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The Leveled Literacy
Intervention System (LLI)
LLI is a scientifically-based system that is
designed to prevent literacy difficulties
rather than correct long-term failures.
Metacomet School
September 27, 2013
The characteristics of LLI
LLI has many characteristics which
combine forming a successful program to
accelerate student achievement.
Video-What is LLI and Who Is It For?
LLI Student Selection
Students selected are typically the lowest
achievers in their grade level and are not receiving
any other intervention.
Four Levels of LLI
Orange- Level A - C
Green- Level A-J
Blue- Level C-N
Red Level- L-Q
Components of LLI
Many student and teacher materials/
supports are included with the LLI
LLI Lessons
Planning and organizing
School materials
Video-in Teaching portion-”Getting
Organized for Teaching”
LLI Lessons
Planning and organizing group
materials is essential to the success of
the program.
The Essential Elements of LLI
Reading a new book with several levels of
Writing about reading
Letter/Word Work
Video Clip
Odd Numbered Lessons
5 minutes
Rereading Books
5 minutes Phonics/Word Work
15 minutes New book (instructional
5 minutes
Letter/Word Work
Even Numbered Lessons
• 5 minutes Rereading Books and Assessment
•5 minutes Phonics/ Word Work
•15 minutes
Writing About Reading
•5 minutes New book (independent level)
•If time allows Optional Letter/Word Work
Initial access of student materials on
Heinemann Website
•Go to www.heinemann.com
•Choose Fountas & Pinnell on right side of screen
•Click on : New! Fountas & Pinnell Resources
•Input your email & choose a password
•You will be prompted to input the following codes one at a time.
You will then be able to access lesson materials on line .
•Blue: FPLLI72929
LLI Binders
The binders contain:
General Resources for the blue level
Frequently asked questions
Adequate room to add additonal information from
upcoming professional development
Looking over LLI
Questions and comments
Please share your general questions
and thoughts about today’s session.
Thank you!
We are all in this together

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