Populate Listserv Document

Using the Princeton Information
Warehouse (Cognos) to
Automatically Populate a Princeton
Listserv List
A Princeton Listserv list must contain all of its current constituents’ EMPLIDs. Email addresses
are only needed if the list is being populated initially through the listserv’s bulk operation
subscriber management facility. Once scheduled, the list is overwritten with a new set of
EMPLID. Listserv will match the EMPLID with a valid Princeton email address, derived from
the Sun Directory (LDAP).
To use a Cognos Report to populate a Listserv list with current constituents and their
EMPLIDs, two things are needed:
1. Ownership of an active Listserv list (see steps 1 thru 2).
2. A scheduled Cognos report whose output is sent to the Listserv application (see steps 3
thru 15).
Create a Listserv Address
If you already own an active Listserv address, skip to step 3.
1. Open a browser and navigate to https://lists.princeton.edu
2. Click on www.princeton.edu/oitforms and follow the instructions provided.
3. Make sure the name of the list matches the name of the Cognos report.
Schedule a Cognos Report
Please contact the Information Warehouse Team ([email protected]) for assistance.
4. Open a browser and navigate to the Information Warehouse.
http://www.princeton.edu/iw - “Enter the Information Warehouse”
5. Navigate to the report which should be scheduled
This report should be a list-formatted report and must only contain the EMPLID. All other fields are optional.
If they are included as part of the report for verification, they must follow the EMPLID in order.
A filter can be placed in the report to provide the correct list of constituents.
6. Click on the “New Schedule” button, to the right of the report’s name, to create a new
Schedule a Cognos Report
7. Set the Frequency of the Schedule to run daily, between 8:00am and 12:00am.
8. Choose the “Override the default values” Option.
9. Chose the “Delimited Text (CSV)” format. Be sure this is the only format chosen.
10. Check “Save to the file system”. Click “Edit the options” to go to the next screen.
Schedule a Cognos Report
11. In the new window, under “Name”, make sure the report name is the same as the list
12. Select “listserv” under “Location”.
13. Under “Conflict resolution”, select “Replace existing files”.
14. Click “OK” to return to the previous window.
Schedule a Cognos Report
15. Click “OK” in this Schedule window
to set the Schedule.
Questions concerning the Listserv email should be addressed to the Princeton
Support and Operation Center, 609.258.HELP
Questions concerning scheduling reports in the Information Warehouse should
be addressed to [email protected]

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