Teacher competencies with gender perspective

Teacher competences with
gender perspective
Quality Educators for All Project
to assist public authorities
Objectives of Quality Ed. for all:
Quality, Training, Sustainability
• QUALITY: develop/enhance gender-just
teachers’ competency profile with national
consensus – and life-skill curriculum
• TRAINING: expand provision of highquality in-service and initial education for
un(der) qualified teachers
• SUSTAINABILITY: advocate that national
and international institutions incorporate
successful approaches
Research on Competence-based
Teacher Education
• Nearly completed desk and field research
by Paloma Bourgonje & Rosanne Tromp
• Desk study: conceptual history, and
experience in South Africa, NZ, Alberta
(Canada) and Pestalozzi Program –
Council of Europe
• Case Studies: Chile, Brazil, India,
Malaysia, Slovenia, Netherlands.
• Pilot Countries: Uganda, Mali
Summary of results of research
• Conceptual tension between narrow
behavioral definition and holistic definition:
skills, knowledge, attitudes and values
• Development of CP needs to involve all
stakeholders = teachers/pupils/ parents
• CP can help teaching quality if combined
with empowerment & professional growth
• CP is part of school-wide quality context
No Gender- and Life Skill
teacher competences?
• Research didn’t cover non-formal
education initiatives – do they have CP’s?
• Gender- and Life Skill competences did
not emerge anywhere in the research
• Broad interest in a holistic CP (pilot
Uganda/Mali: Head, Heart, Hands, Feet)
• Interest in international guidelines for
development of national CP’s, rather than
development of one International CP.
Questions for this EI World
Women’s Conference
• What is your own experience with
competence-based teacher education?
• What role can/should EI play, in the
conceptual and practical development of
CP’s at national and/or international level?
• How important are Gender- and Life Skill
competences for teachers?
• Can/should this conference take CP’s
forward? Which? How? When? By whom?

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