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7th March 2012
10.00 – 10.30
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10.45 - 11.45
11.45 - 12.00
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HCPA Business Update
Resource Efficiency Review - Mark Housden
HCC SOVA Policies – Sue Darker
SOVA Case Studies –Trish Orme
Mental Capacity Act. How we make it
work for us – Rita Panayides & Javeda Jafri
Fees & General HCC Update – Sarah
Surecare – stretching your budget
HCPA AGM Business
Dates for your diary
 Launch of the PA QA Scheme 28th March 2pm
 Members Network Meeting 13th June
 Falls Prevention & Intervention Study Day 18th
 Members Network Meeting 12th Sept
 Infection Control Study Day 2nd Oct
 Members Network Meeting 5th Dec
Funding for 2012 from HCS Learning &
Open Courses
Short Qualifications
Train the Trainer (SOVA/Strokes)
Leadership Suite
Level 3 in Training Management – Learning
This qualification will enable you to have the skills to manage
the training in your workplace in a structured, professional
You will learn to...
Carry out an analysis of your business needs
Complete a thorough skills analysis
Work with individuals to ensure training meets their particular
learning style
Carry out a coaching session and complete an individual
learning plan
Complete a 4 stage evaluation of a past training course
Level 3 Leading & Recognising Excellence in
This qualification will enable you to have the skills to use the
excellent culture of an organisation to evidence CQC
You will learn to ...
Understand and implement a customer care focus within own
Understand how to develop an excellence culture in care.
Understand Care Quality Commission (CQC) outcomes and
how to evidence and document them
It is suitable for anyone within an Care Organisation regulated
by CQC who is in a deputy, team leader, supervisor position
(also of use to managers who have hands on duties)
Level 4 Leading a Coaching Strategy for
Workforce Development
The course is a 2 day intensive training programme held here
at the HCPA Education Centre in Welwyn Garden City.
During this time you will…
Understand what workplace coaching is and identify its
Understand how coaching competencies can be used to
enable others to develop and apply their knowledge and skills
Understand how a workplace coaching strategy can develop a
Understand own coaching competencies and areas for
Understand how to embed a coaching strategy into the
One Minute Manager – One day course
The course is designed to help those new to management.
During this time you will…
Understand what the One Minute Manager programme is all
Understand how to set clear expectations for different job
roles and work streams
Understand how to manage a workforce using one minute
praisings and reprimands
During lunch add your names to course
registers and be the first to be offered places
on these courses
Scils is an independent organisation providing information and learning services to
health, social care, education and housing. HCPA have purchased the Hertfordshire
licence for YOU to use for FREE:
Individual Learning Sessions:
A wide range of individual learning sessions (up to an hour and a half in length) covering
a wide variety of topics for individual staff at all levels in the organisation
Group Learning Sessions:
A series of high quality group/taught sessions designed for managers or those with
training responsibilities to download and run with their staff.
Common/CWDC Induction Standards Training Programmes and Online Evidence Booklet:
Comprehensive learning programmes covering the Common and CWDC Induction
Standards, enabling those with managerial/training responsibility to download and run
with staff. Evidence Booklets can be completed electronically or in hard copy.
Personal Development Plan:
A facility enabling learners or managers to create training plans and record the
completion of Learning Sessions or Units relating to Social Care Qualifications. The
learner or manager can select Learning Sessions or Units for the learner to complete and
view the completion record.
Making use of HCC Courses available
HCS Learning & Development Dept make a contribution from
PVI funds to buy places on HCS courses. The Private
Independent and Voluntary Sector in Hertfordshire can use up
to 50% of places on HCS courses fully funded.
A recent report showed that out of 1578 places in total (HCS
and PVI staff) 789 were available to the PVI - yet the PVI only
took up 575 places, this represents 36.4 % and 214 places
were funded but unused.
HCPA would like to remind care organisations that this facility
is there for you and would urge you to make use of it in
See www.hcpa.info/members/pages/484/fully_funded_open_courses
for a copy of the HCS calendar
Workforce Development Funding – financial
help for qualifications
Dept of Health funding - Skills for Care replaces
TSI Funding
Supports QCF (Qualifications and Credit
Framework) vocational qualifications – care sector
We can continue to claim NVQs
Claims to us by 23rd May 2012
Evidence can be included that has been
internally verified from 1st January 2011
until 17th May 2012.
Funding for eligible units @ £8.50 per credit
Level 2 Diploma = minimum 46 credits = £391
Level 3 Diploma = minimum 58 credits = £493
Level 5 Diploma = minimum 80 credits = £680
Claim via HCPA forms on the website
Your organisation will need to be NMDS-SC
compliant! but there is help
Contact us if you need help:
HCPA Office tel:
01707 536020
[email protected] or
[email protected]
Skills for Care
0845 873 0129
NMDS-SC helpline http://www.nmds-sc-online.org.uk/
Link for NMDS-SC Completion Flyer:
Knebworth Park
November 30th 2012
4 Course Meal
Live Band
Celebrity Guest
Christmas Party
Nominations for the Care Awards are OPEN
Closing Date is 30th April 2012
Simpler rules
Categories include:
Care Worker Award
Support Worker Award
Nurse of the Year
Best Team Award
Best Care Business Award
Simple Application
In 400 words,
describe why you
are nominating
If shortlisted, will
need to submit
testimonial /
What makes this person stand out from the
others? Be specific. Provide examples.
What does this person do that demonstrates
exceptional or outstanding ability,
knowledge, skills and the commitment that
would make them worthy of an award?
Are those people who use your services or
their families supporting this nomination?
Simply – Tell us how hard you, your business
or your staff members are working to raise
the quality of Care in Hertfordshire. What are
you doing to make a difference?
We need sponsors
Encourage staff and service users to
nominate individuals, teams or the whole
Choose the Hertfordshire Care Awards as
your Christmas Party event
Tickets: £40 and include a 4 course meal /
half bottle of wine each plus entertainment
Spread the word to other colleagues and
Good news within
the Care sector

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