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Annual General Meeting
April 16, 2013
Lister Centre U of A
Edmonton, AB
Chair: David Chadder
The Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA) is a non-profit,
non-partisan professional organization that enhances knowledge and
expertise by providing a neutral forum for information exchange,
professional development, networking opportunities, public
education, and outreach.
Currently, AWMA has about 5,000 members over 65 countries.
CPANS is the Canadian Prairie and Northern Section, and
geographically represents one of the largest Sections of the A&WMA,
encompassing the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba,
Nunavut, and the Northwest Territories.
Call to Order and Approval of Agenda
Officers and Directors Report
Election Committee Update
Chairman’s Summary of Past Board Activities
Looking Forward into FY 2013-14
Financial Summary
Membership Report
Calgary Luncheons Report
Edmonton Luncheons Report
Student Chapter Report
New Business
2012-13 Executive Officers
(end of)
Status at Year
Amberg Corp.
Frank Kloiber
Environmental & Regulatory
April 2013
Current Chair
David S. Chadder
April 2013
Moves to Past
Madhan Selvaraj
Stantec Consulting Ltd.
April 2013
Moves to Chair
Piotr Staniaszek
Millennium EMS Solutions Ltd.
April 2013
Jara Spence
Levelton Consultants Ltd.
April 2014
2012-13 Directors
Term Expires
(end of)
Status at
Year End
Director, Membership
Renata RainaFulton
Dept. Chemistry and Biochemistry,
University of Regina
April 2013
Director, Edmonton
Heng Chen
EBA, A Tetra Tech Company
April 2013
Director, Calgary Luncheons
Kim O’Neill
Matrix Solutions Inc.
April 2013
Moves to Vice-Chair
Director, Saskatchewan
Director, Promotions &
Director, Website Editorial
Kevin McCullum
Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment
April 2014
Patrick Roelofsen
SNC Lavalin Environment
April 2013
Christian Reuten
April 2014
Director, Communications
Marc Polivka
Integrated Modeling Inc.
April 2013
Director, Student Affairs
Allen Verbeek
Lakeland College
April 2013
Vice-Director, Student Affairs
Hans Osthoff
University of Calgary
April 2015
Moves to Director
Director, Technical Programs
Sunny Cho
Alberta Environment
April 2013
Director, Awards & Education
Bob Becker
Becker Environment
April 2013
Elections Committee
 Kim O’Neill moves to Vice-Chair position, no officer
 All Directors decided to stay on except for Student
Affairs; Vice–Director assumed role of Director
 Four positions to be filled, Director, Calgary Luncheons
and three Vice-Directors in Saskatchewan, Calgary and
Edmonton for luncheons
 Interested parties can approach any CPANS Board
member for details, always looking for volunteers
Chairman’s Summary
 Held Annual AGM entitled “Cumulative Environmental Effects:
Past, Present and Future”
Calgary hosted seven luncheons
Edmonton hosted nine luncheons
Two luncheons were held in Regina/Saskatoon
CPANS website gets overhaul with copious posted information,
industry and regulatory news, new student page, Calgary
informal air quality group meetings
Membership drive initiated
CPANS acquires video camera to record events for eventual
posting to YouTube
Chairman’s Summary
 Board of Director held ten meetings in 2012 and one AGM
 CPANS is in very good financial shape with a reserve in excess of
one years operating budget
CPANS is up to date with their filings to Revenue Canada and the
Corporations Directorate at Industry Canada
CPANS membership declined slightly in 2012
The CPANS logo was upgraded to a more colourful design intertwined with A&WMA logo and map
Sent two Board members to ACE in 2012 and to leadership
Five technical luncheon sponsors and one newsletter sponsor
Looking Forward, 2013-14
 CALPUFF Training Course
 Directive 60 flare tool training course
 CPANS Guidebook to be updated (new Director
 CPANS Bylaws to be updated (esp. student awards)
 Re-start Mount Royal University student chapter
CPANS Financials
The 2012 financials (unaudited) for the fiscal year to date were
summarized by Catherine Main (book-keeper). The highlights of
CPANS 2012 fiscal year are as follows:
Net Assets (Start of Year)
$ 95,634
Net Assets (End of Year)
Cash and Investments
$ 3,300
Annual Revenues
$ 90,909
Annual Expenditures
$ 66,418
Excess Revenues
$ 24,491
CPANS Membership declined slightly from 229 in April 2012 to
214 in April 2013.
Board made membership renewals a priority. Created
Membership Drive/Member-get-a-Member Program with
A&WMA, which is valid until end of year 2013.
 Discounts available for new A&WMA Individual Members,
Young Environmental Professionals (YEP) and Students
 Refer a student, YEP, individual or organization to A&WMA
CPANS and receive a 10% discount on your next membership
 Refer three or more new members to join A&WMA CPANS and
get a 15% discount on your next membership renewal.
2012-13 Luncheons
There were nine (9) luncheons held in Edmonton with the
number of attendees ranging from 23 to 48
There were seven (7) luncheons held in Calgary with the number
of attendees ranging from 20 to 78 and most included webcasts
Luncheons were re-started in 2013 in Saskatchewan, one in
Regina and one in Saskatoon. Registrations ranged from 10 to 15
people. Other associations are being approached for future joint
Student Chapters
CPANS has three approved student chapters including:
Lakeland College (renewed with >20 students)
University of Alberta (renewed with >20 students)
University of Calgary (re-started with 10 students)
Future prospect, discussions underway to re-start Mount Royal
University, need faculty advisor to assist
Introduce students to the benefits of being involved with CPANS and AWMA
Engage students in fundraising and social events, and working on school and
community projects consistent with A&WMA mandate
Facilitate student attendance at networking events and conferences such as
our luncheons, Annual Conference and AGM
Student Chapters
2012-13 Highlights
 CPANS supported joint Lakeland College and U of A mixer held at
U of A during AGM
 CPANS sponsored U of A student BBQ
 U of A/U of C student poster competition held at AGM
 Academic scholarships bestowed by CPANS for undergraduate
student, Rayleigh Conley, Lakeland College, $1000; pending travel
allowance to ACE in Chicago for U of A Graduate student, $1000.
 Up to ten student chapter members attended Calgary and
Edmonton luncheons each month.
Student Chapters
CPANS currently offers a single $1,000 scholarship for a student from each of
these institutions who has demonstrated a balance between academic excellence
and leadership in the Student Chapter or Chapter activities.
CPANS endeavors to add a second $1,000 scholarship for each approved Student
Chapter with 20 or more members (currently for two of our chapters).
This will allow CPANS to concentrate its support on continued development and
engagement of student chapters in regular member events so as to strengthen the
transition for students moving into the ranks of Young Professionals to serve CPANS
and A&WMA and ultimately to continue to grow our membership.
Would like to establish link to industry; need to change our bylaws with separate
criteria for student members to support this goal.
New Business and Adjourn
New Business:
Need Motion to Adjourn
Next Board of Directors meeting to be held: Wednesday May 1, 2013
First meeting of new Board of Directors, under Chair, Madhan Selvaraj

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