FYSA Bucks A Recreational Grant Program

FYSA Bucks
A Recreational Grant Program
John Stacey
VP of Coach/Player Development
Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA) is a nonprofit, educational organization dedicated to
fostering the physical, mental and emotional
growth and development of Florida’s youth
through the sport of soccer at all levels of age
and competition. Our job is also to make it fun
and instill a lifelong passion for the sport in
young players.
What is “FYSA Bucks”?
• Voucher program to invest in recreational
coaches and players
• Vouchers may be redeemed for goods and
services through Florida Youth Soccer
• Not intended to cover major expenses
• All affiliates in good standing qualify—NO
How many do we get?
• FYSA Bucks will be based on recreational
player registrations for the 2012/13 FYSA Year
• Affiliates in good standing will be awarded 2
FYSA Bucks for every recreational registration*
• Example: A club with 500 recreational players
will be allotted 1000 FYSA Bucks
*Does not include no-charge players
How will we get ‘em?
• The amount of the FYSA Bucks award will be
communicated via email to the AOR in July 2013
prior to the AGM
• Specific instructions will be included regarding
redemption of the FYSA Bucks
• Affiliates will be asked to plan their purchases
and make a single order for goods and services
• Possible plans to have a FYSA Bucks store at the
AGM—would not be subject to the single order
What stuff can we buy?
• Current proposed items include:
– SCORE SPORTS merchandise such as cones, pinnies, balls,
flags and other basic soccer equipment
– FYSA Educational Courses
• Parent/Player Clinic (PPC): clinic including players and a parentcoach education unit that focuses on age specific training. Current
cost to clubs: $250 flat, no minimum/maximum.
• Youth Modules: age specific training with appropriate activities for
youth players for U6/8, U8/10, or U10/12 levels. Current cost to
clubs: $25/attendee, $375 deposit.
• F Certificate: The entry level course to 11 a side soccer. This is the
preparatory course for the E certificate course and may be held in
one day or split over two days. Current cost to clubs:
$50/attendee, $750 deposit
How will we buy stuff?
• General Steps:
– Affiliate will place order with FYSA Office
– FYSA Staff will verify sufficient FYSA Bucks are
– FYSA Staff will place order with vendor and have
products direct shipped; shipping costs will be
deducted from FYSA Bucks
– FYSA Staff will work with affiliate to schedule
coach courses or other modules
What about the future?
• PILOT program
• If renewed, other vendors/products/services
may be added
• Program will remain Recreational-focused
• Feedback from affiliates will be important
FYSA Bucks
A Recreational Grant Program

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