provides information about Irish Water and
its goals and objectives. The website will
continue to grow with new content being
added on a regular basis to ensure that all
information is accurate and up to date and
Syclo Inventory
Used for return real time data about
materials usage.
GIS (Geographical Information System)
Used to capture, store, manage, retrieve,
analyze, and display spatial information ,
and then support complex modelling,
analysis and decision making. Provides
very precise location of assets.
SCADA Integration
SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data
Acquisition) monitors the safety of the
assets and raises an alarm when issued
Meter Data Management
Used for long term storage of data
collected from meter reads. Validates this
data and then makes it available to the
billing system.
Irish Water – A Self Funding Utility
The aim is for Irish Water to be a self funding entity with two streams of investment
over time – one from bill paying customers and the other from market funding.
Change Attitudes &
Towards Water
‘Effective’ Control
of Assets &
Customers Paying
Funding from the
A Self Funding Utility
Priorities for future investment
Drinking Water Quality: Ensuring safe drinking water for all
Drinking Water Capacity: Reducing leakage and conserving water
Wastewater Treatment Compliance: Including a sufficient capacity for wastewater
treatment and ensuring compliance with environmental standards
Wastewater Capacity : Ensuring long-term sustainable capacity
Planned Asset Improvement Schemes: Reducing running costs through improved
efficiencies and upgraded assets
Development Capacity Schemes: Enabling new development and connections
Milestones to come in 2014 – Tariff
Domestic and Non-Domestic Tariff Structure - Consultation
Connection Charging Policy (- Consultation
Water Customer Handbook - Consultation
Water Charges Plan - Consultation
Water Customer Handbook (decision)
Water Charges Plan (decision)
Liability for domestic billing commences
January 2015
First bills issued to customers
Irish Water will be central to the delivery of five key
Water Restrictions
Customer Contact Experience
Water Quality Compliance
Complaints Experience
Water Pressure
Service Request
Billing & Payments Experience
Unplanned Interruptions
Turbidity, Colour,
Taste, Odour
Risk Reduction
Operating cost efficiencies
Capital cost efficiencies
Water Consumption & CSL
Net revenue recovery
Network Leakage
Sustainable financing and
funding model
Sewer Flooding
Wastewater Discharge
Public Health
Energy Efficiency & GHG
Public Safety
Water Sustainability
Employee Health & Safety
Water Services Employment
Irish Water on track to deliver the key milestones in one of the
largest reform projects in the history of the Irish State
Irish Water

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