AGM short presentation - AGM Communication & Control Ltd.

AGM is a Leading provider of Distributed
Control Networking solutions for
SCADA/DCS Systems, serving clients in the
following market sectors:
AGM Communication & Control Ltd.
What makes AGM solutions valuable:
• 30 years of experience and a diverse list of clients
Field proven solutions (Israel, France, Cyprus, Peru,
Kazakhstan and Paraguay)
* EU projects participation
Advanced and safe (NISA compatible) communication
solutions for distributed control applications
• Expertise in utilities upgrades projects using COTS
(Commercial Off the Shelf) approach
• R-Win – (Radio Wireless Internet Networking) original product,
featuring Wireless MESH networking, leveraging SCADA/DCS
systems performances, security & resilience.
System performances upgrade by “intelligence-implant” to remote field
stations, yield similar effects to the PCs vs “dumb terminals” revolution.
Economical , Smart
Asset Optimization
AGM Communication & Control Ltd.
Mobile: + 972-54-492-5555 Office: +972-4677-4755
Mitzpe, Lower Galilee 1527600, ISRAEL
[email protected] [email protected]
1. Keep
2. Keep
4. Use COTS
Commercial Of The
Shelf equipment
3. Install R-Win
7 steps to economical SCADA/DCS
upgrade, the R-Win way
5. Add system
security (
6. Add comm
redundancy &
7. Add
intelligence to
remote field
R-Win is a smart tool for SCADA / DCS
performance upgrade by better management
of wireless communications.
Thank you
Moshe Sela
AGM Communication & Control Ltd.
Mitzpe, Lower Galilee 1527600, Israel
[email protected]
[email protected]

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