AS9104-3 Report

AS9104-3 Report
Sep 14, 2011
Long Beach, CA
Team Members
Will Tate (TL), Triumph Aerostructures – Vought Aircraft Division
Shanya Salamaca
Jeff Wood
Rick Downs, Cessna-Textron
Vince May, Honeywell
Ian Folland
Tony Marino, Boeing
Ian Dummigan
Dominique Thiault
Lisa Greenleaf
Jeffery Long, UTC (Pratt & Whitney)
Reg Blake, IAAR
Shuji Komori
Giuseppe Leoni
Kimberly Maggie
Ron Tharach
Frank Phillips
Auditor Authentication Process
New Auditor
AA Authentication
AEA Authentication
• 4 audits comprising 20 on-site auditor
days QMS/AQMS audits
2 audits may exclude design (7.3)
• QMS Lead Auditor course
• AQMS Foundation Course (AATT)
• Audit Competency Demonstration
• CB Process
• AAB Process
• 4 audits comprising 20 on-site auditor
days QMS/AQMS audits within 3 yrs
2 audits may exclude design (7.3)
• QMS/AQMS Lead Auditor course
• AQMS Foundation Course (AATT)
within 3 yrs
• 2/10 years ASD experience minimum
•Technical Competence evaluated by
CB/AAB –process approved by SMS
• Auditor Competency Demonstration after
successful technical evaluation
AEA Expansion
• 300 on-site audit days of an AQMS in 5 yr
500 on-site audit days of an AQMS in 10 yr
Equivalent to full time relevant full time exp.
@ 5 days/Mo.
•Technical Competence evaluated by
CB/AAB approved by SMS
• Auditor Competency evaluation
• Re-authentication in 5 yrs
• Every 5 yrs
• Same criteria as initial authentication
• Attendance at one SMS auditor workshop
during re-authentication period
• Decision made by AAB, no SMS concurrence
Suspension / Withdrawal
• Not fulfilling AS9104-1/3 reqmts
• AQMS authentication contains false info
• Falsified audit findings
• Actions that would bring ICOP into dispute
• Not informing AAB of a previous rejection,
suspension, or withdrawal from another AAB
• Decision for suspension, AAB will determine
conditions of suspension
Additional Requirements contained within AS9104/3 Draft
• Training Provider Requirements
• Administrative Procedures
• Security
• Record Retention
• Complaints and appeals
• Confidentiality
• Course configuration mgmt (changes)
• Course Variations
• TP Suspension and withdrawal
• TPAB Requirements
• Record retention requirements
• Training Courses requirements
• 75% exam grade on essay questions
• Requirements for training instructors
• AAB requirements
• Guidance on assessment Principles and Practices
Additional Document Contents
• Evaluator Qualification
– Training reqmts of AA/AEA
– Demonstrated knowledge of AQMS standard(s)
– Demonstrated knowledge of assessment principles and
– Continuing experience in 5yr period: 3 competency
evaluations, 15 hrs of continuing education related to ASD
• Annex A – Detaliled reqmts for Training Courses
• Annex B – Definition of Competencies for ASD: AA and
AEA competencies
• Annex C – AEA Technical Knowledge
• Annex D – Guidance on Assessment Principles and
Feedback and Issues
• CBs express concern over 300d/5yr and 500d/10 yr for AEA
• Standard competency evaluation Checklist would be beneficial
• AAB resource issues with oversight of CB evaluation Process
• Need for AB to offer alternative to CB evaluation Process
• Evaluate methodology to allow non-authenticated auditors
provisional status to conduct evaluation audit
• Resources required to develop approved “Evaluators”
• Need to add process for AABs to communicate applicant
rejection info to other AABs
Questions and Thoughts

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