Big Blue Button

Web conferencing software
What Is the Big Blue Button?
• Free, open source, web conferencing software
• Clean and simple was the design goal (“Just push the Big Blue
• Similar to Connect or Elluminate
• Uses VoIP for audio
• No telephone needed
• Practical limit of 25 attendees for audio
• BBB sessions will supplement (but not replace) Connect
• Big Blue Button main site:
• Big Blue Button tutorials
• CSU-E’s Big Blue Button:
• (this is the one you’ll use)
Differences Between BBB and Connect
• Attendees have much more control over workspace
• They can resize, move, and hide modules
• They can talk
• Might want to establish some ground rules on when attendees should
• They can turn on their webcam (other attendees have the choice to
view other webcams)
• No polling pod
• There is a Hand Raise option for yes or no questions
• No recording option
• Will be one in next version
• Groovy hold music
• Stops when 2 listeners or more sign in to VoIP
Getting Started
• Click “View API Examples” at the lower right
Getting Started
• Click “Create Your Own Meeting”
• Enter name, Click “Create (name’s) meeting
Getting Started
• Copy and paste link to an email and send it out to all
• As long as the name you use in the previous step is exactly the
same, the URL will not change, so it can be sent out in advance
• Click “Start Meeting”
Audio and Video
• Click headphone to enable audio
• Presenter and attendee option
• You’ll get an Adobe window confirming you allow access
• 2.4 second delay
• Ask people to raise hand to talk; otherwise you’ll step on each
other’s audio
• To choose between microphones, Right-click>Settings>Microphone
• Click webcam to enable video
• Presenter and attendee option
• You’ll get an Adobe window confirming you allow access
• Attendees can hide (or view) any given video module
Presentation Module
• PDF is best
• Microsoft docs upload, but not well
• 30 mb limit
• Images also work well
• Use icon at lower left to upload
• Use icon at lower right for whiteboard
• You can set zoom level of participants, drag doc to center
what you want (reset button at right of slider)
• Arrows to navigate slides/pages
• Click the slide number (2/7 in the screenshot) to get a
filmstrip at bottom – move to non-adjacent slides
User Module
• Shows everyone in room
• Three status icons:
• Hand raise (use icon at lower right to
raise your hand)
• Webcam (click on a user’s webcam to
see their feed; minimize the cam
module to NOT see them)
• Presenter (to switch presenter, select
who you want to switch to, then click
Switch Presenter)
Listener Module
• Everyone in on the VoIP
Speaker icon means they are
sharing their microphone
Mute a listener using icon to left of
their name (presenter only)
Mute everyone with icon at lower
left (presenter only)
Eject a listener using icon at lower
right (presenter only)
Use lock icon to lock a
mute/unmute options (presenter
Chat Module
• Type in lower text box to chat
with all in the room
• Click the + tab at top to chat
with a specific person, then
choose their name
• Their name will appear on a
new tab
• Click that tab to chat with them
Screen Sharing Module
• Presenter’s view will be a thumbnail
• Attendees will see it full screen (though they are free to
resize the window)
• Screen refresh can be slow if desktop changes
• Moving around with a mouse, using menus captures pretty well
• You can switch presenters and they can share their
• Need Java installed

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