GT Power Point Presentation

Famous Failures
• Winston Churchill failed sixth grade.
• Charles Darwin, "I was considered by my father
as a very ordinary boy, rather below the
common standard in intellect."
• Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor for
lack of good ideas.
• Thomas Edison's
• Einstein
• Isaac Newton did poorly in grade school.
• Leo Tolstoy flunked out of college.
Texas Performance Standards (TEA)
Teaching Strategies
Gifted Learners at R.H.I
How is R.H.I Differentiating?
Tips for Parents
The Texas Performance Standards Project
(TPSP) is a resource for providing
differentiated instruction to gifted/talented
(G/T) students (and can be used for providing
enhanced academic opportunities for all
 Building relationships
 Constructing curriculum based on individual
interest (Interest Based Learning)
 Differentiating
Students receive instruction and
guidance in study, research, and
organizational skills; social and
real world application of
learning; critical and creative
thinking skills; and goal setting.
Students engage in critical
thinking and reasoning abilities
across the curriculum.
We provide an environment that
encourages and fosters inquiry
and challenging attitudes toward
Teachers use students’ strengths
and interests to determine in-depth
Affective needs are addressed
through individual goal setting with
an emphasis on organization and
study skills.
Develop interpersonal skills of
empathy and cooperation through
group work and community service
Critical and creative
thinking skills are
developed in all
academic areas.
All grade levels
participate in projectbased curriculum that
allows for students to
select research
subjects according to
interest and ability.
Teachers serving GT students:
 3rd grade level
Mrs. Guzman and Ms. Garcia
 4th grade level
Mrs. Bahr, Mrs. Rodriguez, Ms.
Caballero, Mrs. Lopez
 5th grade level
Mr. Nieto, Ms. Sandoval, Mr.
Bahr, Mrs. Lopez
Discover Your Child’s Interests
 Create multiple opportunities for your child
to try a variety of activities
 Explore your community. Actively follow the
local newspapers and kid’s directories for
festivals, activities, and classes in the area
 Don’t be afraid to introduce your gifted child
to a subject that you know little about
Consider Yourself to be Your Child’s Primary
 Take your children on “field trips” to places
that will interest them or engage them
higher-level thinking
 Enter your child in competitions and contests
 Participate in a book club with your child and
engage him/her in discussions on character
and plot.

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